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NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by Jeremy.

*The film is preceded by a brief Mickey Mouse cartoon

Mickey Mouse in, GET A HORSE
The cartoon begins as an old black-and-white movie shown through a projector. Mickey and Minnie follow their friends Horace Horsecollar and Clarabelle Cow on a fun wagon ride until Peg-Leg Pete shows up to cause trouble. He swipes Minnie and pushes Mickey and Horace out of the screen and into the theater where the cartoon is being shown. Mickey and Horace are now 3D CGI versions of themselves. Mickey tries to catch up to Pete and Minnie by using Horace as a plane. They get back into their cartoon and continue jumping between both worlds, with Mickey manipulating the screen to mess with Pete, until they get him, Clarabelle, and even Goofy out into the theater. The gang eventually outsmarts Pete by knocking him out and jumping back into their cartoon.

The film starts off with a choir chanting "Eatnenmen Vuelie" as we segue into the film when a group of mountain men are carving ice blocks from the frozen river, singing "Frozen Heart." With them, is a young boy named Kristoff and his pet reindeer Sven.

In the kingdom of Arendelle, young Princess Elsa is sleeping. Her younger sister Princess Anna excitedly tries to wake her up. She wants Elsa to play with her, but Elsa just wants to sleep. Anna then gets an idea and asks, "Do you wanna build a snowman?" This gets Elsa's attention and the two girls go downstairs to play. Elsa uses her ice powers to make it snow and create mountains of snow for her and Anna to play on. They even build their own snowman, Olaf. Anna slides down a bunch of snow mountains as Elsa forms ice slides. However, Anna is going too fast, and when Elsa can't keep up with her, she accidentally hits Anna in the face with some magic. She falls unconscious, and Elsa cries for her parents to come help.

The king and queen take the girls to a field where they summon a large group of rocks. Unbeknownst to them, Kristoff and Sven are watching. The rock become trolls, and the troll king Pabbie (Ciaran Hinds) uses his magic to heal Anna's head. He removes the memory of Elsa's magic during their time spent, but not the fun of it. The magic from Elsa also leaves a white streak in Anna's hair.The king and queen decide that, in order to hide Elsa's powers from the rest of the kingdom, they keep her and Anna contained within the castle, sealing the gates to the kingdom and even keeping the two sisters separated from each other. They give Elsa a pair of gloves, as she freezes anything she touches. Her father gives her the mantra, "conceal, don't feel."

Anna, unaware of everything after being revived, tries to get Elsa to play with her on a snowy day ("Do You Want To Build A Snowman?"), but Elsa never leaves her room, leaving Anna growing bored as the years go by. One day during a storm, the king and queen are killed when a wave crashes onto their ship. With their parents gone and Elsa refusing to leave her room, both sisters are truly alone.

Three years later, it is the day of Elsa's (Idina Menzel) coronation ceremony. Dignitaries from around the world are coming to visit, including the Duke of Weselton (Alan Tudyk), who wants to run Arendelle's profits dry. Nobody is more excited than Anna (Kristen Bell), as they are finally opening the gates to the kingdom. She is happy to see other people, and hopes for the possibility of meeting that special someone ("For The First Time in Forever"), but Elsa is still concerned about trying to control her powers. As she strolls out onto the streets, she bumps into a horse, which happens to belong to the charming and handsome Prince Hans (Santino Fontana) of the Southern Isles. Anna is instantly attracted to him, but is forced to leave when the coronation ceremony is about to begin.

Elsa is crowned queen and is told to remove her gloves to take the royal orb and scepter. They start freezing at first, but she manages to keep it together. Later, during the ball, the Duke tries to dance with Elsa, but she gets Anna to briefly join him. While he makes a fool of himself with his silly dancing, Anna goes to eagerly tell Elsa how they'll get to spend more time together again, but Elsa says it's not gonna happen. Anna walks away sadly when she bumps into Hans again. They dance and spend the evening together, quickly realizing the mutual attraction between them ("Love is An Open Door"). Hans proposes right on the spot, and Anna immediately accepts.

The new couple goes to Elsa to receive her blessing. Elsa refuses because she can't believe her sister is wanting to marry somebody she's only just met, but Anna firmly believes that she is really in love, then hits back at Elsa for trying to shut everybody else out. Hurt, Elsa starts to walk away, and Anna grabs at her, pulling off her glove. Elsa starts to run for the door as Anna still pleads with her to tell her why she is behaving this way. With a quick wave of her arm, an angry Elsa creates a wave of icepicks, to the shock and horror of everybody in the room. "Sorcery!" cries the Duke. Anna cannot believe what she has seen. Elsa runs out of the castle before all the other excited subjects. They notice how panicked she looks, and one woman asks her if she's okay. Elsa backs away nervously and touches a fountain with her uncovered hand, freezing the water and surprising and frightening everybody. She runs all the way to the river with Anna chasing after her. The more scared Elsa gets, the more everything begins to freeze. She runs over the river, and with every step she takes, she causes the entire thing to turn to ice, trapping all the fjords in there before spreading throughout the rest of the kingdom.

