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The film starts off on a cold snowy night in Detroit. An El Camino car is following another car around town. The car they are following parks, the driver gets out, and goes inside a liquor store. Inside, we see the driver of the car is Evelyn Mercer (Fionnula Flanagan), a good-hearted sweet old lady. Evelyn is scolding a young boy for trying to steal candy. She tells the clerk to call the police, but we see that they are only playing with the little boy. The boy promises not to steal again, apologizes to the clerk, and leaves for home. Evelyn laughs about it and starts to look for a good Thanksgiving ham to bring home. The two people in the El Camino get out and burst into the store, demanding the money from the clerk. They are dressed in black and have hoods on. We can see that one of the robbers has a goatee and the other robber is obviously black. Evelyn remains unseen and hides from them. When they get the money, they blast the clerk away with a shotgun. They hear Evelyn make a noise and go to where she was hiding. Outside of the store, we hear gunshots and then see the two shooters running away.

The opening credits come up as Bobby Mercer (Mark Wahlberg) is driving back into town. He attends Evelyn's funeral with his brothers, Jeremiah (Andre Benjamin) and Jack (Garrett Hedlund). Afterwards, everyone goes back to Jeremiah's house for the reception. Outside of Jeremiah's house is Lt. Green (Terrence Howard) and Detective Fowler (Josh Charles). Green grew up with the Mercer brothers, and is on good terms with them. He mentions that he's surprised to see Bobby back in town, as no one has seen him in years. Green proceeds to provide some background information on the Mercer family to his partner: All four boys were wards of the state. They didn't have any families and were constantly getting in trouble. Because no one would accept them in foster homes, Evelyn Mercer took all four of them into her own home and adopted them. Green goes on to say that Jeremiah is the only brother to grow up and leave his past behind. He even has a family and his own legitimate business now. Jack is the youngest family member, and is seen smoking a cigarette outside while crying. Bobby and Jeremiah get him inside where it's warm. Green says that Bobby is the oldest and worst Mercer brother, and his presence could mean trouble. Green also makes a note that the fourth brother, Angel (Tyrese Gibson), is absent from the funeral and reception.

In the backyard of Jeremiah's house, Bobby and Jack say hi to Jeremiah's kids. They mention that they are their uncles, but the kids tell them that they are white. Bobby tells them that they were adopted like their father. Green and Fowler go into the backyard and talk to Bobby. Meanwhile inside the house, Jeremiah talks with his wife about Bobby. She thought he said that Bobby wasn't coming, but Jeremiah said that he wasn't sure if he was coming. She doesn't want Bobby in the house, and Jeremiah reassures her that he isn't going to stay there. Green gives his regards to Bobby and mentions that some basketball player saw the two men run out of the liquor store, and that they are looking into it. Fowler is rather cold about the affair, having no emotional connections with the Mercer family. This prompts Bobby to tell him and Green to leave.

Bobby, Jack, and Jeremiah drive that night to the old Mercer home. This is where Bobby and Jack will stay. As they walk onto the porch, Bobby sees Angel sitting there. He gets after him for missing the funeral, but they hug and horse around with each other. Jeremiah opens the front door and it really hits the brothers that their mother is gone. They all walk inside and Bobby tells Jack and Angel that they will be staying in their old rooms, while Bobby will stay in Evelyn's room. Bobby goes to unpack his clothes and such while everyone else does the same except for Jeremiah, who goes to see if they have enough food to have. While in Evelyn's bedroom, Bobby notices everything is in its place. He goes into the bathroom and cries. When he leaves the room, he washes his face to cover up his crying. Bobby walks into Jack's room where he is playing the guitar. Bobby makes fun of Jack for crying, but its all in good faith. Jeremiah also walks into Jack's room and says that he is goi! ng out to get a Thanksgiving turkey. Even though their mother died, they should still celebrate the holiday. Angel also mentions that he is going out to get some fresh air. All the brothers laugh at him, because they can read him like a book. They all know that he is going back to "La Vida Loca", a local Spanish girl who used to be Angel's girlfriend. Angel says that he is not going to see that girl, but in the next scene we see him running with Sofi (Sofía Vergara), aka "La Vida Loca", barely dressed. They are running away from Sofi's current boyfriend, of whom is chasing them in his car and trying to shoot Angel. They escape safely.

