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Sarah Michelle Gellar
Cruel Intentions
Japanese Original


movie trailer ( - quicktime)

NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by HorrorFreak889.

The movie starts off with the following appearing on the screen:

When someone dies in a grip of a powerful rage, a CURSE is born.

Elements gather in that place of DEATH, and they remain there.

When someone comes into contact with this supernatural curse, DIE and the curse is passed on to another victim, in an endless, growing chain of terror.

The movie opens in Tokyo, Japan. We see a couple in bed together. Maria (Rosa Blasi) and Peter (Bill Pullman). Peter gets out of bed, and walks outside and looks over his balcony. He stares at the beautiful skyline of Tokyo for a few minutes. Peter turns around and looks at Maria with a mysterious look. She asks him what he is doing and she climbs out of bed. Before she makes it over to Peter, Peter throws himself over the balcony, killing him on impact. Maria yells out for him, and the screen fades out.

We next see a young college girl walking up to a house. The girl's name is Yoko. She walks into this house, which is owned by an old sickly women and her three children. Yoko enters the living room and sees the old women sleeping (The old women's name is Emma). There are food wrappers all over the place. There is a trail of wrappers going up the stairs. Yoko follows the wrappers and ends up in a room. She hears some cat like noises coming from a small closet. Yoko opens the closet doors, and notices that there is a hatch in the top of the closet. Yoko manages to fully open the hatch and she takes out her lighter. She climbs into the attic and looks around. Yoko goes to leave and she is confronted by a female ghost with bulging eyes. We then see a shot from outside the closet as a screamingYoko gets pulled up into the closet.

We cut to a young American college couple in their bed waking up. Karen (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and Doug (Jason Behr) live, work, and attend college classes in Tokyo. Doug rushes to get dressed because he is late for class. Karen says that Doug forgot to set the clocks back an hour last night, so she did. Now that Doug has time before class, he and Karen decide to snuggle together.

A little while later, we see Doug and Karen walking through the busy streets of Tokyo. As they are walking, they come across a graveyard and see an older couple crying over their lost one. The two talk for a while, and then Doug heads off to go to class. Karen heads off to work. She works at a care center as an in home caregiver. Karen walks in, and meets her boss, Alex (Ted Raimi) He says that today is her big day. Today she will be substituting for Yoko (who didn't show up or work), and will be visiting Emma at her house for the day. Karen seems excited and she is handed directions to the house. She is now off on her merry way.

We next see Karen walking through some alley ways. She is a bit lost, so she decides to ask for directions. A women directs Karen in the proper way, and Karen eventually finds the house. As Karen walks up to the entrance gate, she seems a bit skeptical and nervous, but walks up to the door. She rings the bell a few times, no answer. She knocks a couple of times, no answer again. Karen opens the door and enters. Karen looks around and sees through sliding glass doors a hand bang up against the glass. Karen runs and opens the doors. Emma rolled out of her bed and needs help getting back in. Karen looks around and she sees food wrappers all over the place.

Cut to Karen in the backyard hanging up some wet clothes. Her and Emma sit on the porch. Karen attempts to talk to her, but Emma just stares into space. Karen decides to go explore the house. She hears a noise from upstairs and follows it. She walks down the upstairs hallway and hears a scratching noise. Karen enters a room and sees a closet taped up. A few cat noises are heard from inside the closet. Karen pulls the tape off the closet and opens it. She sees a book and cat faces drawn all over the walls. A black cat pops out and scares Karen. She falls to the floor. Then a little boy is revealed sitting inside the closet. Karen runs out of the room and goes downstairs. She sees a picture on a table with the little boy, his father and his mother. However the mother's face is cut out of the picture.

The boy comes to the top of the stairs and stares at Karen. Karen asks the boy a few questions. The boy says his name is Toshio. Karen walks into the kitchen, and calls Alex. She tells him to come over as soon as possible. Karen walks over to the kitchen table, and opens the book up that she found in the closet. As she is turning the pages, we see the name Peter, written all over pages. Karen hears the phone ring, but before she can answer it, the person leaves a message (This message is important later on). The person leaving the message is Susan (Kadee Strickland) She asks for Jennifer (Clea Duvall) and Matthew (William Mapother). Susan and Matt are brother and sister. Jennifer and Matt are married. Emma is Susan and Matt's mother. Susan says on the answering machine that she is worried about mom and she is leaving work right now.