With everything covered in snow and ice, Elsa retreats to the north mountain. Although she is still frightened by what she's done, she starts to embrace her powers now that she is alone ("Let It Go"). She creates an ice staircase and creates a large ice castle, even fashioning herself a new dress with her powers and letting her hair down (literally, I guess).

Anna takes off on her horse, vowing to find Elsa and get her to undo the prolonged winter. Hans expresses his concern for her before she leaves. As she rides through the snowy forest, a large lump of snow falls and frightens the horse, making him throw Anna off his back and run back to Arendelle. Anna trudges through the snow and cold water until she finds a shop run by a man named Oaken (Chris Williams). She purchases snow boots and a winter dress (the only ones available) to change out of her wet and frozen dress. Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) comes in to buy carrots for Sven, along with a pickaxe and some rope. He laments the fact that he has to sell ice when everything is frozen. Anna questions both of them to know if they may have seen Elsa (without actually saying her name) pass by. Kristoff says he noticed all the snow coming from the north mountain. Oaken charges him 40 for all his items but Kristoff only has 10. They can't reach a compromise, and Kristoff calls Oaken a crook, making him grab Kristoff and throw him out. He decides to stay in a nearby shed with Sven ("Reindeer Are Better Than People"), until Anna comes by with the pickaxe and rope that she bought in exchange for him guiding her to the north mountain. He agrees to take her in the morning. In addition, she bought the carrots for Sven.

Kristoff takes Anna in his sled, pulled by Sven, as they head toward the north mountain. She starts telling the story about the fight she got into with Elsa that led to the winter, which makes Kristoff react when she tells him how she just got engaged to Hans. Like Elsa, Kristoff can't believe Anna would want to marry someone she hardly knows. Suddenly, a pack of wolves attacks the group. Anna and Kristoff fight them off until they are heading over the cliff. He cuts Sven from the sled after pushing Anna onto him, then yelling at him to jump across the gorge. They make it to the other side and escape the wolves, but Kristoff's sled falls and is kaput. He nearly falls until Anna throws the pickaxe tied to the rope for him to grab on. With this, Kristoff decides to join Anna on the quest, even as they realize how high the north mountain really is. Before they leave, they get a look at Arendelle, completely covered in ice and snow.

On their trip, they walk through a snow and ice forest. They run into Olaf (Josh Gad), the snowman from the sisters' childhood, now living. He wants to join Anna and Kristoff in getting summer back, as he wants to be able to experience summer for the first time ("In Summer"). Kristoff wants to tell Olaf why this would be bad for him, but Anna doesn't want him to ruin the surprise.

Back in Arendelle, Hans is giving out cloaks to the citizens. The Duke isn't happy to see him using up the kingdom's resources for the people. Anna's horse then runs in, leading Hans to fear something has happened. He resolves to go find Anna himself, and the Duke orders his men to follow him and kill Elsa if they must.

The gang makes it to the mountain, which Anna thinks she ought to start climbing. She doesn't get far until Olaf says he's found the ice staircase leading to Elsa's castle. Kristoff is amazed by the entire structure. He and Olaf follow Anna while Sven stays behind. Anna and Elsa reunite, and while both are happy to see each other, Elsa keeps her distance from Anna to protect her once she remembers the accident from their childhood. Yet Anna is determined to get through to her sister ("For The First Time in Forever Reprise"). Despite Anna's persuasion, Elsa only grows more agitated and nervous, and she hurls another wave of magic at her sister, this time striking her in the heart. Kristoff runs in, and Elsa sees in despair what she's done. For a while, everything in the room starts to look as though it's melting. Elsa creates a giant snow creature (that Olaf calls "Marshmallow") to take them out. When Marshmallow throws Olaf, Anna angrily throws a snowball at its head, provoking him and causing him to chase Anna and Kristoff. They prepare climb over the mountain with the rope, but Marshmallow pulls them up. He roars at them to never come back, and Anna cuts the rope, bringing herself and Kristoff down onto a blanket of snow, with Olaf joining them. Kristoff notices that Anna's hair is turning more white, and he realizes who to go for to undo this, as he's seen it done before.

Kristoff leads Anna (who is slowly freezing and getting colder) to the same field he saw when he was a child. The rock trolls come forth and reveal themselves, welcoming Kristoff back like a son. They get eager when they see Anna and think the two are in love. They humorously ask what do they see in each other ("Fixer Upper") before getting them fixed up to perform an impromptu wedding ceremony, despite Kristoff telling them she's engaged. He then tells them about the magic that struck her heart, but Pabbie says that fixing the heart isn't something they can do. According to him, only an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart. Anna figures she must return to Hans immediately, so Kristoff has her hop on Sven while he and Olaf ride with her back to Arendelle.

