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The movie starts off with surveillance footage of the Stanfield family showing that they are being followed and monitored of their every move. Jack Stanfield (Harrison Ford) goes to work saying goodbye to his wife Beth (Virginia Madsen) and his daughter Sarah and son Andrew. Andrew was playing with his remote toy car and the frequency was interrupting his sister's TV. (Important later). Jack takes the toy and promises to fix the remote tonight.

Jack is a security specialist at a bank shows off his knowledge in the field by demonstrating to a young intern how to keep hackers from attempting to hack into their systems. Jack and his secretary, Rebecca (played by Mary Lynn Rajskub) seems to have a good relationship. They make jokes; she brings him coffee and keeps him up to date with the schedules and meetings.

Jack had to attend a meeting that has started already. In there, a merging of the company is in order. They send in a new representative (Robert Patrick) to monitor everything from top to bottom including Jack's department, which Jack doesn't take so well, and he rudely exits the meeting.

We meet another co-worker Allan, who asks Jack to meet him for dinner with a businessperson for a new case. Jack asks his wife Beth if he could come in a little late for their pizza night. The client that Jack is to meet with is Bill Cox (Paul Bettany) and he proposes a few irrelevant cases, which Jack is uninterested in so he cuts the dinner short to get home to his wife. Just as they part outside the restaurant, and Jack enters his car, Bill jumps into the back seat and showed phone pictures of his family being held hostage.

At the same time, at home, where his wife is working and the kids are hanging out, the pizza man comes in and bolts the door open along with four guys with guns and high-tech gadgets. They tie the family up and take pictures but are actually really gentle to them. At the same time, the other crewmembers set up their gadgets and place surveillance cameras in almost every corner of the house and settle in.

Jack is still confused about the whole situation and not really sure what they want. They go home and are actually treated really nicely by Bill and the gang. However, warnings are given, and when Jack lies, he is hit in the head to show that they are serious.

Bill explains to Jack that all he had to do was get them through the banks security system and wire one hundred million dollars into their accounts and the family will be set free.

Jack tries numerous attempts to warn the police or escape, but he is caught and for each attempt, a more serious punishment comes. We see Bill turn from gentleman to a cold-blooded man.

On the first day, Jack needs to wear a tiny camera in a pen and accesses himself into the vaults and even bring Bill along as they are working a business deal. Jack explains that there is no way into the system he built, but Bill was threatening the lives of Jack's kids.

At one point, Bill feeds Andrew a cookie, which consists of dairy that Andrew is allergic to. When Andrew goes into shock, Bill stands there holding the medication and won't give them to Jack unless Jack promises to find anyway he can to get into the system.

Jack sits in his home office and thinks of ways to hack into the system. He sees the remote control car in his office and tells Beth and the kids to pretend they are sleeping. At exactly nine o-clock they are to head out the secret tunnel that leads to the garage and get out of there. Jack turns on the remote car and it scatters the feed to the cameras around the house, and chaos results but the family is still caught. This time, Bill is really mad. He decides to have a person guard each individual family member and watch his or her every move.

This is when Jack sees his scanner and comes up with the idea that he can actually go down to the vault room, use the computer there and ask to reboot the system as a security protocol. When the system is being rebooted, the bank account numbers will appear from the largest sums to the smallest in order, and during this time, Jack will use a device from his scanner and scan the top bank account numbers and use that to extract ten thousand dollars from the top richest clients to get that hundred million dollars.

The next day, Jack does everything as planned, but is tailed by the new security representative who gets close but still, Jack gets away (Jack even went to the security room to erase all the footages of himself accessing through the vaults.

This is when Jack realizes that after getting the money for Bill, there is no way that they will let them live since they've all seen their faces. As a security measure, while Jack is transferring all the funds to Bill's offshore accounts, he takes a picture with a camera phone of all the account numbers that he retracted from the systems.

By this time, the crewmembers in the house have already cleared out and have wiped away any evidence. They take the family away, including their little puppy.

Jack decides to go to his co-worker Allan for help but Bill gets to him first and kills Allan. Jack was hiding in the back room of the apartment and saw the entire murder without being noticed. The gun that is used to shoot Allan is actually Jack's gun from his house. Also, earlier, Beth was held at gunpoint to leave a scripted message to Allan's phone, hinting an affair. Bill has also changed Jack's record to show a (fake) gambling debt. Jack is the only one with the access into the vault. Bill's plan is to show that Jack found out about the affair that his wife was having with his Allan so he shot Allan and later on, supposedly killed himself too.

Jack turns the table and kills one of the crewmembers left behind that was responsible for killing Jack.

Jack takes the member's phone and holds onto it. He immediately goes to his secretary's apartment and asks for her help. She provides everything he needs and they go to the bank at the airport, since it tends to close late.

At the bank, the teller thinks it is a robbery so she rings the alarm but there is enough time for Jack to bring out the account numbers he took with the camera phone. He threatens Bill that the money will be gone. As Bill and his crew were en-route to their getaway, they stop to check on their accounts, which are completely gone. Jack is using the money as an exchange for his family.

While Jack is on the phone, he hears his family in the background along with their puppy. Jack remembers attaching a GPS tracking device to the dog's collar so that they can know exactly where the dog is in case he gets lost. With the device, Jack is able to follow their trail and they end up in a deserted house near a lake and call the police.

Jack enters the house alone and takes on the rest of the (military-trained) crews and puts an axe into Bill's back after an intense struggle.

The last scene, we see the family and the dog walking towards the secretary as they wait for the police to arrive.

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Jack uses the GPS tracker in his dog's collar to find where Bill has taken his family.  Jack kills Bill, and everyone in Jack's family (including the dog) survives.