After listening to the message, Karen hears Emma talking to someone in the living room. Karen asks Emma who she was talking to. Emma replies "I just want her to leave me alone!" Karen tells Emma to lay down and get some rest. In the background we see a black fog getting bigger and closer to the two. Emma screams and Karen turns around. As soon as she turns around, The female ghost is facing Karen. The eyes roll around in the ghosts head, and then bulges out, staring Karen straight in the face. Karen backs up into the wall in fear, and the screen fades to black.

We next see a few flashbacks take place. These flashbacks take place between a week before Yoko's death and present day. Its pretty confusing, so bear with me.

We see Emma, Matt, Jennifer and Susan entering the house for the first time. The real estate man says its a very beautiful house and he will show them around. After a while of looking around, Susan notices that Emma is gone. Susan goes upstairs and finds Emma in a room, staring at the ceiling. Matt and Jennifer come up and talk with their mom. Back downstairs, the real estate man hears a noise from inside the bathroom. He walks into the bathroom and finds the bathtub full of dark, dirty water. He reaches his hand in and pulls out the plug. The chain snaps. He looks in more closely and sees Toshio's body in the water. Toshio's hand reaches up and grabs the real estate man. He freaks out and backs up into a wall. Matt comes running down from upstairs and says that he will buy the house for his mother.

A couple days later, in the morning (we're still in the flash back here) we see Matt and Jennifer in the kitchen eating breakfast. They talk about how Susan is in the process of getting a good job, and how she found a nice apartment. Jennifer says that she feels isolated in Japan. She can't enter stores and find her way around. Matt says that he is going out for a while and will be back in later. We cut to Jennifer at the food store. She is having a hard time reading labels on the food, so she just buys anything that smells good.

Jennifer goes back home and sleeps on the couch for a while. She wakes up and finds her soup and drink knocked all over the floor. Also she sees that Emma is sitting up in her bed, staring into space. Jennifer hears a noise upstairs and goes to check it out. She sees a black cat on the step and two pale white hands reach out and grab it. Jennifer freaks out, but continues walking up stairs. The screen fades out.

We cut to Matt coming home. He walks upstairs and sees Jennifer on her bed. He turns the lights on and sees that Jennifer is not able to move and is pretty much shocked with fear. Toshio pops out from under the bed. He is very pale and has very dark black eyes. He opens his mouth and a loud cat's meow comes out. Matt falls to the floor, shocked with terror. Toshio walks up closer to Matt, and opens his mouth and fangs are revealed. The screen fades to black with Matt yelling.

That night (still in the flashback) we see detectives and police raid the place. One detective finds the closet, and the hatch in the ceiling leading up to the attic. He and his partner go through the attic and find Matt and Jennifer's dead bodies. He also sees a human bleeding jaw on the floor. The screen fades out.

Our last scene in the flashback is of Susan at work. She is leaving a message on her mother's answering machine. This indicates that this flashback takes place the same day Karen was in the house, because Karen was listening to this message as it was being recorded. Susan hangs up and decides to leave work. Susan continues walking down the hallway. On the way, she hears some creepy noises and runs into a stairwell. She gets a call on her cell phone and the caller ID says its from Matt. She picks up, but just hears creepy moaning sounds. Susan looks down over the stair railing, and sees a pale figure coming up the stairs. Susan freaks out and runs out of the stairwell. However, before Susan can close the door in time, the female ghost grabs onto Susan. She screams and then runs down the hallway into the security office.

She says that there was something in the hallway trying to kill her. We next see a security officer head down the hallway and check it out. He sees nothing, so he leaves. Susan looks on the surveillance camera and sees that the hallway is fine. The camera goes static for a few seconds and then the image bounces around. We see the female ghost come out of the wall and walk down the hallway. Susan freaks out and runs out of the building. She catches a cab, and rides home. Once she comes across her apartment, she quickly goes into the elevator. As the elevator is going up, Susan closes her eyes and feels that the worst is over. In the background glass of the elevator, we see that Toshio is watching her carefully.

Susan finally gets out of the elevator and heads into her apartment. She relaxes on the couch for a little and gets a call on her cell phone. Its from Matt saying he is coming up to her apartment. Little does Susan know, Matt is dead and this call is actually coming from the ghost trying to kill her. Susan goes over to the door and peeks through the peep hole. She sees Matt standing there and opens the door. Nothing is there. Susan freaks out, slams the door and locks it. She runs into her bed and hides under the covers. Susan hears some creepy tongue rolling sounds from under the covers and she pulls the covers off, revealing that the ghost is under there. Susan screams and is pulled under the covers.

