NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by The Matrox who says...“A well balanced movie with the right principles presented…not a critics choice but an entertaining, touching movie nonetheless”

The movie opens with a shot of a guy working in a TV/Video Repair shop in a poor area of Baltimore, MD.  We see Durell (ICE CUBE) fixing a TV and the owner makes small talk that his shop is being robbed an awful lot and asks Durell to double check the security alarm before leaving.  The owner looks over in a security cam and sees LeeJohn (TRACY MORGAN) fiddling and smoking up a nice big screen LCD Flat Panel TV and it looks like he's messing up big time.  We follow Durell into the alleyway where he sees LeeJohn putting the LCD TV into the back of his little car (Gremlin?!) and when Durell tries to stop him, the owner comes around the corner and assumes the two were the ones stealing and fires them on the spot.

We next see LeeJohn and Durell meeting up with some Jamaicans who are explaining what needs to be delivered, when (in 24 hours, they'll be back) and the costs ... it turns out that they've pimped up some wheel chairs and are selling them for $1200 a piece x 10 Chairs... "you do the math" (a sort of catch phrase in the movie).  Just as LeeJohn and Durell are pulling away in the truck, the sign on the truck falls off and a nearby cop car takes notice and follows them.  A hilarious car chase ensues and LeeJohn is freaking out and Durell has no choice but to try and get away because he doesn't want to go back to jail.  Chairs are falling out of the truck and the chase ends with LeeJohn hitting a street cart filled with Crabs for sale.

We next see the two in court where there is a funny exchange between the defense and prosecution.  (The legal aid defense is a black woman and the prosecutor is a short white guy).  The judge goes through their history and the defense attorney continues to plead with the judge because Durell just hasn't gotten breaks in life (even though he tested very high in school) and LeeJohn is a product of the foster care system.  At the chagrin of the prosecutor, the judge orders the two NOT to go to jail but to do 5000 hours of community service...

From the courthouse, the two are just dropped off on the street with orange jumpsuits and a garbage bag... they start to clean up the street when the Jamaican's show up for their money (it's been 72 hours now and they're PISSED!) LeeJohn tells them they'll get the money and of course it's $1200 x 10, "you do the math".  LeeJohn and Durell hear about a dude named Mordecai who gives out loans and that they should meet him at an Asian themed massage parlor where LeeJohn wants a massage while getting the loan... Durell just wants the money and to get out but LeeJohn makes him wait... While Durell is waiting he can hear people having sex and then pressures LeeJohn to find Mordecai and get going... The next seen is probably the funniest in the movie where we see LeeJohn from the perspective below the massage table (you can only see his face) and he's singing old bluesy motown songs while the massage attendant goes to work on him... the masseuse asks LeeJohn if he wants to know her name and LeeJohn is all, "Whisper it in my ear..." and the he hears in a James Earl Jones type deep voice, "MORDECAI!" LeeJohn screams and runs out of the parlor in his children themed red undies... HILARIOUS!

The next morning, we see Durell going to visit his son and ex-wife, Omunique (REGINA HALL)... turns out that Durell has a 10year old son who he walks to school everyday and although the ex-wife doesn't want Durell to be a part of his sons life, he agrees because the son loves his dad so much. Omunique, it turns out has a nice little business of doing women's hair but will be forced to move her shop to Atlanta because the new policy requires her to pay a full years lease and so unless Durell can pay $17,000+ Omunique and his son will be leaving for Atlanta.  On the way to school, the son pleads with dad not to let mom take him to Atlanta... further to this, the son tells dad how much he wants to be like him (IMPORTANT LATER).  The son gets on the bus and leaves for school, while LeeJohn has just shown up with the orange jump suits.

The next scene has them cleaning up the street when they see a woman in a nice, tight outfit going to the local Church for the service.  LeeJohn just follows and Durell of course attends too!  While in the church, because of the way they're dressed, they're escorted to the rear pews and forced to sit according to class... the choir is banging out the hallelujahs while Durell and LeeJohn eat their fill of communion crackers and wine (in those little cups of course).  The pastor then gets up to speak and announces that the church needs to continue to raise funds for the restoration of the Church, while the Deacon goes up next and suggests that they move the Church and build a nicer building in a "safer" location... the congregation seems to disagree but LeeJohn and Durell take notice to see they've raised over $30,000 and what gets the robbing train moving is when the Pastor quotes out of the book of Malachai, "will a man rob God?"

We next see Durell and LeeJohn at a local restaurant where LeeJohn orders an ice water with lemon wedges and 5 packs of sugar (free lemonade) and that's when he brings up the plan to rob the Church and Durell seems to reject the idea until he hears from Omunique that they have to move next week... they decide to go in that night.

