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In Get Carter, Sylvester Stallone plays Jack Carter, the older brother of a recently deceased father and husband. The movie opens as he attends his younger brother's funeral, and he walks around talking to various people trying to find out anything he can about his brother's death. The younger Carter never drank really, and wasn't that irresponsible a man, which is why Jack finds it hard to believe that his brother got drunk and drove himself into a tree.

That is the drive of the movie: Carter's search for what really happened to his younger brother, and who was involved. He goes to the place his brother worked, and talks to his former employer, Cliff Bumby (Michael Caine), who seems to think the younger brother was clean as well. He also reveals that the brother had a mistress on the side.

This girl is Carter's main connection to the crowd his brother was involved with, so he pursues her and confronts her many times. She knows pretty much everything he wants to find out, its just a matter of what she is willing to tell him. She is directly involved with Cyrus Paice (Mickey Rourke). Cyrus has a past with Carter, and there is always a tension between them. As Carter continues his investigating, he grows closer to his niece, Doreen Carter (Racheal Leigh Cook). She and her mom, are both a little surprised to see so much of Carter, considering he hadn't been around for a few years, but they grow closer as he spends more time with them.

Unfortunately for them, his investigation goes deeper than some people would like, and they break into the widow's house and attack her. Carter and Doreen get home as this is happening, so the intruder runs away. The widow goes and stays with her parents with Doreen, but Doreen only stays a short while before she heads to the hotel Carter is staying at. During this night they talk a little more, and then Carter goes back to work. He got a security tape from his brother's employer of the night he died in the bar in which he worked, so this tape is very important to his search.

As he watches the tape for the hundredth time, he sees that his brother was handed a disc the night of his death. So he goes to his brother's house, which was taped off by the police because of the break in, and he searches the entire place for the disk, before finally finding it. He watches it and sees that it is a sex video with Doreen and a coworker of his brother, who was involved with the same people. It is so important because Doreen is 16, and the coworker was in his late 20's. He confronts this coworker, and finds everything out (and kills the coworker after doing so).

His brother had found out about the video, so he got the disk and threatened to blow the whole thing open. Well, Cyrus and the others involved didn't want this, so they killed him and made it look like an accident. When he finds this out, Carter goes and confronts Cyrus. After a one sided fight which Cyrus wins, Carter follows him to a dance club and beats the hell out of him before he kills him. (In front of everyone in the club no less!) So, his brother is avenged, but Carter still has one more person to see. His brother's employer, was involved with everything it turns out, so Carter kills him to.

As the film ends, Carter is leaving town, but not before he says good bye to his niece. After this farewell, the movie closes.

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Sylvester Stallone
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