We cut back to present time. Alex arrives at the house and sees Emma lying dead in her bed. He then sees Karen in the corner, traumatized. Alex calls for an ambulance. We cut to the hospital, its around midnight. Karen wakes up and Doug is right by her side. He says that Emma died in her sleep and that Karen should get some rest. Karen replies with a question "Is that how their saying Emma died!?" Karen obviously is the only one who knows that the female ghost killed Emma. Karen goes back to sleep.

We cut to another flashback of Peter going up to the house. He sees Toshio in the window, and he asks for his mother who goes by the name Kayako. Little does he knows, that Kayako is dead along with Toshio, but their spirits remain in the house. Peter looks around the house and then out the window. In the background we see Toshio making some kind of meowing cat noise.

Cut back to present time, Karen wakes up and a detective is standing by her side. She says that the whole time she was in that house, she felt something was wrong. She then asks what happened there. The detective says that three years ago, a family lived there. A father, mother and their little boy. The father went mad and killed the mother and son. The detective is interrupted by another man saying that he can't get a hold of Susan.

Karen leaves the hospital and goes to visit Doug at work. The two take a train ride home. While on the train, Karen sees the female ghost's face in the window. She freaks out, but Doug calms her down. That night, Doug is sleeping and Karen is in the shower. As she is shampooing her hair, she feels around the back of her head and feels fingers grabbing at her hair. She turns around in fear. Karen then decides to rest and go to sleep.

We cut to Alex leaving the care center. As he is walking down the stairs, he sees the ghost of Yoko walking around in the lobby. Of course, he doesn't know its the ghost of Yoko. So he goes up to talk to her. Yoko walks down the stairs, but turns around and stares at Alex. He sees her face and yells in fear because Yoko's jaw is missing.

The next morning, Karen wakes up early and searches on the computer. She looks up information about what happened in the house three years ago. On a website, it is revealed that Kayako and Toshio were found dead in the attic of the house. The father killed them. We find out why later on. Karen leaves Doug a note, and goes to visit the detective. We cut to the detective on a rooftop. Karen walks over to him. He says that in Japan, when someone dies in a grip of a powerful rage, elements from that death gather in that area of death, and stay there. He then says that whoever comes into contact with this curse, die and spreads to another victim. As the detective leaves, he says that three of his men died from that curse.

Later that day, the detective goes to the cursed house with gallons of gasoline. He enters the house and goes to pour gas everywhere. However, he hears a noise coming from the bathroom. The detective walks in, and sees the bath full of water. Suddenly the detective is pulled into the bath water and drowns.

That night, Karen goes back to her apartment. She notices that Doug is gone, and a message is on the machine. It's from Doug saying that he wonders where she was all day. He heard about Alex and Yoko's bodies being found. Also that he will go to the house and look for Karen. Karen hears this, and immediately runs out of her apartment. She runs through the busy streets and a few alley ways. She comes up to the house, which has yellow tape around it. Karen enters the house and calls out for Doug. She heads upstairs and sees Peter on his cell phone trying to call Kayako. This indicates, Karen is witnessing a flashback. The flashback continues and Karen follows Peter around. Peter walks into a room and finds the book that Karen found in the closet.

Peter opens it and it has his name written all over the pages. It says that Kayako loves Peter. Peter then walks over to the closet and Kayako's dead body falls out. Peter freaks out and leaves the house. Cut back to present time and Karen continues looking for Doug. She then has another flashback and sees Kayako's husband reading her diary. He found out that she loved Peter and killed her. He then killed his son, Toshio by drowning him in the bathtub, along with the pet cat. Kayako and Toshio's evil spirits remain in this house still. So Karen finally found out the answer to this whole cursed house mystery. Karen walks into a room, and sees the father hanging from a noose (its his ghost). This flashback ends.

Karen walks downstairs into the foyer. She looks into a mirror and sees Kayako's ghost in the background. Doug pops out of the hallway, he is crawling and he is hurt bad. Karen grabs a hold of Doug and drags him to the front door. While this is going on, we see Kayako crawling down the stairs (very creepy scene) Karen goes to open the door, but Kayako catches up to them. Kayako climbs over Doug, and kills him. Karen kicks over the buckets full of gas that the detective left and takes out a match. She drops the match and the screen fades to black.

We cut to an autopsy room. Two doctors analyze Doug's dead, burnt up body. The doctors say that Karen seemed to have escaped the curse. Why she is the only survivor of the curse? The doctors don't know. A nurse brings Karen in, who is in shock and pretty much needs to be put in a padded room by now. Karen walks over to Doug's body and starts to cry. Karen hears a creepy tongue rolling sound and turns around, only to see that Kayako is standing right behind her, staring at her with her one creepy eye.

Roll credits....


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