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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Sraeps2. who says... "I think this version of Freaky Friday is better than the other two."

The movie begins as we meet Anna (Lindsay Lohan) and Tess (Jamie Lee Curtis). Tess tries to get Anna up for school, which is a very difficult process. She ends up having Anna's little brother Harry (Ryan Malgarini) use a horn to wake her up. Harry and Anna fight in the car as Anna and Tess argue.

Anna gets to school and meets up with her friends, Maddie (Christina Vidal) and Peg (Haley Hudson). She sees that another girl is wearing the same shirt as her so she turns it inside out. That's when Jake (Chad Michael Murray) walks by. Anna is in love with him and he doesn't know she exists.

Throughout the day, she is given a bad grade by her teacher, Mr. Bates (Stephen Tobolowsky), and sent to detention by him. She also is getting hit in the head with the volleyball by Stacy, (Julie Gonzalo) who used to be her best friend. She decides to get back at her and is sent to detention again. After detention, she drops her bag and everything falls out. That's when Jake helps her. They hit it off and he is about to ask her out, but Mr. Bates comes and when she is done talking to him, Jake is gone.

Meanwhile, Tess is at the supermarket while on the phone with wedding planners, since she is getting married to Ryan (Mark Harmon) tomorrow, and goes to her office, where she is a psychiatrist. She meets with Ethan (Chris Carlberg), who is a patient who is very insecure and she had seen every day for 3 years. She assures him that he will be able to call her if it's important whiles she's on her honeymoon.

Back at home, while Anna's band called Pink slip (which includes Peg and Maddie), sets up for rehearsal in the garage, Anna is chasing her brother for being in her room. They begin to practice. Tess comes home, and helps Henry get the underwear off his head (since that was what Anna did). That's when Grandpa (Harold Gould) comes to stay for the wedding. Ryan also comes, with a copy of Tess' new book, asking for her to sign it.

They can't hear, so Tess turns off the power in the garage, telling them that their time is up. That's when Tess gets a call and she becomes mad. Anna's band also gets a call, which says that a band dropped out of an amateur contest, and since they are the first alternates, they can perform. Their problem, its tomorrow (Friday), which is the day of the rehearsal dinner, and it's the same time. Anna says she will ask her mom if she can miss the dinner.

Anna goes to her room where her brother and her friends are reading her diary and messing around. She chases after them and is ready to slam her door, when she realizes that her door is missing. She goes downstairs where her mom tells her that she got a phone call saying she got an F on an assignment, and she got 2 detentions. Anna explains that it was Stacy who provoked her in gym (her mom thinks Stacy is a wonderful girl while Anna hates her) and Mr. Bates was out to get her. Her and her mom argue, even over Jake. Ryan breaks it up and brings Tess, Anna, Henry, and Grandpa to dinner at a Chinese restaurant.

At the restaurant, things seemed to be more civilized. A Chinese waitress seems to know the family and asks to be caterer for the reception, but Tess said she already had one. She leaves and Anna tells her mom that her and her band got a gig. Her mom is happy for her, until she hears that it is at the same time as the rehearsal. They go somewhere private to talk. They argue loudly and a lot. The Chinese waitress' mother sees this and gives the two fortune cookies. They are really mad and Anna locks herself in the bathroom. They both open and read the fortunes at the same time. That's when an earthquake occurs. They both go back to the table, where nobody knows what they are talking about.

From now, I will still refer to Tess as Tess and Anna as Anna.

The next morning, Tess wakes up in Anna's body. She is really shocked. Henry comes in and says that Tess is dead. Tess is shocked and they go to see that Tess is sleeping entirely different, looking dead. Henry is told to go downstairs and that she isn't dead. He does and she tries to wake up Anna, who is in her body. She does the same thing as every morning, and she wakes up. Anna sees her body and thinks that she is a freaky clone person, but the way Tess acts, she knows who her mother is. She is told that she is in her mother's body. She looks in the mirror and complains about being old. They have no clue what happened. They decide to try to run together, and that fails miserably.

