The Ring
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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by horrorfreak89 with additional information from Gythana.

The movie starts out with Paul (Greg Kinnear) running through the streets with a wrapped present in his hands, rushing to get to his son's 8th birthday party. He takes a shortcut into an alley and comes across a mugger. The mugger jumps Paul but then Paul realizes that the mugger is Maurice, one of Paul's students in 9th grade (Paul is a high school teacher. He teaches biology). Paul finally makes it to the party. He walks in to greet his son Adam and his beautiful wife, Jessie (Rebecca Romijn-Stamos). They sing Happy Birthday and Adam blows out the candles on the cake. For a couple of minutes we just see all the guests eating cake and having a fun time.

Later on, everyone leaves. Paul goes into Adam's room (which has dinosaur stuff everywhere)to give him one last present. It is a red and white sports jacket. Adam loves it and goes to bed. Paul and Jessie go into a separate room, where they discuss moving, because Paul has a job offer that would mean moving away from the city. It would also mean double the money he makes now. Paul doesn’t really want to move because he feels it would be selling out, but Jessie reminds him that they have to think about Adam and that the city is no place to raise a child. After that, Paul asks Jessie what her plans for the next day are and she talks about taking Adam to buy new shoes. They all go to bed.

The next morning we see Adam and Jessie at the shoe store. Adam tries on a pair of red and white shoes to match his new jacket. Jessie hands him a new basketball. Adam wants to try out his new shoes outside. Jessie says to be careful and not to go far. She walks up to the counter and starts to pay. She is a little uneasy and keeps an eye on Adam while he’s outside, bouncing his basketball. He drops it and it rolls into the middle of the street (a construction site). Adam goes to get it but, a series of events involving a car trying to avoid a bicyclist make the car go out of control and hit Adam instead.

The screen fades to black...

We see Paul coming home from work. It’s late and he's tired, but he’s calling out for his family. He gets no response, sohe walks over to the phone and plays the message. It says that there are 4 messages. They obviously are all from Jessie. He plays one message and its Jessie crying. She says "Paul..." he falls to the floor and cries.

A few days go by and we see Jessie and Paul walking out of the church. They had just made the funeral arrangements for Adam. The couple is obviously heartbroken, especially Jessie. It's snowing really hard. They walk down the steps of the Church and a man approaches them. He identifies himself as Richard Wells, and Jessie recognizes him. He used to be her professor in college. He tells them that he found out what happened and he’s very sorry. He also says he’d like to help. He finally convinces Jessie and Paul to hear him out.

We next see the 3 sit down at a local diner. Richard cuts to the chase and says that he can bring Adam back. Richard explains that though he is an OB-GYN doctor, he’s real passion has always been research and he can bring Adam back. Paul gets very upset at the suggestion, but Richard continues to explain.

He says that he has a clinic called "The Godsend Institute", 300 miles away from where they live now, which means that if they agree to what he proposes, they’d have to move. He says that he can take a single genetic cell and make it into a whole new baby. Paul smartens up, though, and cuts through the medical terminology and says that what Richard’s talking about is cloning and that not only is it illegal, it is morally wrong. He also asks Richard if he’s done that procedure before, to which Dr. Wells honestly says he hasn’t, but says that he is 100% sure that he can do it. Richard also mentions how he has seen Jessie’s medical records and he knows that due to complications during her pregnancy, she cannot have any other children, but that it doesn’t mean she cannot carry a baby to term. He explains that there are consequences involved if they decide to do this operation. He says that they would have to lose contact with all current friends and family members. They would have to move to a new quiet town near the clinic and never speak of it again. Paul doesn’t even want to hear it anymore and when Richard says he understands what he’s going through, Paul yells that he can’t possibly know,  so he leaves with Jessie. On their way out Richard gives Jessie his phone number in case they change their mind. He also tells her that if they decide to go through with the procedure, they have only 72 hours to decide, because after that, Adam’s cells cannot be used.

Back at the apartment, Jessie says that she wants Adam back Paul can’t understand how Jessie would even consider what Richard is proposing, while she can’t even fathom the idea that he’s not. Paul says that they can just have a new baby, but Jessie wants the same exact Adam back. Paul goes into another room and logs onto The Godsend Institute web site. One of his friends calls him to give him his condolences and Paul asks if he’s ever heard of Dr. Richard Wells. His friend tells him that the man is a genius and that everything he’s read about him shows that he’s always been ahead of his time.He starts to realize that it might be a good idea to get his dead son cloned. Paul goes to watch some old home videos of Adam. We see on the video the family of 3 in the park smiling and having a good time. Paul picks up the phone and hands it to Jessie. He says that they will have their son cloned.