Later on, Jack is cooking their meal while the other brothers hang out in the living room. Bobby makes fun of Angel for going back to Sofi, and tells him that he doesn't want her to stay there. Angel tries to tell him that he has real feeling for this girl, but the brothers make fun of him again. Jeremiah tries to watch a football game when Angel starts to throw some things at him, distracting him from the game. One of the things hits Jeremiah in the head, and he dares Angel to throw another one. Angel asks what he's going to do, but Jeremiah dares him again to find out what he will do. Angel throws something at Jeremiah's eye, and Jeremiah gets out of his chair and wrestles with Angel while Bobby is encouraging Jeremiah. It eventually ends with Jeremiah pinning down Angel, and them all laughing about it later.

Dinner is ready, and they all gather to the dinner table to eat. They say grace and start to serve themselves. Quietly they all look at the empty seat where Evelyn would have been. They start to eat. Jeremiah chews with his mouth open and looks at Evelyn's empty seat. He imagines her telling him to chew with his mouth closed and that he isn't a farm animal. Jeremiah corrects himself and sees Angel chewing with his mouth open too. He chastises him for it and says "what, are we on a farm?". Angel then imagines seeing Evelyn and her telling him to keep his elbows off of the table. He then tries to hide his tattooed arm, but Evelyn asks him why hide it. She then shows him that she has a tattoo and Angel smiles. Jack is having a hard time with the dinner. He stares at the table and gets really emotional with the absence of Evelyn. He imagines her telling him to keep his feelings under control and that everything is okay, and that he is safe. The only one who doesn't imagine Evelyn! is Bobby, who stops eating and says that they should all do "The Turkey Cup" now. Angel doesn't want to do it now, but Bobby makes him. The Turkey Cup is their annual hockey game that they play during this holiday. Bobby loves hockey, and so he got the rest of his brothers into the game as well. They play hockey with some other neighborhood friends. Everything is in good spirits, and Jack is working hard to get the puck. Jeremiah talks with his wife on a cell phone, but Bobby snatches it away, puts it on the ice, and smacks it away.

Later on, they all go to a bar and have drinks in memory of Evelyn. Jack gets really drunk and starts babbling on about how he gets girls. Bobby, Jeremiah, and Angel are clear headed though and start to talk about Evelyn's death. Jeremiah thinks they should leave it for the police to figure out, but Bobby and Angel tell him how corrupt the cops are and how they won't find the killers. The bartender comes around to them and starts to talk about how he heard the shooting was gang-related. Bobby wants to know what gang he heard was responsible. Jeremiah tells his brothers "don't call me when you are all shot up" and leaves. He wants to stay a good family man. After they all sober up Bobby, Angel, and Jack go somewhere and pop the trunk. Bobby gives Angel his favorite pistol and grabs a shotgun. Bobby gives Jack a tire iron and makes fun of him. He also gives some gasoline to Jack and orders him to carry it. They all go inside a place where a party is going on (this is where the gang the bartender was talking about is located). The brothers all storm into the place and shout that they are the police, scaring mostly everyone away. They fire a couple of rounds to get more people to run away, and make their way to the back. They get to the gang leader (Mpho Koaho) and douse him with gasoline. Jack fires up a cigarette and Bobby threatens to set him and his remaining crew on fire unless he gets answers. The gang leader says that they weren't responsible, but they know that the witness was lying about seeing the shooters at the liquor store. Bobby thinks he's lying, but the gang leader says that the basketball court lights go off at 10, and the witness says that he saw the shooters at 11, making it impossible for him to be playing basketball at that hour. The brothers take the gang leader for a ride.

