"How far would you go to live your dreams? When Santiago Munez is given the chance of a lifetime, he must leave his family, his life in Los Angeles and everything that he knows to travel halfway around the globe to England and into a completely foreign world--the exciting, fast-paced and glamorous world of international soccer."
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GOAL! The Dream Begins

NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Joseph S.

The movie opens in Mexico where a young Santiago Munez is playing soccer in dirt. That night, his father takes his family (mother, grandmother, and baby brother) to a van that illegally smuggles them across the border into the United States.

Fast forward 10 or 12 years, Santiago is a gardener with his dad in Los Angeles. After gardening, Santiago plays soccer. That night he goes to his other job as a cook/bus boy (I couldn’t tell which) at an Asian restaurant. He asks to be a waiter, but the owner tells him he is not Asian and he doesn’t have a green card. When he gets home, he takes the cash he earned and puts into is old boot in this closet.

The next day Santiago’s playing soccer and gets noticed by an Englishman, Glen Foy. Glen was in Los Angeles visiting his daughter and grandchildren. Glen says Santiago is good and asks where his next match will be. Glen goes to the home/party of another Englishman and asks him to come see Santiago play, which he agrees. The next Saturday, the other Englishman doesn’t arrive, but Glen does with his daughter and grandchildren. He calls the Englishman and asks where he is. His reply is that he’s at a business party, but he’s really in a pool at a party. Glen apologies to Santiago, he said it was to much to hope for anyway.

Glen then calls the owner of Newcastle United, a professional soccer team in England. He explains to the owner he used to be a talent scout before the new owner bought the team. He agrees to give Santiago a try out if he shows up. Glen finds Santiago at church and gives him his card, explaining that if Santiago can get to England, he might have a shot. Santiago’s father is rude to everyone, saying Santiago doesn’t have a chance. Santiago keeps trying to save to afford the travel expenses.

Santiago comes home a few weeks later and sees his father’s new truck. His father stole Santiago’s money to buy the truck, but explains that now they can have their own gardening business. Upset, Santiago loses hope.

However, his grandmother has savings, and she secretly buys all of the airfare for Santiago. Santiago comes home before his dad and she gives him the bus and airplane tickets. It’s a big decision, because he can only fly out of Mexico, since he’s in the U.S. illegally. Once he leaves the U.S., there’s no guarantee he can get back. He leaves before his dad gets home.

He gets to England, stays with Glen, and gets his tryout. It rains and he does terrible. The owner tells him too bad. However, that night, Glen visits the owner and gets him a month long trial.

Santiago takes a physical from a very pretty nurse, Roz Harmison. He lies to her and says he doesn’t have any respiratory problems, however, he secretly has asthma.

Santiago makes the cut and gets to play for the reserve team (which I’m guessing is sort of like triple A baseball to us). He does well, but his inhaler gets broken and he’s afraid to tell anyone. Since he can’t breathe, he does terrible and gets the ax. He goes to Nurse Roz’s house, whines about his problems and, it appeared, spent the night with her.

The next morning, the Newcastle United’s star player, Gavin Harris, is going to be late for practice and the wheels on his Mercedes have been stolen. He calls for a cab. Meanwhile, Santiago has also taken a cab to the airport. Gavin and Santiago end up in the same cab. Gavin tells the owner about Santiago’s asthma and gets him back on the team.

Due to a lot of other players injuries, Santiago makes it to the main team and gets to play. Back in Los Angeles, Santiago’s father goes to a bar and randomly watches the game with some English guys. A couple of days later, Santiago’s father dies of a heart attack.

Santiago is about to go back for the funeral, but decides against it. He plays in the main game that decides which English soccer team plays in Europe. Glen’s daughter in Los Angeles, takes Santiago’s Grandmother and little brother to the same bar that his father went to for last week’s game.

Working together Santiago and Gavin score two points and tie the game. Then, with only a few minutes left, Santiago takes a penalty shot. He scores and they win the game. He calls his grandmother and learns that his father got to see him play last week on the television at the same bar (the Englishmen there mentioned it to her). Roz blows him a kiss from the stands.

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