GARFIELD: A Tale of Two Kitties

NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Catleft who says... "Most kids enjoyed this movie.  There was some adult jokes, ie, jokes only adults would notice, like Jon was asking the bellboy how he looked, and the bellboy says "like Hugh Grant", then after giving the bellboy a note to give to Liz with a flower, the bellboy ammended it to "Cary Grant".  The movie tries to stay consistant, though some people who knows the ins and outs of royalty or are lawyers probably won't like how the cat is being treated like royalty or how the nephew is trying to get the inheritance."

The movie starts with a story book being opened, showing a pennant with a Garfield-like cat on it, flying atop a castle.  Pages are turned, showing Garfield in several fairy tales.  Finally we see Carlisle Castle in real time, and the narrator starts “Once upon a time…” and we find out about Prince (voice of Tim Curry), a cat who lives a pampered life in Carlisle Castle, with servants who make meals for him, pampers him, etc  Then the narrator says, “across the pond…we see a cat who thinks he is king”.  And we see Garfield (voice of Bill Murray), coming inside the house, pointing out all the good things in his life, and he gets in a chair next to a table with Liz’s photo, and he ends, “It’s good to be King.”  Of course, he doesn’t notice the flower petals and candles, and Jon busy fixing the dinner table.  Jon then practices proposing marriage to Liz’s photo, but of course Garfield thinks he is talking to him.  When Garfield realizes that Jon is going to propose to Liz, he starts arguing at Jon, (of course Jon doesn’t understand Garfield) saying Liz changed him.  At one point as Jon carries him away Garfield cries, “You use to have a mullet!”  Liz (Jennifer Love Hewitt) arrives; she has great news to tell Jon.  Jane Goodall is taking care of a sick chimp, so she was asked by some Carlisle Animal Conservatory to speak in England.  Of course, Liz has to pack that night.  Jon is a bit crestfallen, but tells her he has his own good news.  He can’t find the purple velvet box with the ring; Garfield, after eating the turkey, is playing with the box.  Jon says the good news is that he got Odie (the dog) toilet trained.  Liz jokes that that accounts for the roses and candles.  She leaves, but then Jon gets the idea of following her to England.

Carlisle Castle.  Lady Carlisle died, leaving the estate to Prince.  Her nephew of course was expecting to get the estate, and is told by the three solicitors (lawyers) that when Prince XII dies he gets the estates.  Now all he gets is 50 pounds a month and being able to continue to live at the castle.  There are some barnyard animals outside paying attention to this.

Next day Jon gets Garfield and Odie to the kennel.  While Jon fills out paperwork, Garfield breaks out, and Odie follows him.  They stowaway in Jon’s car (a Volvo), and Garfield empties Jon’s luggage to make room for him and Odie.

Carlisle Castle.  Winston the bulldog announces Prince XII to the barnyard animals, who are worried about what will happen to them.  Prince assures them as long as he is alive they will be welcomed at Carlisle Castle.  People come to Carlisle Castle for tours, and want to see Prince.  Of course, the nephew, Dargis (Billy Connolly, but I thought it was John Cleese) , plots Prince’s death.   

Jon arrives to London, and once in the hotel room, he asks the bellboy to deliver a note to Liz who happens to be down the hall.  Liz walks in, surprised to see Jon.  But before they can get farther, the luggage opens, and Garfield and Odie pops out.  Liz tells Jon don’t let anyone see Garfield, since they weren’t quarantined  Garfield heads to the bathroom, and assumes the bidet is a kitty-bathtub.

Dargis puts Prince into a picnic basket and tosses him into a river. Latter Smithee (Ian Abercrombie), the butler, asks Dargis if he seen Prince.  Dargis, who is skeet shooting, tells him “no”, and almost shoots a rabbit and a duck, but Smithee keeps him from doing that.  Dargis sends Smithee to London to pick up some suits.

Jon and Liz leave to the British Museum, leaving Garfield and Odie to watch tv.  On the news, the Queen comes back from a cruise and the anchorman mentions that the Corgis got sick, but now are better, and are enjoying plates of liver.  Garfield sticks out his tongue in disgust, saying, “Liver!  I won’t eat liver, unless it’s yours (looking at Odie), with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.  Sss sss sss!”  Garfield and Odie escape when the maid comes in and there is montage of them looking around London for Jon.  Garfield thinks it’s a mistake for him to marry Liz.  They stop at Buckingham Palace.  Garfield tries to get one of the guards to react to him.  The Queen and two corgis leave the Palace in an open top carriage, and Garfield mocks the dogs.  Unfortunately Odie decides to pee on the guard, and the guard chases them.  They pass a grate where Prince is trying to open to escape the sewers.  Garfield runs into the street and almost gets run-overed by a Rolls-Royce.  It’s Smithee, who thinks Garfield is Prince and picks him up, and Garfield says, “why do the crazy ones go for the cat and not the dog?”  Garfield yells at Odie to get help, but he sees the pie Smithee has in the car for him, and Garfield tells Odie never mind, he has pie.

While Smithee is gone, Dargis calls the solicitors to tell them Prince is dead or missing, no doubt dying or running away because Lady Carlisle died.  The Solicitors are dubious, but agree to meet him on Monday with the papers to sign.  Dargis makes plans with a woman, Abby Westminster, to find investors.  Dargis intends to make Carlisle Castle into a resort, and build condos on the property.  Abby asks what will happen to the animals, and Dargis says the ones the don’t scare away will be fed to the guest.  Of course, the animals are listening in. 