They go to the backetball court across the street from the store. Bobby checks his watch. It's a little past 10, and the lights are still on. Bobby and Angel get ready to kill the gang leader when the lights in fact do go off. They let the gang leader go home and wonder why would there be a lying witness. They go back to the family home and discuss their findings with Jeremiah. Bobby makes fun of Sofi, who is by this time staying at the house, and gets her mad. Angel is not amused.

Sometime later, the four brothers go to Evelyn's lawyer. He says that even though he met her once, she left quite an impression on him. The lawyer gives the brothers her safety deposit box with her valuables inside. He leaves to give them time to sort out and divide her belongings. Bobby opens the box and sees a couple of envelopes with Jack and Jeremiah's names on them. The envelopes have their birth certificates in them and detail where they are from and who their parents were. They are happy to finally know, but Angel and Bobby didn't get any envelopes. Bobby searches further and finds a good amount of money. He splits it up evenly between himself, Angel, and Jeremiah. Jack wants some too, but Bobby gives him some jewelry and says that it'll look pretty on him (some more younger brother teasing).

The brothers eventually go to an abandoned parking complex which Jeremiah wants to redo and make his own. While Jack pees on the floor, the brothers ask Jeremiah about how he's going to get the money to make his dream come true. Jeremiah says that it's easy to apply for a loan and get money, and that he's 100% positive that money is not an issue. Later, they go to the liquor store that Evelyn died in and meet the owner. They view the surveillance tape of the incident. Bobby says that it doesn't make sense because they already have the money. There was no need to kill their mom. When it comes to her actual death, they see that she talked to them a little bit before she was shot. When they see it on the monitor, each brother looks away. The brothers ask the owner if he knows who was the "witness" that night, and he tells him that he forgot the name but he recognizes his appearance. He hardly ever wears a jacket, wears a basketball uniform, and has big hair. He plays basketball ! at the nearby community center. The brothers walk outside and Bobby is pissed that their mother was set up. They walk straight to the community center basketball court.

Once inside, they see that there is a basketball game going on. Jeremiah wants to know Bobby's plan, but he tells him that they're winging it. Jack says that they're going to get killed, but Angel says "what do you mean we, white boy?". Bobby sends Angel off in one direction and leaves Jack and Jeremiah where they are. Bobby walks onto the basketball court and takes the ball. A player tries to get it back, but Bobby hits him in the head with the ball and pulls out his gun. This causes a great deal of commotion in the crowd and everyone gets pissed at Bobby. Jeremiah runs onto the court too and tries to calm Bobby down. Bobby says that he's looking for the witness to the shooting, and describes his appearance. Jack is watching the stands and sees a black guy getting real nervous and making his way down the stands. He motions to Bobby that they got their guy, and Bobby thanks everyone for their cooperation. Jack chases the black kid down the hallway, and Angel comes about and corners him. They want to know why he was running, and want to know who the witness was. The kid says that it was his brother, and he's not telling them anymore. Bobby says "what a coincidence" and tells him that he's with his brothers right now. The kid eventually cracks and tells him that his brother's name is Damian (Lyriq Bent), and tells them where he lives. The brothers mention that they wouldn't give up each other for anything, and make fun of his bling bling necklace that he is wearing.

