"Dick and Jane are in love and living the American dream--until one day it becomes an American nightmare. When the company Dick works for becomes involved in an Enron-like scandal and he takes the rap, Dick and Jane are forced with the prospect of losing everything. After playing by the rules and getting burned, Dick has an idea: If stealing was good enough for his boss, then it's good enough for him. Using his newfound skills, he and Jane decide to exact hilarious revenge and teach big business a lesson. "

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NOTE: This Spoiler was sent in by Harrison. who says... "I really liked this movie! It was funny and entertaining!"

The movie begins as we meet Dick(Jim Carrey) and Jane(Tea Leoni) as we are introduced to their lives.  They live in a nice neighborhood and have a really nice house.  Dick works at a big company while Jane quits her job because Dick is being promoted to Vice President of one part of the company. So Jane stays home with their housekeeper and her son (who goes to school during the day).  The housekeeper is Mexican and teachers the little boy some Spanish language.

Dick meets with his boss Frank and the company owner (Alec Baldwin) who tell Dick they want him to go on an interview show to talk of the new businesses of the company.  While Dick is on the show he finds out that the company has bombed and gone bankrupt!  Now Dick and his family have no money and no income.  As time passes Dick tries to get another job but no place will hire him.  He doesn't want to be anything lower than a VP because he worked hard all his life to get to where he is.  Dick finally gets an interview at another company.  He goes to the meeting and sees other people in suits so he runs to beat these other employee hopefuls to the top of the stairs (after some funny fighting/interaction) only to find that there is a long line of applicants.  Dick is about to leave when one of the company's workers walks by and invites Dick back.  A lot of other employees of the company come into and take pictures with Dick.  Dick just wants to start the interview but the guy just wants to talk to him because they thought it was funny how he acted on the interview show.  They even created a website about it!  Dick leaves without a job. 

As time goes on the electricity starts to go out, Dick and Jane have to take back their big screen TV, and get more suitable cars.  One day Jane's lawn workers come to the house and roll up their lawn.  So now the family has dirt instead of grass.  Dick and Jane decide to get small jobs to help.  Jane becomes an exercise instructor and Dick becomes a greeter at the front door of a store.  They both fail at these jobs.  Jane goes to a cosmetic testing on a botox like makeup while Dick then begins working at a painting place.  Jane has an allergic reaction to the makeup and her lips puff up. Dick has to stand out side with a bunch of other workers (who are Mexican) and wait for someone to drive up and ask for someone who can paint.  When one man comes up for a worker everyone chases after the truck.  Dick and another guy get on the back but the guy punches Dick causing him to fall of the truck.  Now Dick has a huge bruise on his lip causing him to talk funny and he lost his wallet when he fell of the truck.  Then the police show up and arrest all the Mexicans and they believe Dick is a Mexican because of his accent (from the bruise) and he has no I.D.  Dick calls his home and gives the phone to the police officer but Dick's son answers the phone by saying "HOLA."  So they arrest Dick.

Dick calls Jane who goes to the jail.  Dick and a lot of Mexicans run out of the jail and climb over the fence and pack inside Jane's little car and escape.  Once Dick and Jane get home, Dick sits in the car and thinks while Jane goes to sleep.  Dick watches Jane sleep and decides to do something.  He gets a knife and goes out side to his neighbors house and cuts a square of grass out of their yard.  He does this at many people's homes and when Jane awakes she has a checkerboard front yard of grass and dirt-but she is happy.  Dick gets the mail and finds an eviction notice that states they only have 24 hours to get the money or they are out of the house.

Dick thinks that everything has been going wrong and it only turned out ok when he stole so he decides to steal again.  Jane doesn't think he will do it so she goes to be his "get away driver."  They get to a gas station and Dick goes in with his son's water gun.  Dick stalls by getting a slushy...and a brain freeze.  He goes to rob the cashier but he can't get the gun out of his pocket and when he is about to pull the gun out the he finds that the cashier has switched shifts and the cashier is now a very big man!  He runs out of the store and goes to his next stop.  Dick has several attempts but all turn out not very well.