Meanwhile, Hans and the guards find the ice castle. Marshmallow grows icy fangs and claws to fight them off, but Hans cuts off his leg and makes him fall over the ledge. He runs into the castle with the guards as Elsa tries to hide. Two guards corner her in her room and aim their crossbows at her. One guard fires an arrow, but Elsa defends herself as she forms an ice shield. As the two continue to attack, she holds them back with icepicks and nearly pushes one guard out the tower. Hans rushes in to beg her not to be the monster people fear her to be. The guard with the crossbow aims at Elsa again, but Hans holds him back just as he fires, causing him to hit the giant ice chandelier overhead. It falls and nearly crushes Elsa, though she runs out in time but is knocked unconscious.

When she wakes up, Elsa sees she her hands are chained up in a tower in her castle. She looks out her window to see more snow covering the kingdom. Hans enters the room and pleads with her to undo the winter, but she cannot. She asks him to convince everyone that she's not a threat, and he promises to do his best.

As Anna continues to freeze, Kristoff does what he can to keep her warm until they finally reach the gates of Arendelle. Olaf slides away to stay hidden. He sadly leaves Anna behind as everyone brings her to Hans. She informs him that an act of true love will undo her frozen heart. He leans in to kiss her, until he says with a smirk, "Oh, Anna...if only somebody really did love you." Anna is baffled. Hans then reveals his true scheme - because he is the youngest of 13 brothers, he knew it would be a while before he could step up as ruler, so he planned to marry into the kingdom. Even though Elsa was the obvious first pick, he settled for Anna, who was so eager to marry someone she just met. He just needed to stage an accident to lure Elsa back so he can kill her and bring summer back. He throws water into the fireplace to deny Anna the warmth, and then goes to the Duke and the others to lie to them by saying Anna died after they recited their wedding vows. Hans is made the official ruler of Arendelle, and as his first act, he charges Elsa with treason and sentences her to death.

Hans and company run to Elsa's room as the locks around her hands start getting more frozen. Before they enter, she uses her powers to break free and cause beams from above to fall, giving her enough time to escape.

Kristoff continues walking away sadly. Sven knows that he has fallen in love with Anna, though he waits until Kristoff is smart enough to realize that himself. They look back and see a powerful blizzard ready to form over Arendelle. He knows Anna is in trouble, so he hops on Sven's back to rush back to the kingdom.

Olaf finds his way into Anna's room to reignite the fire. He feels heat for the first time, and even though he starts melting, it doesn't bother him that much. Anna, with her hair now completely white, expresses her disbelief in Hans's betrayal and says she doesn't know what love is. Olaf then convinces her that Kristoff's selfless act of bringing her back to the kingdom was because he loves her, and then he notices Kristoff and Sven riding in. Anna runs out of the room to find him.

The blizzard begins to intensify, with Kristoff and Sven nearly struck by the mast of a fjord. Sven falls into the river, but pulls himself out, braying to Kristoff to run to Anna. Elsa is also caught in the storm, though Hans is able to find her and convince her that she ended up killing her sister. Elsa breaks down, and the winds die down instantly. Anna sees Kristoff running to her, just as her hands start to turn blue and icy. She sees Elsa on the ground weeping in sorrow, and Hans raises a sword to kill her. Anna runs in just in time as her whole body freezes so hard that the impact from the sword causes it to shatter and throw Hans onto his back. Elsa cries as her sister has just turned into solid ice, and she throws her arms onto her as she sobs. Slowly, Anna begins to unfreeze. This was the act of love they've been waiting for. And with this, they realize that Elsa's love can thaw out the ice. Sure enough, the ice around the entire kingdom begins to disappear, to the joy of everyone around. Hans gets up and wonders how Anna's heart was unfrozen. She replies, "The only one here with a frozen heart is you." Then she socks him so hard in the face that he falls off the fjord into the river.

Hans is locked up on the ship heading back to his kingdom for him to deal with his 12 older brothers for his deeds. Elsa also has it written that Arendelle will no longer do business with Weselton, much to the Duke's dismay. She's also given Olaf his own cloud of flurry to keep him from melting in the sun. He enjoys the summer day with Sven, his new buddy. Anna has also given Kristoff a new sled to make up for the one he lost. He is extremely grateful and he finally kisses her.

Elsa freezes the floor near the castle to create a platform for people to skate on. She makes a pair of ice skates for Anna, and the two sisters begin to have fun just as they used to.

After the credits:
The after-credit stinger has Marshmallow, still alive, finding Elsa's tiara and putting it on his head.

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