The brothers wait outside Damian's apartment complex in Bobby's car. Jeremiah has to leave because he has to take his little girls to their dance practice. Jeremiah leaves and they make fun of him. Jack, who's in the backseat, sings a little song and draws on the window. While Angel and Bobby talk, Jack thinks he sees Damian. The others look at the guy walking into the apartment complex and decide that he's the guy. They run out of the car and into the complex. Damian is waiting for an elevator when Bobby pulls out his gun and asks if he is Damian. He freaks out and shoots at the brothers, all of whom take cover. The elevator opens and Damian gets in. They try to get in too, but the doors close. Bobby and Angel take the stairs and order Jack to stay there and tell them what level Damian is going. Angel is not in the best shape and has to stop. Bobby keeps on going. Jack sees that Damian got off on level 6, and Bobby runs to level 6. Damian is already at his apartment, and sen! ds his rotweiler dogs onto Bobby. They grab and chomp on Bobby's arm and leg. Angel finally makes it to level 6 and runs off when he sees the dogs. Damian opens his window, ties some rope down, and begins to climb the rope outside. Angel comes back with a fire extinguisher and gets the dogs off of Bobby. They rush into Damian's apartment and see that he is escaping. Bobby says that they just want to talk, but Damian shoots at them. Angel shoots back, and Bobby cuts the rope with a knife, sending Damian to the ground.

Angel, Jack, and Bobby go outside and see that Damian landed hard. His bone is sticking out of his left knee and he can't move. Bobby threatens to leave him there to die unless he tells them why he lied. Damian says that he was paid off by some guys to tell the police the story. Damian, however, knows who the shooters are but won't tell the brothers. They all turn to leave when Damian cracks. He tells them who the shooters were and where he can find them. Bobby, Jack, and Angel go out to a bar where Damian said that the shooters would be. He described them correctly, as we see the goatee shooter sitting at the bar with the black shooter. The brothers are at the door and are looking for them when the shooters get suspicious of them. Jack spots them and the shooters pull out their guns. Bobby pulls out his gun and they try to catch them, but the bar patrons are frantic and trying to escape. Some guy tries to take away Bobby's gun, but he knocks him away and they proceed to give chase. The shooters get in their El Camino and speed off. The brothers get into Bobby's car and follow them. This car chase takes place in a snowstorm and the road is very slippery, especially at their high speeds. Bobby is determined to get these guys now, because they will most definitely lose them for sure if they escape. Angel leans out the window and shoots at the El Camino while the shooters do the same. Bobby runs into the car with his own and does damage to both sides. He does this once or twice more when his front left wheel starts to come off. Time is delicate, as Bobby's car can't last very long. Bobby smashes his car into the El Camino one last time, and this makes the El Camino to flip over and crash. Bobby stops the car and tells Jack to stay there. Bobby and Angel run over to the flipped over car and pull out the shooters. They drag them out into the snow, beat them up a little, and them shoot them both. Jack is shocked by this violent act, and they all leave.

The next day the police arrive, with Green and Fowler being called to the scene. They see the corpses and the car damage. These two were obviously murdered. Green and his partner might have a pretty good idea that the Mercer boys had something to do with this. Back at the Mercer house, Sofi is taking care of Bobby's dog bites when Green and Fowler knock on the door. Jack warns them that its the cops, and Bobby puts on a bathrobe to cover up his wounds. Jack lets the cops in and they walk into the living room, where they see Bobby in a very colorful bathrobe. They question him and the others if they had anything to do with last night. They play dumb and say no. Green says that it is peculiar that the contract killers of Evelyn Mercer turn up dead, shot execution style. Angel asks how they got from robbers to contract killers. Green then notices that blood is trickling down Bobby's hand. He asks him what happened, and Bobby says that he got it from playing hockey outside. Fowler pulls out an evidence bag with a piece of hair and says that they found it at the car wreckage. The hair belongs to Bobby. Bobby laughs off this trick, seeing how it is one of the oldest ones in the cop interrogating book. Angel makes fun of Fowler and they almost fight, but Green breaks it up. He says "you keep knocking on the devil's door, and sooner or later someone's going to answer". He tells the Mercers to be careful and leaves.