We cut to Jessie in a hospital room in the institute. We see Richard take a cell from Jessie and places it in a small dish. He adds some liquid to it and places it back into Jessie (important later). It is basically (and looks like) in-vitro fertilization. Richard walks out of the room and tells Paul that Jessie is doing really well and everything will be fine. He then says that Jessie needs time to rest so they can go and check out the new house.

We see Paul and Richard pull up to the new house. It’s a big historical mansion with tons of rooms and a big piece of property. Richard shows Paul around the house. We next see Jessie come home from the hospital and Paul shows her their new house. Jessie is really happy. He shows her they have a basement and suggests they turn it into a dark room (Jessie is a photographer).  We see months go by. Paul walks into the bedroom and sees Jessie looking at some old picture of Adam. We notice that Jessie's stomach is getting bigger.

Cut to a few months later. Jessie is in the hospital giving birth. Richard tells her to keep pushing everything is fine. The baby finally comes out. He is not breathing. The nurse says that its been 30 seconds and still no air. Jessie counts and they get to 44 seconds and the baby start breathing. Richard congratulates them. It’s clear that the same thing happened with Adam, because once Jessie counts to 44 and the baby starts crying, not only does she have a sigh of relief, it’s like she was expecting him to cry at that exact time. By the way, Jessie decides to name the new baby Adam also.

8 years later....

Its Adam's 8th birthday and we see everyone celebrating. Adam blows out his candles and runs outside to greet Richard.

(We hear Adam call him Uncle Richard so this means Jessie and Paul must have lied to Adam and say that it’s his uncle). Later on, the party is over. Richard’s present for Adam was a kite and he’s with Adam outside testing it out. As guests are leaving, Paul calls Adam into the house to say goodbye to all of them, but Adam pretends not to listen to his dad and gives Richard a kinda creepy look.

We see Adam up in his room sitting on his bed. Paul walks in and notices that Adam has a small plastic dinosaur. Paul realizes that it’s the same one as the old Adam had. But Adam says that he got it from a friend as a birthday present. Paul kisses him good night and walks out of his room. Adam calls him back in and says disturbingly "Dad....I don't like you anymore". Paul turns around, now confused and tells Adam to repeat what he just said. Adam smiles and says "Ha got ya, just kidding dad". Paul smiles and leaves his room.

Paul walks into the bedroom and starts to tell Jessie that everything is great with Adam. Jessie and Paul kiss on the bed and are getting pretty hot and heavy. We cut to Adam's room and we see his sleeping. His eyes snap open and then close again. We see that Adam is having a nightmare. In the dream, we see Adam walking through a hallway. Children are banging on the walls and screaming. Adam wakes up and runs out of bed. He screams for his dad’s help. Paul comes running in and notices that Adam isn't in his room. He walks down the hall and sees Adam looking out a window. Adam's reflection starts to scream and bleed from the head.The reflection that Adam sees is a beat-up real!Adam with the long hair and everything. (Scared the crap out of me) Paul comes over and grabs Adam and says that it’s OK. Adam yells and tells his dad to go away. Jessie walks in and Adam runs to Jessie and hugs her. She says that she is calling Richard.

We cut to Adam lying in bed at the clinic. Richard says that from what Paul is saying, it sounds like what Adam suffered was a night terror. Paul tells Richard that it was like a night terror but more realistic. Richard says that everything is going to be fine and it’s normal for kids to have night terrors. He then explains that they knew what to expect until Adam reached the age at which he died, but from now on, things will be different. They can’t know what to expect. (This is because the original Adam, died when he was only a day after 8 years old and they don't know what the cloned Adam will be like). We go back to Adam sleeping in the hospital room and he is having another night terror. In this dream, Adam is walking through the woods and into a weird old shed. We see a young boy take a hammer and hit his mother over the head. Adam's eyes snap open. In the waiting room, Jessie and Paul are sleeping. Adam and Richard walk in and wake up the parents. Adam is okay now. He and his parents hug and they go home..