Durell and LeeJohn are in their black gear when they get to the Church and it seems that LeeJohn is having second thoughts about this but they still enter the office area where Durell is looking for a safe or something and LeeJohn is spooked that the "white Jesus" keeps starring at him wherever he goes.  They make it into the Pastors office and find the safe.  LeeJohn has some explosives to use on the safe and it doesn't go off on time but later on after they've been discovered by the Deacon of the Church.  Durell orders the Deacon to open the safe to which Sister Doris and her son tell the Deacon the meetings about to start.  The Deacon in his panic, leaves a folder of the Church finances on the Pastor's desk (IMPORTANT LATER) and Durell gives the Deacon a cover story as to why they are there... they all attend the meeting.  When the meeting about the building fund beings, the old woman, Momma T tells everyone that they need to restore the current building while the Pastor's daughter, Tianna (MALINDA WILLIAMS) continues that they should also be doing community outreach programs for children and youth... the Deacon disagrees and butts head with Tianna because he wants to move the Church.  After some bickering the Pastor (CHI McBRIDE) calms everyone down and they pray together... Momma T just goes off on a long prayer and then Durell tries to excuse himself when they hear the choir practicing.  They're not suppose to be there and so the Deacon tries to get them to leave but the choir director, Rickey (KATT WILLIAMS) makes smart alec remarks and things get to shouting and then Durell blasts off a gun and tells them the robbery plan and all they want is the money so they can go.  The Pastor tries to defuse the situation but Durell senses he could be trouble so they tie up the Pastor to a chair.  When Durell and Tianna go to the Pastor's office to get the money, Tianna find the finance folder and looks puzzled as she takes the balance sheet and tucks it away.  They discover the money missing.

While LeeJohn locks up the Church (he ends up not having enough chain and leaves a door open) Durell basically interviews one by one the people in the sanctuary as to the whereabouts of the money.  This goes on for a while when Sister Doris' son pleads to use the washroom and Durell tells LeeJohn to take him (it's clear that Durell doesn't think to academically of LeeJohn and puts him down a lot).  While coming out of the bathroom, LeeJohn tells the kid to tuck in his shirt and the boy responds he doesn't know how... when asked why his parents never taught him, the boy screams that they aren't his parents and then LeeJohn has an emotional connection to the kid as he shares he's an orphan and nobody taught him how to tuck in his shirt neither... LeeJohn tucks the shirt in and they go back.  A moment later, a man walks in and it turns out to be an old man who cleans the church and of course, he's blind and deaf but he's cheap!  The whole time Rickey, the choir director is acting tough but he's really peeing his pants inside and the whole gang is then moved to the basement kitchen where its really hot and the heavy set woman of the choir passes out from the heat to which Rickey suggest she lose weight and he gets booed for that.  Meanwhile, Durell being a handyman takes Tianna and asks her to show him the boiler room so he can get the A/C fixed and everyone can see the good in Durell and LeeJohn.  In the kitchen Sister Doris offers to get the leftover chicken and stuff from the fridge and warm it up for everyone to eat and she reaches out to LeeJohn who explains that his name came from the fact that his mother was dating two guys at the time of his birth and one was named Lee and the other John and they don't know who the father is.  There is a tender moment when Sister Doris reaches out to LeeJohn and asks when his birthday is and since LeeJohn doesn't know, Sister Doris says it's today and they all sing him Happy Birthday and she gives him the cross from around her neck and LeeJohn is VERY touched by all this.

Back upstairs in the sanctuary, LeeJohn tries to persuade Durell to call the whole thing off because he doesn't feel like doing this no more and Durell keeps saying they'll leave when they get the money... just then the old blind man comes in with a duffle bag filled with cash and leaves it for everyone... Durell is about to take this money when Momma T jumps in and tells Durell this isn't  the way to do things and asks about his son... Durell looks in the mirror and remembers his son saying he wants to be like Durell when he grows up... this softens Durell but just as they are about to leave, two cops who are making rounds in the neighborhood spot Durell with a gun in the Church and the jig is up... SWAT team is on the way and the Church people, with the exception of the Deacon are now trying to help Durell and LeeJohn because they see the good in the two of them.  The two end up being caught.

We're back at the court where the judge is dumbfounded over this incident and when the Deacon is called on to testify, he states that they nearly ran away with $64,000 and now things become clear because Tianna saw the figure in the balance sheet to read $32,000... The Deacon had taken the money and put it in Escrow to grow with interests so he can later use it as a down payment on the land for a new building in a safer area.  All the Church members are there in the courthouse and they stand up for Durell and LeeJohn.  Since the main witness for the prosecution, the Deacon is of questionable character, the charges are dropped and the two are set free.

The next day, when Durell shows up at Omunique's, the Jamaicans show up and demand payment but let them go when he mentions that he's here to see his son whom he'll never see again... When the door opens, Omunique is demanding to know where the money came from and if Durell stole it... turns out, a duffle back containing $17,000+ was left on the doorstep so the family doesn't have to move to Atlanta and the final scene is everyone at the Church for the official opening of the restored building plus a new Outreach Centre built across the street for Children and Youth.  Everyone is joyous and the hallelujahs ring loud as the movie ends!