Later on Bobby wants to go back to Damian's and see if they can find anything that will help them figure out who was behind the hit. Angel prepares to go with Bobby and Jack when Sofi orders him to stay home. She talks about how bad it is for her and how he doesn't spend that much time with her. Bobby and Jack make fun of both of them and leave for Damian's. Angel closes the door and goes to talk with Sofi. When he finds her, she's sitting on top of the washing machine. She says "it'll be just like when we were 15", and they proceed to have sex on top of it. In the middle of this, someone from the bank comes to the Mercer house. Angel and Sofi stop and get clothed. Angel talks to the guy while Sofi gets upset with Angel about stopping midway sex. In short, the bank guy tells Angel that Jeremiah is bankrupt and he is  receiving 400,000 dollars in the event of Evelyn's death. This gets Angel suspicious of Jeremiah, who receives financial gain from their mother's death.

Back at Damian's apartment, Bobby and Jack continue their search. Bobby pulls off the mattress of Damian's bedroom and finds a cache of guns. Bobby collects them in a bag and goes to see how Jack is doing. Jack is looking through Damian's CDs, and Bobby gets after him for it. However, Jack also finds a digital camera that might help. They leave and go back to their home. Bobby unloads the guns onto the dinner table and wonders how Damian got all these. Jack is fooling around with the camera when he sees that the shooters were following Evelyn around and taking pictures. Jeremiah comes by and sees how they are doing. Angel comes out from another room and obviously doesn't trust Jeremiah much. They all see that there is a picture of Evelyn with her lawyer the day she was killed. This prompts the curiosity, especially since the lawyer said that he only met with her once.

Meanwhile, we go to another part of Detroit and we go inside a fancy restaurant. Inside Evan (Jernard Burks), Charlie (Tony Nappo), and other gangbangers are eating dinner. In walks Victor Sweet (Chiwetel Ejiofor), their leader. Evan and the others order the females with them to go away while Sweet walks in. He gets mad at all of them because he asked for out of town shooters, but they got in town shooters. If the shooters were out of town, there wouldn't be much of a problem. But since they were in town, the police are looking into it and the heat is getting too close. Evan eats a little while Sweet is talking, and this gets Sweet pissed off. He asks him if he's hungry and throws his plate onto the floor. Sweet orders Evan to eat the food off of the floor like a dog, publicly embarassing him. Evan's girlfriend gets mad at this, but Sweet orders her too to eat like a dog. Evan and his girlfriend eat off the floor like dogs.

That night, the brothers decide to check out the lawyer's home for any clues. Angel leaves this time with them, as does Jeremiah, but Sofi is pissed at Angel for going. They leave her at home fuming with anger. They go to the house and Jack gets into the lawyer's computer. They see that in his daily planner that he met up with Evelyn numerous times and don't know why he would lie. Unexpectedly, Sofi shows up in the driveway and honks her car, yelling that there is a robbert going on. Bobby and the others get pissed at her for ruining this for them when the lawyer pulls up into his house. Bobby grabs him and gets him on the snow, asking why he would lie about Evelyn. The lawyer confesses that he was romantically involved with her, and that they didn't want it to be known. Bobby apologizes for breaking into his house and roughing him up a little bit. They leave.

The next day, Angel follows Jeremiah around town. He sees Jeremiah go into a bank with a check for 400,000 dollars. Angel looks into Jeremiah's financial problems and sees that Councilman Douglas (Barry Shabaka Henley) was responsible for Jeremiah going bankrupt. Angel meets up with Jack and Bobby and tells him what he has found out about Jeremiah, and that he wasn't being honest with them. Angel tells Jack and Bobby to go to Douglas to get whatever information they can out of him while Angel will follow Jeremiah some more. Bobby and Jack surprise Douglas in a parking garage and want to talk to him. Douglas says that this isn't the place or time, and walks past them. He enters his car when he notices a funny smell inside. Then he notices that one of his back windows was smashed in and he realizes that the funny smell is gasoline. Jack lights up a cigarette and Bobby threatens to turn Douglass into the "black gingerbread man". Bobby wants to know why he shut Jeremiah down, and! he says that he was ordered to. Bobby demands to know who his boss is, and Douglas cracks and says that it is Victor Sweet. Jack and Bobby leave.