Prince finally gets out of the sewer.  Jon finds him and Odie and takes them both to the hotel.

Garfield gets to Carlisle Castle.  He enters and finds Winston who assumes he is Prince. Winston gets Garfield to talk to the animals to reassure them, but being clueless about what is going on, Garfield makes a fool of himself.  McBunny the rabbit realizes that is not Prince, but everyone decides to pretend, so that they don’t get tossed out of the castle.

Winston toddies to Garfield, and show Garfield around, showing him the wealth, and finally convinces Garfield to stay, saying that now that Jon is getting married, he doesn’t need him.

Dargis sees Garfield and assumes it’s Prince.  He tries to train a rottweiler, Rommel, to attack Garfield, but the animals outsmarts Rommel, getting the dog to attack Dargis.  (a note:  all the animals speak in an English accent, though McBunny speaks in a Scottish accent).

Anyway, back at the hotel, Prince tries to get Odie to help him, but Odie (the only animal who doesn’t talk), isn’t much help.  Jon and Liz go to a pub with Prince, who at first turns his nose up at Lasagna, but once he tastes it goes nuts.  Jon, of course, doesn’t get a chance to propose to Liz.

Garfield lives it up, and drives poor Smithee into exhaustion getting him meal after meal.  Garfield gets served Carlisle log, which Winston explains is liver and spleen wrapped in sheep intestines.  Garfield wants lasagna, which Winston and the other animals try to make in the kitchen.  Garfield finally has to show them how (with song and dance), and the animals enjoy it (even the cows; but it’s a 2 cheese lasagna, maybe it has no meat). 

Garfield passes by a door and over hears Winston and the macaw talk about him.  The macaw calls him a common housecat and a buffoon.  Garfield is sad, and realizes he misses his bestfriend, Jon.

Dargis is again trying to train Rommel to attack Garfield, but gets interrupted by Smithee.  Dargis tells Smithee to take a holiday (vacation), and Smithee packs up, deciding to go on vacation.

Back in London, Prince lounges around in bed, trying to remember what he was suppose to do (go back to the castle).  Liz has to go to Carlisle castle, since that is where conference is being held.  She drops a guidebook for the castle, which Odie picks up and shows Prince.  Prince remembers what he has to do and while saying bye to Odie, accidently falls out the window.  Jon sees this and runs after him.

Liz and her group tour Carlisle Castle.  Seems that Lady Carlisle is a big animal lover, and when Dargis meets Liz he offers her a painting to the Conservation group, but he asks what would she do for him?  Garfield realizes Dargis is hitting on Liz, Jon’s girlfriend, and gets Dargis’s attention.  Dargis chases him and catches him in a bag, but the solicitors show up.  He leaves them outside, then drops Garfield in the dungeon. 

Meanwhile, Prince jumps on a boat, then jumps on a van to get to Carlisle Castle.

Jon searches for Garfield (Prince) and finally sits down at a park.  Odie pulls out of the garbage a newspaper, showing Jon an article about Prince, which shows a picture of the cat.  Jon notices the resemblance and assumes someone must have picked up Garfield, thinking it was Prince.  The drive a car (it’s a Smart car, made by Mercedes and Swatch, it’s a very tiny car) to Carlisle castle. 

Winston and another animal (I forget if it’s Nigel the ferret or the Claudius the rat) helps Garfield escape the dungeon, but Garfield tells Winston what he heard them say about him and decides to leave. 

Of course, Garfield passes by a hole in the hedge at the same time as Prince and there is a bit with them mirroring each other’s actions.  They finally cut it out, and the animals show up, happy to see Prince.  Garfield decides to leave, and Prince finds out that they are about to be eaten.  So Prince says what they have to do is run away, preferably to another castle.  Garfield, of course, thinks that is a terrible plan.

Abby Westminster shows up.  Dargis tries to get her into another room, while he tries to sign the papers to make him the owner of the estate.  Of course, Garfield and Prince show up in his periphery, getting Dargis to chase Prince while keeping Abby and the solicitors from seeing Prince.  Garfield gets Rommel to chase him, and then gets the bull to chase Rommel.

Smithee is waiting on the side of the road for a bus, when Jon stops and ask him about Carlisle Castle.  Jon explains how he thinks Garfield and Prince were confused for the other.

The other animals are attacking Dargis also.  At one point he still thinks it’s just Prince.  He gets a crossbow and threatens the solicitors to sign the papers.  Abby shows up to tell the solicitors about Dargis plans; seems she was hired by the solicitors to spy on him.  The two cats show up, and Jon shows up and gets the crossbow away from Dargis.  Unfortunately Liz shows up and Dargis holds a really old-fashioned gun on her, but the ferret goes up his ruined trousers and does ferrety things to Dargis.  Dargis collapses.

So Dargis is out for the count, and the police show up to haul him away.  Of course Dargis sounds crazy, blaming the animals, saying they plotted against him.

So in the same dinning room all this drama happens in, Jon proposes to Liz, but can’t find box.  Garfield hands him the ring box.  Liz agrees to marry Jon.  Liz sees Prince and Garfield together and wonders which one is which.  Garfield kicks Odie, so they figure out which one is Garfield. 

The movie ends with all the animals in the pool, enjoying themselves.