They go downstairs, where Ryan has arrived to take them to work and school, since Tess got into an accident the previous day. They are acting weird and go back upstairs. They decided to continue with their lives. Anna will go to work as Tess and Tess will go to school as Anna. They realize that the earthquake must be connected with this and decided to go there.

They arrive at school. Tess forces Anna of the car for acting weird around Ryan. That's when Anna sees Jake. Jake comes up to them. Anna forces Tess to be nice. Tess eventually leaves. That's when Tess blows off Jake.

Anna leaves Jake, after narrowly missing a kiss. She uses her mom's credit cards to get a makeover. She looks younger and cooler now. Anna gets to work and sees she has many phone calls. She answers one line and hears that she has a root canal today. She cancels and refuses to answer anymore. Then Ethan comes. He sees that she doesn't want to answer any of the calls, and starts to yell that she wont answer his calls. She decides to answer it. She is told the price of the fish that her mom wanted for the reception. She said it's disgusting and refuses to pay it, so they caterers refuse to come. She then starts to forget Ethan's name and he is paranoid. Other patients aren't any better.

Tess is at school and sees Stacy. She decides to make friends, but is humiliated by her instead. Anna's friends meet up with her. Anna is mad that Stacy did that. They get to Mr. Bates' class. He has a pop quiz where he asks each person a question about Hamlet. Tess is happy since she was in Hamlet in high school. She answers her question perfectly and with detail. He gives her an F. She confronts him after class and realizes that he asked her (Tess) out in high school and is taking it out on Anna now. She calls him on it and threatens to notify the school board if he keeps doing it.

Anna's friends ask her about the gig. She says her mom said no. They question her and Tess points out what she did for the band. They ask her why she is acting like that since Anna is always complaining about how her mother doesn't care about her or the band. Tess is shocked. She goes to meet Anna for lunch so they can go to the restaurant. She is mad that Anna picked up her car, since Anna is a wild driver.

They get to the restaurant and confront the Chinese waitress. She calls over her mother, and in Chinese argues. She basically says that she should have stayed out of it and the mother says they needed it. The waitress says that she doesn't know what Anna and Tess are talking about. They force her to tell them. She says that they can only be switched back when what was written on the fortune cookie comes true. They can't find it so decide look after school. The Chinese waitress also gets to cater after Anna tells them about canceling.

Anna goes to see Henry's teacher, since Tess told her she had a parent-teacher meeting. She does and finds out that Henry had an essay to write on his hero, and he wrote about Anna. She is flattered. She goes outside and tells him about it. Henry tells her not to tell Anna because they have so much fun together fighting.

Tess is back at school; she is about to take a big SAT-like test. She confronts Stacy who is nice and asks her to sit with her. During the test, Tess is struggling to remember this stuff. Stacy writes a note and puts it on her answer sheet saying "I'm glad we're friends again." She points it out to Tess who looks. When she does this, Stacy yells to a teacher that Anna is cheating and Tess is sent to detention. While the teacher is asleep, she sneaks out. She runs into Jake in the hall. Jake says that he can get her test so she can finish it. Tess agrees and they go into the file room to get it. She takes the test, and when she finishes, she grabs Stacy's test and erases all the answers and writing "I'm stupid" on it. Jake sees this and is surprised.

Anna and Henry go home and are immediately taken by Ryan and Grandpa. They take her to a TV studio. It turns out Ryan pulled strings so she can be a guest to talk about her book. Anna has no clue what the book is about, and doesn't even know how to pronounce a word in the title. She is nervous and forced on. The show goes on live and the host asks her about the book. Anna realizes what it is about. She tries to give good answers, but then just starts to act like her. Anna tells everybody to be happy about everything and show it, and has everybody yelling.

Tess and Jake come out of the file room and see on a TV what Anna is doing on the show. Tess is appalled and demands a ride from Jake. Jake blows her off saying that he thought she was different, and she is rude for what she did to Stacy's test, and leaves her.