They meet up with Angel at a bowling alley where they talk about Victor Sweet. They talk about how he was small-time a couple of years ago, but now he pretty much runs Detroit. He has connections in congress, the police department, and everywhere. Bobby asks why Angel brought them here to the bowling alley. Angel directs their glance over to a bowling lane, where they see Jeremiah giving Evan a yellow envelope. Jermiah leaves. The brothers go to Evan, who gets visibly scared and tries to get his family to leave. Bobby demands the envelope that Jeremiah gave him, of which Evan gives him. Later in the car, Bobby is near crying and is angry at Jeremiah. He opened the envelope and finds that it is filled with money. They are parked outside of Jeremiah's home, and Angel calls him. He tells him that they need to talk tomorrow morning, and tells Jeremiah to come to the house. Bobby wants to kill Jeremiah right then and there, but Jack and Angel calm him down and they leave.

Later that night Douglas goes to the home of Victor Sweet. He is playing cards with Evan, Charlie, and his other goons. Douglas is visibly nervous and tells Sweet that the Mercer brothers visited him that day. Sweet asks if he gave up his name, and Douglas says no. Sweet says that he could smell it on him the moment he walked in, and orders Douglas to wait at the kiddie table nearby. Douglas sits down at the kids table and the kids ask him if he is in trouble. Suddenly, all the women and children get up and leave. Sweet walks over to Douglas and requests his pistol from one of his goons. Douglas is killed off-screen, and Sweet realizes that the Mercer brothers know too much. Also that night Green is reviewing the surveillance tapes at the police station from when Evelyn Mercer came by. Green sees that Evelyn was greeted by Fowler, and that they talked for an hour before she left. This is strange, though, because Fowler didn't mention anything about this.

The next morning, Jeremiah comes to the Mercer house and asks what they found out. Bobby pushes Jeremiah on the floor and asks him why he killed their mom. Angel punches him in the face and tells him what he found out about his financial problems. Jeremiah is angry that they think he killed mom. He gets up, pushes Bobby back, and punches Angel in the face. Jeremiah then tells them that he had financial problems with starting up his business. Sweet wanted to be Jeremiah's partner in his business, but Jeremiah turned him down (he wants to stay legitimate). So Sweet pulled his strings across town and made it impossible for Jeremiah to get financial aid in his business. Evelyn found out about it and was trying to help Jeremiah with his dream. Jeremiah thinks this is why she was killed. While they continue to talk, the doorbell rings. Jack gets up to answer it. He sees someone in a hooded jacket with their back towards him give him the middle finger and throw a snowball at his fac! e. Jack gets pissed and runs after him.  Bobby realizes that Jack is gone, grabs a shotgun, and runs outside. A parked van opens and tosses the person that Jack is following something. It's a hockey mask. He turns around and shoots Jack in the shoulder. Jack screams in pain. Bobby shoots the guy with the shotgun and kills him. The van opens and numerous people get out. They spray the house with machine guns, and a good amount of the bullets hit Jack in his legs. He can't move and is stuck outside where he screams for Bobby to help him. Bobby has to go back inside and says that he will come for Jack.

