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This film ignores all previous Godzilla films except for the original. It starts off with a Godzilla research team setting seismic detectors as an early warning system. They get a reading, and it turns out Godzilla is almost right on top of them. They escape and Godzilla wreaks some havoc. A large rock is discovered in the ocean. It turns out that an alien ship is inside of the rock and has been there for about 6,000 years. The rock is raised and taken back to shore to be studied.

A cell sample from Godzilla is also examined (it was obtained after he attacked). It turns out (no real surprise) that Godzilla has an advanced healing ability, which is why he is basically invincible.

The rock comes to life and the alien ship appears. It attacks Godzilla with this huge laser weapon. The ship then leaves and lands on a tower in the middle of a city. The scientist group from earlier in the movie infiltrates the building as the military is setting explosive charges to destroy the alien.

One of the scientists is able to communicate with the alien through a computer. It turns out that the aliens want Godzilla for his cells so that they can revive their species. The scientists escape, but the charges do not go off. In retaliation, the alien destroys the entire building as well as some of the surrounding area.

Godzilla comes and begins to fight the ship. The aliens are able to steal some of his cells, and the monster, named Orga, is formed. Godzilla and Orga go at it until Orga's body splits open and becomes a giant mouth. Orga fires its tentacles at Godzilla and drags him into its mouth. Orga begins absorbing Godzilla and essentially becoming him. Godzilla charges his fire beam and unleashes a massive shot which vaporizes Orga. As the end credits play, Godzilla destroys most of the city.

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