At the studio, Grandpa, Ryan and Henry find out that Tess (Anna) left them as soon as the interview was over. Anna goes to get coffee at a place where Jake works. Jake and Anna hit it off, bonding over music and everything. They even say how much they enjoy the cover of Britney Spears' song Baby One More Time, which was playing. Anna realizes that he is flirting with her mother, so she tries to leave. She tells him she has to go to her rehearsal dinner. He is upset that she is getting married and says he wants to get to know her. She tries to leave, but agrees for him to give him a ride on his motorcycle that she wasn't allowed to ride due to her mom. On the way home, Ryan sees her on it.

She arrives home where Anna is mad at her for being late. Ryan comes there and asks her about the bike. Anna is speechless, but Tess tells him that it was one of her friends and her mom wanted to check him out before she could hang out with him, and she thinks he is a good kid. Anna is happy and Ryan is relieved. They begin to leave when Tess sees Jake outside singing Baby One More Time. Tess confronts him and even kisses him, saying to stay away from Tess. They leave and go to the dinner.

Peg and Maddie sneak into the rehearsal dinner. Anna and Tess are discussing the fortune, which says that they need to perform a selfless act of love to switch back. Anna sees Jake come in and is distracted and Anna's friends grab Tess and pull her away. They tell her that the club is only down the street and they can be back in a few minutes. She refuses, but they duct tape her and tie her up.

Jake is looking around for Tess and Anna grabs him and pulls him behind the bar. He says how much he wants to get to know her, and that he knows it couldn't work out, but he wants to know her. Anna says that Anna is actually the reason she is like that, and Anna is just like her. Then she hears Ryan looking for her. She comes up saying that she lost an earring. She is told that Maddie and Peg, who were caught, were trying to take Anna away. Tess is mad that they kidnapped her. Anna asks Ryan, even though he thinks it's just a stupid band, if Anna can go to the club and she'd be back. Ryan tells her to go. Anna asks when Tess leaves what is wrong. He tells her that he doesn't want to be the evil stepfather (about the 'stupid bad' comment) and if that's what she thinks he should be, he doesn't want to get married. She apologizes and he tells her that she should be at the club, cheering Anna on, so Anna leaves.

Tess can even put the guitar strap on, and has no clue what to do. Anna's friends tell Tess that even if she messes up, they will still like her. Tess is happy about this. They start and Tess doesn't play. Anna sees this and can't believe it. Tess tries to play a note, but it is bad. Anna goes backstage. Tess sees her and leaves the stage as Pink slip continues to play. Anna says that she unplugged her guitar and to pretend to play, since her solo is coming up. When the solo comes, Tess begins to pretend as she sees that Anna is off the stage playing for her. They finish and a man tells them that even though it isn't official, they pretty much won. They are happy, and the two leave. That's right before Jake comes backstage to see Anna.

They just get back and are about to mingle. Tess stops Anna and tells her that before the speeches start, to tell Ryan that she needs to postpone the wedding. She says that they obviously won't change back before the wedding, so if he loves her, he will understand. Tess is crying, and Anna says she knows just what to say.

She goes up to him and instead of saying it personally, starts to make a toast. Anna says that she lost her husband (remember, she's speaking as Tess) 3 years ago and knew that nobody could replace him and nobody can. Then she says that even after she met Ryan, she was mostly worried about her kids' reaction, and now she knows Anna's reaction. She continues in saying about how much she likes and appreciates Ryan now. Tess is crying and then an earthquake hits. They two switch bodies back and Anna welcomes Ryan to the family.

It's the next day now, they got married and are at the reception. Anna and Tess talk and see Jake. Tess sends Anna to talk to Jake. He asks her about the kiss, and she didn't know about it. She says to remind her how she did it. He asks her if he should really do it in front of Tess, and she says her mother owes her and they kiss.

Grandpa tries to get Henry to ask a little girl to dance and he refuses. They argue and the Chinese waitress' mother gives them 2 fortune cookies. The Chinese waitress sees this and knocks them down before they can eat the fortune cookies and the movie ends.

During the credits, Pink Slip performs a song at the reception.


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