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Cate Blanchett stars as Annie, a widowed mother of three, living in an old run down home in Georgia. She lives off of the social security checks from her husband who died a year earlier in a factory accident. To make ends meet she also does physic readings and accepts only donations for this. She is more of a counselor than a fortune teller and it seems that everyone in town has some sort of problem.

Blanchett also dreams a lot. Most of these dreams are visions, or premonitions about things currently going on in her life. She even has a vision of her Grandmother telling her to follow her instincts when it comes to her gift.

One of the people she counsels is Giovanni Ribisi, an auto mechanic that is tortured by his past and has horrible dreams involving a blue (or maybe he said big) diamond. She is constantly trying to assure him that he'll be all right but late in the movie, Ribisi's mother calls her because he is freaking out and attacking her husband. Blanchett rushes to their house and finds Ribisi's dad tied to a chair and Ribisi torturing him. As he is smacking him we find out that his dad had molested him when he was younger. He douses him with gas and sets him on fire. As his father is burning we see a tattoo of a big blue diamond on his stomach. Ribisi is taken away to a mental hospital.

Blanchett's son gets into a fight at school and she goes to meet with the principal (Greg Kinnear). There is a little attraction between Blanchett and the meek and mild Kinnear. We also meet Kinnear's fiancé, Katie Holmes. Katie asks Blanchett if she can "read" their future and see how their marriage will be. Blanchett has a vision of Katie's bare feet standing in water. She panics and tells them she's sure it will be just fine.

A couple days later at a country club party, Blanchett again meets Kinnear and Katie. Later, as she is walking around the club she opens a door and sees Katie Holmes having sex with the town's prosecutor.

Another person Blanchett is counseling is Hilary Swank. Blanchett can instantly see that she's been beaten up. Blanchett advise her to get away from her husband. The next day, her husband (Keanu Reeves) shows up and is pissed at Blanchett for interfering with his marriage. He calls her a witch and scares her kids. She calls the police but they say that he's a little high strung and to just ignore him. That night she finds her tarot cards spread out on her bed spelling SATAN. The phone rings and Reeves tells her to never call the police again.

Now that the basics of the characters have been set up, the main storyline begins.

Katie Holmes is missing and after four days, they have no clues. The sheriff reluctantly goes to Blanchett to see if she can help with her "gift". She gets an image of a fence, lake and white flowers. They also have a witness that says he saw Keanu arguing with Katie the night of the murder. They figure out that the images Blanchett saw are that of Keanu Reeves property and they show up at his backyard pond. After a few hours, they discover Katie's body in the pond. Keanu admits to having an affair with her but he never killed her.

Reeves is arrested and goes to trial and is convicted.

A few days later, Blanchett is still having horrible dreams involving Katie Hudson. She realizes that Keanu is not the killer but can't quite figure out who is.

She goes to Kinnear's house and he says that maybe if they go to the lake it will help her. While looking at a log she has a vision of Katie Holmes sprawled out on it, naked and beaten up. She can also see that it is Kinnear that smacks her with a flashlight. He is beating her because he has figured out that she's having an affair with Keanu.

Blanchett tries to run but Kinnear, realizing that she now knows the truth, smacks her and knocks her down. Just as he's about to hit her in the head with his flashlight, like he did to Katie Holmes, out of the blue comes Ribisi who smacks Kinnear, knocking him out as he hits the ground.

Ribisi tells Blanchett that he is okay now and has escaped form the mental hospital. Ribisi gives Blanchett an old washcloth to clean herself with. It was one that she had given him earlier in the movie. They put Kinnear in the trunk and drive him to the police station. Ribisi waits in the car while Blanchett goes inside.

After awhile, the police tell Blanchett that Kinnear confessed but they had a question about how Kinnear got knocked out. She tells him that Ribisi did it. They tell her its impossible because they spoke to the hospital and learned that Ribisi had hung himself earlier that day. A confused Blanchett pulls the washcloth out of her pocket. It must have been Ribisi's ghost that protected her...

The final scene shows her at her husbands graveside with her kids. They have a tearful group hug as the movie ends.


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Cate Blanchett uses her "gift" to help solve the town's murder.
Greg Kinnear kills his fiance (Katie Holmes) after he discovers she was having an affair with Keanu Reeves.
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