Jane and Dick pull up to another stop.  Jane says that Dick isn't a bad ass to rob a place.  Dick goes into this store and points the gun and the man.  Jane sees this and is shocked.  She runs in and tells Dick that this is stupid but Dick tells her about the eviction notice and Jane then starts yelling at the man to put the money in the bag.  They get the money and run.  Jane speeds through the streets and stops under a bridge where she and Dick make out because they find this whole robbing thing exciting.

Dick and Jane start robbing places and begin getting good at it and high tech.  While they rob we see that they get their big screen back and their electricity comes back on and they are getting back their old lives.  Dick and Jane decide to rob a bank.  Dick goes in (in disguise) followed by Jane dressed as an old woman.  Jane faints who is helped by the police man.  Dick takes the police man's I.D. card and goes back towards the vault.  One man stops Dick but Dick tells him he is an officer.  So he goes into the vault and Jane leaves the bank and waits for him in the parking lot.  As Dick is about to steal the money another couple comes in and tries to rob the bank.  The alarms go off  and the vault begins to close.  Dick jumps out as the police come in.  Jane thinks Dick is the one being arrested but she finally sees him walking out as the other couple is being put in the cop car.

Dick and Jane are watching the news one night.  The news is talking about some of Dick's old employees (from his first company) who have been have been stealing and who have had their lives ruined by the company's owner.  The owner is just off hunting and having a good time though.  Then the news says that Dick is going to be indicted.  Dick leaves and goes to a bar.  He drinks half a cup a beer and begins to act drunk.  He stands on the tables and yells at people.  Jane shows up and stops him when they see Dick's old boss, Frank.  Frank sees Dick and runs away.  Dick chases him and tackles him outside in the bushes.  Frank says that the company owner planned the whole.  Dick wants revenge on the owner and Frank has a plan.  The owner is taking all of his money ($400 million) and putting it into one account in a bank that will save him from taxes.  So if Jane can get into the bank with a file paper, with an account number of their own, and bumps into the banker, who is working with the owner, and switches the owner's paper with their paper then they can get all of the owner's money in an account where they can give the company's worker their pension from being fired.

On the day of the plan, Dick wants to practice Jane's part again but the file paper gets destroyed in a lawn mower.  Frank says that the only way to get another one is to go to a certain bank worker's computer and print off another one.  Jane goes to distract and stall the company owner while Dick gets the new file.  Dick gets the banker's number and calls to say that her call has been towed.  The banker goes outside to see while Dick goes to her computer.  Frank calls Dick and says that the banker is in the parking lot and sees that her car is there. Dick tells him to stall so Frank puts his car in reverse and drives straight into the banker's car.  Dick gets the paper and Frank quickly tells him the code to put onto it. 

Dick takes the paper to Jane but it needs to be stamped by the bank. So Dick pretends to be on the phone with the bank's boss and talks about firing some of the bank's workers ! so that one worker will stamp it.  Dick turns around and there is the company owner.  He and Dick talk for a little bit.  Jane bumps into the banker who has the company owner's paper and takes it from him.  The banker tries to get it back but Jane keeps slapping him.  While they are talking Dick gets back to back with Jane.  They swap the papers.  Dick leaves the company owner and Jane gives the banker the file paper.  Dick and Jane go behind a corner and watch as the company owner is about to sign the paper.  The owner sees that the number is wrong and looks up to see Dick and Jane staring at him.  The owner signs the paper but tells the banker to fix the number.  As he is leaving he tells Dick that he almost got away with it.  He says that he won't call the cops unless he and Jane leave.  The owner is about to leave when Dick puts the gun to the owner's stomach.  Dick says that the owner at least has to write a check or he will shoot him and that he doesn't care because he has already lost everything.  The owner writes a check and promises not to cancel it and leaves.  Dick and Jane now act excited because they have the owner's signature so they can change the file themselves. 

Later, as the owner is leaving his house he finds hundreds of reporters and past workers outside.  He learns that Dick has given his money to all of his old workers.

Dick, Jane and all of the company's old workers get their money and their lives back.

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