Angel and Bobby use the guns that Damian had and fire at their attackers. They kill a good amount of them, but there are still several of them alive. Sofi stays on the floor and takes cover. Jeremiah turns a bit cowardly and tries to run out the back, but a masked man comes in the door first. Jeremiah sneaks up on him and stabs him to death with a kicthen knife. Jeremiah is horrified that he has gone back to this and goes to his car. During this shootout, Jack is choking on his blood in the snow. The masked men fired so much on the house that they created a big hole in the brick part of the house. Angel goes upstairs and fires down on the attackers. Soon enough though, everyone runs out of ammo. Bobby tries to find bullets, but it is to no avail. Angel is empty upstairs, and the last attacker is out too. But the attacker finds another machine gun clip and loads it. Bobby throws a piece of brick at his head and lunges at him. He bashes his head in with a piece of brick. Angel sees that a wounded attacker is getting ready to kill Bobby. Angel jumps from upstairs to the snow covered ground outside and kills the attacker. The van that held the masked men still has the driver left, and he puts the van in reverse on a straight path to run down Bobby. Angel starts to run over to save Bobby. Just before the van can hit them, Jeremiah runs into the van head on, saving both of them. Jeremiah, Bobby, and Angel go to Jack, who's still lying on the ground dying. He coughs up blood and dies very painfully. Bobby cries. He picks up a gun and walks over to the driver of the van. The driver says that Victor Sweet ordered the hit. Bobby lowers his gun. The driver says "thank god". Bobby raises his gun and says "Thank god? You killed my mother and my brother. Thank Victor Sweet!". Bobby blasts the drivers brains out.

The police arrive at the Mercer home. Green wants to know what happened. The remaining brothers are pretty emotional about Jack being killed. Bobby gets mad at Green, but he tells him that he has his own problems. Green has to deal with a dirty cop in his midst, and Angel puts it together that it's Fowler. Green says that he will take care of him in his own way. Green says that he is sorry for Jack's death, and tells the other cops that this incident was an act of "self-defense". Green leaves.

Green visits Fowler while he is playing pool at a bar. He asks him why he didn't tell him that he met up with Evelyn Mercer, but Fowler just says that he didn't think it was important. Green tells him that he should have told him anyways, and Fowler apologizes. He gives Green the pool stick and tells him to give it a shot. Green takes the pool stick and whacks Fowler in the leg with it. Green says that he can't stand dirty cops and takes Fowler's gun and badge. He exits the bar at the back. Fowler limps over to the exit and tells Green that he forgot to tell him something. Green asks what, and Fowler pulls out a hidden gun and shoots Green in the chest. Green drops down and Fowler shoots Green to death. He takes his badge and gun back, and calls on the radio for police backup. He says that two black men shot Green and that he needs an ambulance right away. Fowler even fires off a couple of bullets to make it sound like he's helping. Evelyn filed a police report against Victor Sweet, but she did so with Fowler, of whom works for Sweet. Fowler got rid of the file and alerted Sweet, who ordered the hit.

Bobby goes to Green's funeral, and knows that Fowler was behind it. Jeremiah, Angel, and Bobby discuss killing Fowler, but it would bring down a lot of heat on them for killing a cop. Plus, they still have a contract out on their lives from Sweet. They then discuss a plan. Jeremiah says goodbye to his family, and Jeremiah's wife calls over Bobby to talk to her. She asks Bobby to take care of Jeremiah and make sure he doesn't get hurt. Bobby assures her that he will be fine. Jeremiah goes to Evan's house and tells him that he wants the hit on the Mercer's to be called off. Evan says he can't do anything about it, but Jeremiah offers to give Sweet 400,000 dollars if he complies. They talk a little bit more, about how Jeremiah and Evan were cool with each other back in the day. Then we can't hear them talking, and Jeremiah leaves. He goes back home, and tells him that he's going to meet up with Sweet in a couple of hours. Bobby told him to make it in a couple of days, but Sweet wants to meet Jeremiah in a couple of hours and there's nothing they can do about it. Bobby sends Angel to go somewhere. Angel goes to the house of Fowler and puts a plastic bag over his head, suffocating him. Angel tells Fowler that he knows that he killed Green. Fowler gets out of the bag and breathes again. He asks him what he's going to do about it. No one is going to believe Angel. We see at the police station that Sofi is telling the cops that she overheard Angel talking about killing a cop.