Back at the house, it’s dinner time. Paul goes up to Adam's room to get him for dinner. Adam is not there. Paul looks out the window and sees Adam walk by. Paul goes outside to tell Adam dinner is on the table. Adam tells Paul to go away and he runs off into the woods across the street. Paul follows. Adam keeps running and Paul calls his name. Adam walks into an abandoned old shed (Just like in Adam's second night terror). Adam runs in the corner and sits down. Paul asks what wrong and Adam says that everything is fine. They go inside and have dinner.

The next day, Jessie goes to pick upAdam from school. He says that he doesn't like this one kid namedRoy because he is a show off. He calls him an A** wipe. Jessie asks where he learned that language, says that she doesn’t like it and tells Adam to get in the car.. We cut to Paul teaching at the high school. He is talking about DNA and cells.He is explaining to his class how there are some genes are like an on/off switch, and that explains how some are dominant and how some are dormant (off). This reminds him of his son so he runs out of class and goes to the clinic. He meets up with Richard and talks to him about Adam's night terrors. Richard once again says that it is nothing to worry about. We now cut back to Adam at school. He is at the playground outside. Roy is there, bragging as usual and decides to have a contest on the swings to see who can go higher. Adam hops on the swings and starts to swing. He spits at Roy and then the teacher comes out to yell at Adam. He refuses to get off the swing but she finally pulls him off. Adam spits in her face.

We now cut to Paul and Jessie in the main office of the school. The teacher tells the parents what Adam did. She also explains that the past few days Adam has been very aggressive and mean to everyone.

The family drives home. Now in the bath, Adam is playing with toys and he hears a noise. He gets out of the tub and goes to open the door. He turns around and the shower curtain gets pulled down somehow. He walks over to the tub and he sees a face indent in the shower curtain. Adam yells and Paul comes running in. The door is locked and Adam keeps screaming. Adam goes over to open the door but a greenish brown hand grabs him and Paul kicks open the door. He walks in to see that the shower curtain is up and that Adam is fine. Adam says that he has a feeling something bad is going to happen. Paul says that he won't let anything happen to Adam. But Adam replies "No dad...not me"

The next day, we see Adam riding his bike home from school. He rides over a bridge and seesRoy playing with his friends down by the stream. Then we see Paul drive by and see all the bikes fromRoyand his friends and also Adam’s bike.We see Roy's friends leave and Roy starts to skip rocks by the stream. We see Adam walk by with a sharp object and kill Roy. Adam rides his bike back home.

Adam is on his bike, on the driveway/street and Paul comes speeding by and almost hits Adam. Jessie sees this and comes running screaming. Paul yells at Adam aggressively. Jessie then yells at Paul and tells him to calm down. Jessie takes Adam and they go inside. We cut to the family sitting down at dinner. The phone rings and Jessie answers it. It’s Roy's mom saying that Roy never showed up for dinner. Jessie asks Adam where Roy could be. Adam says that he doesn't know, but Paul remembers he saw his bike at the bridge and asks Adam who he was hanging out with, and Adam says he can’t say. Jessie then tells Roy's mom that Adam doesn’t know whereRoycould be and she hangs up. That night Adam has another night terror. Paul says that he can't take it anymore and the family drives to the clinic.

Adam is now tied to an operating table. Adam has been lightly sedated, because his parents and Richard have decided to use his dream-like state to question him to  figure out what is wrong. Adam yells the name Zachary and Richard now gets interested. He starts grabbing Adam and asking loudly who is Zachary. Adam is talking about one of his dreams and mentions St. Pius.Paul tells Richard to be easy on him. They leave the clinic. On the way home in the car, Jessie and Paul argue about Richard. Paul asks Adam who Zachary is and he yells "It's me I am Zachary!! (This scene is actually a bit long and there’s a lot more details. It doesn’t happen exactly like it says in the spoiler, but there’s too much to explain.) A truck comes by and Paul swerves the car. He nearly killed them. They go home and go to sleep.

The next morning. Paul wakes up early and leaves Jessie a note that says that he went to find Saint Pius. Before she finds the note, she wakes up and finds Adam staring at her (it was freeeaky!).

