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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by MovieLover who says... "This movie is absolutely hillarious."

The movie starts off with shots of the Chicago skyline, dark outside, in the pouring rain. We see a lone car in the street. In the car are Toula Portokalos (Nia Vardalos) and her father, Gus (Michael Constantine). He comments to her that she's starting to look old, based on Toula's rather frumpy appearance.

Toula works as a "seating hostess" in her family's restaurant. Her family is a very eccentric Greek family, who drive her crazy most of the time. On voice-over, Toula flashes back to when she was a child. Just as frumpy in appearance as she is now, she was taunted by the popular girls, who got to go to Brownies, while she had to go to Greek school. Her family also has a bizzare looking house, with a garage that looks like the Greek flag. We learn that her father is convinced that every possible word came from a Greek root, and that Windex will cure any injury.

We cut back to the present. Toula's mother, Maria (Lainie Kazan), her brother Nick (Louis Mandylor), her Aunt Voula (Andrea Martin) and loud cousins Angelo (Joey Fatone) and Nikki (Gia Carides) are all in the restaurant. That morning, Toula sees Ian Miller (John Corbett) walk into the restaurant. She gets an immediate crush on him, but he leaves the restaurant soon after.

Toula decides she wants to do something with her life. She finally gets her mother to convince her father to let her take computer classes. She gives herself a make-over (and looks very pretty, I might add). She takes the classes, and asks her Aunt Voula if she can work in her travel agency instead of the restaurant. Voula says yes, and she does.

After a few days, Toula sees Ian, the guy from the restaurant, walking by the travel agency. He does this for a few days. They end up talking to each other, albeit with a lot of slapstick injury. The two of them make plans to eat dinner together. They do, and Toula confesses to Ian that she was the "frump girl" waitress in the restaurant. This does not turn Ian off. Toula is worried about dating Ian, as he is a non-Greek, and she would be the first person in her family to go out with someone who wasn't Greek. They decide to date secretly for a while, as she lies to her family telling them she's taking a pottery class.

Eventually, Toula's cousin Nikki finds out about her and Ian. Toula's father is very upset, and her mother tells her to end it.

She says that she loves him. After Toula and Ian have been dating a little longer, he pops the question to her. She accepts. Gus goes into a state of shock, and is very depressed. He just can't believe that his own daughter is dating a non-Greek. Her family insists that Ian be baptized in the Greek orthodox church. Eventually her family begins to like Ian, despite the fact that he's a vegetarian, which seems to confuse everyone.

Toula and Ian bring Ian's parents, Rodney (Bruce Gray) and Harriet (Fiona Reid) to Toula's house to meet her parents. However, all of Toula's 30-something cousins and other family members show up, and a big party starts. Ian's parents are shocked. Eventually, Voula gets Ian's parents drunk on a strong liquor, and they run out of there a mess. While Toula listens, Gus explains to Maria that he's upset that they tried to be nice to his parents, and they treated them like idiots.

Toula goes to see Ian at the school he teaches at, asking if they can just go somewhere and get married. She wants her family to be happy with him. He tells her that he will do anything to ensure that they love him. That night, Maria and Toula's paranoid grandmother enter her room. The grandmother shows Toula things from her wedding, and the three of them form a bond, proving to Toula that her family really does like Ian.

The next morning is the wedding. Toula wakes up with a big zit on her face, which is noticed in a comical scene with her many, many bridesmaids. They apply makeup, and all is well. The wedding begins, and we notice Toula's side of the church is completely filled up, while they are barely any people on Ian's side. They get married, and get into a limo.

Toula wipes off her makeup and explains the zit she had. Ian says he had one too, but it went away, claiming he put some Windex on it.

At the reception, Gus gets up to speak. He says that at first he was very hesitant for Toula to marry Ian. But then he realized something. He says his last name, Portokalos, means orange (like the fruit) in Greek. And the root of the word Miller is Greek, and means apple in Greek. He says that in the end, we're all fruit. He presents Toula and Ian with a gift. Gus and Maria have bought Toula and Ian a house. Toula tearfully hugs her parents.

We cut forward several years in the future. Toula and Ian walk out of the house, taking their young daughter to Greek school. The daughter complains, but Toula tells her that if she goes to Greek school, she can marry anyone she wants. As they walk down the sidewalk, we see that the house Gus and Maria bought Toula and Ian is right next door. Gus washes his car off with Windex as the credits roll.


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