Evan, Charlie, and the other Sweet goons pull up to the Mercer house and ring the doorbell. It's time to go, but Bobby won't let Jeremiah go until he gets word from Angel that Fowler is finished. Angel eventually calls Bobby and tells him that it's okay. He sends Jeremiah with a duffel bag full of the money out of the door. Jeremiah plays it off as putting the money into the bag took a good amount of time. The goons frisk Jeremiah, but see that he is unarmed. They drive off with him, leaving Bobby alone. Angel tells Fowler that he is wearing a wire, and that the police are outside. Fowler calls his bluff, but he looks out the window and sees that the cops are actually outside. Angel talks into his jacket and says that he is bringing Fowler out to them. While trying to get him outside, Fowler breaks free and grabs the gun. Angel is now his hostage.

Jeremiah is getting nervous in the car ride. He asks where they are going, and Evan tells them that they are going to meet Sweet at an iced over lake a good distance away. Fowler walks outside his house and holds the gun to Angel's head. He threatens to kill him. This confuses the cops outside, as they thought Fowler was the hostage. Fowler fires a couple of shots at the cops and is promptly shot in the leg by a cop. Angel breaks free and takes cover. A sniper shoots Fowler in the chest and he dies. Jeremiah and Sweet's goons finally make it to their destination. When they get there, they see there is already another SUV there and there are goons who are making a hole in the lake with chainsaws. Jeremiah asks where Sweet is, but Evan assures him that he's on his way. Victor Sweet arrives in another SUV wearing a fur coat and a white beanie with a white sweater. Jeremiah throws him the bag full of money and wants the hit to be put off. Sweet opens the bag and sees that the mon! ey is all there. Jeremiah said that Bobby was worried that Sweet would kill him right then and there after he gave him the money. Sweet calls for his pistol so that he can kill Jeremiah. However, no one gives him his gun. Jeremiah reveals that he offered the 400,000 dollars to Sweet's crew instead, and none of them help him. Evan calls Sweet a bitch and is happy with this revenge. Sweet assures them that Fowler will show up anytime now and arrest them, but Jeremiah tells him that he's not going to make it. Sweet asks which one of them is going to take him on. "Which one of you is going to take on the champ?". That's when we see in the distance Bobby, walking alone, and ready to kick some ass.

Sweet takes off his coat and raises his hands. Bobby takes off his coat (he's wearing a gray sweater and a gray beanie). The goons form a circle around the two and they proceed to fist fight each other. Sweet gets in some cheap shots, but Bobby beats on him harder. Bobby nearly beats Sweet to death when he stops. Bobby orders the men to throw Sweet in the ice cold water, and they do. Victor Sweet dies. Jeremiah wonders what the cops will think of this, but Bobby tells him that the cops love the Mercers. In the next scene we see Angel, Bobby, and Jeremiah all being beaten up by the cops in seperated interrogating rooms. They try to pull the hair evidence trick on them, but they all say that they had sex with the interrogator's mother last night. They get beaten harder, but are let go. Sofi and Jeremiah's wife are waiting at the station. Jeremiah is let go and hugs his wife. Angel is let go and is kissed by Sofi. Bobby is finally let go and waits to get his belonging from ! the police. While he does, Jeremiah asks if any of them cracked. They all say no, and they all talk about how they said the same thing ("I had sex with your mother last night") and laugh about it. Their plan worked.

The film ends around Christmas, and we see the remaining brothers fixing up their home. Sofi and Jeremiah's wife stop Angel and Jeremiah from working to come inside and relax a little bit. Bobby stays outside and contiunes to work. A hockey puck hits his leg, and he throws it back to Jeremiah's kids and the kids playing hockey. One of the kids asks if their grandma (Evelyn) is coming back, and Bobby tells them no. The kid asks if it is because she is dead, and he tells him yes. They go back to playing hockey. Bobby imagines talking to Evelyn again on the porch. She asks him if he is going to stick around, and he says that he's thinking about it. He makes peace with her and goes inside.

The end.

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