We see Paul at some sort of records office finding info about St. Pius and when he finds out that it’s the only school by that name in the city, he asks if doing a search with the name they got from Adam would work, but the lady tells him that it would take a couple of weeks to run a search on the name Zachary Clark. We see Paul drive up to the abandoned school. He walks in and finds a shelf with all art pictures in it. Paul picks up one of the pictures. It is a house on fire.(Adam had drawn the exact same picture). He turns over the picture and there is a street address on it. Paul gets in his car and drives to the house. He knocks on the door and he asks for a Zachary. The lady says that she doesn't know anything about the house because she just moved there. She says that her husband is an architect and he restored the house because it was burnt down. She says that she remembers that they were looking for a maid (or nanny, I honestly don’t remember) and one of the women they interviewed mentioned having worked for the previous owners of the house, and that she may still have the contact information.The next morning. Paul wakes up early and leaves Jessie a note that says that he went to find Saint Pius. We see Paul drive up to the abandoned school. He walks in and finds a shelf with all art pictures in it. Paul picks up one of the pictures. It is a house on fire.(Very important later). He turns over the picture and there is a street address on it. Paul gets in his car and drives to the house. He knocks on the door and he asks for a Zachary. The lady says that she doesn't know anything about the house because she just moved there. She says that her husband is a construction worker and he restored the house because it was burnt down. She says that her maid might know something. The maid comes to the door and tells Paul the address to where Zachary lived. We cut to Jessie still sleeping. Adam walks in and Jessie jumps out of bed and screams. Adam says that it is OK.

Paul drives up to a house and tells the lady who answers that he’s there to talk about Zachary Clark..She explains that Zachary and his parents lived in the house that Paul just came from. The black woman also says that Zachary was a weird little boy and that she saw pure evil in his eyes. She tried to kill him while he was taking a bath one day, but she couldn’t do it (this explains when Adam saw the shower curtain snap and a figure being suffocated under it). His father was a FERTILITY doctor. She then says that Zachary killed his mother with a hammer. He locked up all the doors and set the house on fire. Obviously killing Zachary  and burning up the mother. Paul realizes that the dad was Richard. He drives to the clinic and the nurse says that Richard is at a funeral. (Roy’s funeral) Paul drives to the funeral and talks to Richard. Paul’s got Richard’s number and knows that though Adam looks exactly like the original Adam, Richard found a way to mix in some of Zachary into Adam. Richard admits to it, saying that he was only hoping for at least a glimpse of his son, then he takes a candle holder and beats Paul over the head with it and in the process, he had also knocked over a candle over a Bible, so he leaves the Church with Paul unconscious and the church on fire. Like father, like son.

We cut to Jessie looking for Adam in the house. She walks downstairs into the photo room. Adam discovered pictures from the original Adam. Jessie says that she can explain but Adam is in a dream-like state again and doesn’t respond, until she calls him Zachary. He thenruns outside into the woods. Jessie follows and sees Adam run into the shed. She walks in and calls his name. He pops out with a hammer and goes to hit Jessie.

She screams and Paul (who obviously made it out of the Church miraculously alive) jumps in and grabs Adam's hand.

He yells at Adam for trying to kill Jessie. He then asks Adam who he is. Adam falls to the floor crying and replies "I’m your son"

6 months later...

The family moved into a nice neighborhood. One that isn't so depressing and dark. We see Adam upstairs in his new room looking out the window. The parents come in and talk to Adam. We find out that Adam has been going to therapy and that his doctors say that a change like this, to a new neighborhood, new friends is just what he needs. The parents leave to finish unpacking. Adam hears a noise in his closet and he goes over to check it. He opens the doors and a hand grabs him and pulls him in. Paul comes running up and opens the closet. Adam appears behind him and says that everything is OK...

So we assume that Adam was dreaming when the hand pulled him in the closet. It is never explained why Richard took Zachary's cells and mixed them with Jessie's. It also is never explained why Zachary was a psycho kid. So you can see there are a lot of plot holes. I guess this is why people didn't like the movie.

NOTE FROM DAN, THE MOVIESPOILER: Gythana adds that... "Richard took Zachary’s cells and mixed them up with Adam’s, because since Zachary died in the fire, his cells were not good enough for a clone. Richard had managed to perfect the technology only enough to be able to add his son’s traits to a clone, without altering the physical appearance of the subject. Also, all this time that Adam had night terrors, he was actually remembering things from his past life as Adam, and since he also had Zachary cells, he remembered some things from Zachary’s life. When Adam seems to shift back and forth from Adam to Zachary it is because technically, he’s got 2 people inside of him, so there’s conflict. And my best explanation as to why Zachary was a psycho kid: just look at his dad.

It’s a good movie, I liked it. It’s not really scary, but has some great suspense moments."


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