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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by HorrorFreak889 who says... "New Yorkers beware!! They diss our Yankees so bad in this movie!! Other than that, it's a great comedy"

The movie starts out in 1980. We see a young Ben (who later grows up to be Jimmy Fallon), sitting in the car with his uncle Carl who is a Red Sox baseball fanatic. The next few shots are of Ben growing up and basically going to every Red Sox game at Fenway Park. Ben's uncle eventually dies and Ben is pretty lonely. Growing up was hard for him. He found a new ‘uncle’, which is the Red Sox. Before the uncle died, he bought young Ben a Red Sox history book.

We go to the present time and see Ben all grown up (Jimmy Fallon) He is a 9th grade math teacher. There are various shots of his apartment and pretty much everything is Red Sox related. We see the Red Sox history book on his shelf next to his bed that he received as a young kid. He still cherishes it to this day.

Cut to Ben bringing a few kids from his class on a field trip to business buildings in the city of Boston. They walk in and Ben is explaining things about economics and sales. They meet a businesswoman named Lindsey (Drew Barrymore), who works in the building and will be showing them how real life business' work.

After the field trip all the kids in the class say how Lindsey was really hot. Ben seems to think so too. One of the kids tells Ben that he should ask Lindsey out. Ben refuses at first, and the kids tease him. A little while later Ben goes back up to Lindsey's office and they talk. Ben is really nervous and jumpy. After a short chat, Ben asks her out but she says no.

The next day Ben explains to his friends about how Lindsey said no. One of his friends tell Ben that he should ask her again sometime. We go to Lindsey and she’s with her friends Robin (Kadee Strickland) and Sarah (Marissa Jaret Winokur) at the gym working out. Sarah says how Lindsey is a workaholic and never dates any good guys. Sarah and Robin suggest to Lindsey that she should go out with Ben. Cut to Lindsey at work. Ben walks in her office and they begin to talk. They decide to have a first date together.

A couple of days pass and we see Ben arriving at Lindsey's apartment. He knocks on the door with flowers. We hear Lindsey inside moaning and crying. She comes to the door and she is very sick. She said the night before she went to a new restaurant and feels that she has food poisoning. Lindsey apologizes and then runs to throw up. Ben decides to stay and take care of her. He cleans up her apartment a little. The next morning Lindsey wakes up and she is much better. Ben rented her a few movies. They begin to flirt and they realize how much they have in common.

A few days later we see Lindsey and Ben out for lunch. They are becoming a closer couple. Ben talks to her about how he lost his uncle as a kid. He then grew up loving the Red Sox baseball team. We go to Lindsey and her friends at an indoor rock-climbing place. Robin starts to climb while Lindsey spots her. Lindsey talks about how her and Ben have been dating for a few weeks. She says he is great but his obsession with the Red Sox is a little annoying, but she can learn to deal with it. Suddenly, Lindsey takes her eyes off from spotting Robin, and Robin falls (a good laugh here).

MARCH 2004
We see Lindsey and Ben in the park barbecuing. Lindsey says how Easter is coming soon and every year she takes a drive to her parent’s house. She would like it if Ben could join her. Ben says that he would like to, but every Easter he and some friends drive down to Florida to see the Red Sox practice. It's a tradition for him. Lindsey understands. They begin to talk about the whole Red Sox obsession. Ben says that he has never missed a Red Sox game at Fenway Park.

They talk about other things and begin to flirt. Ben kneels down and pulls out a small black box (looks like a wedding ring). Lindsey thinks Ben is going to propose to her. Ben opens the box and inside are two Red Sox tickets to the opening game. "Lindsey, would you go to opening game with me?" She accepts and laughs.

We next see Ben and Lindsey arriving at Robin's party. Ben is introduced to all of Lindsey's friends. Ben and Robin's husband hit it off right away. Robin's husband is a big Red Sox fan. The party ends and Robin and Lindsey talk. "Something is not right" Robin says. She says that Ben is a great guy but questions why he isn't in a relationship.

Time goes by and we see Ben and Lindsey at opening game. Ben has the same seats every time he goes to a Red Sox game. He made friends with all the people sitting around him. Lindsey is clueless about the Red Sox so Ben fills her in. He explains how the Red Sox were on fire right before Babe Ruth was sold to the Yankees. Since then, the Sox haven't won a world series. It has been labeled "The Curse" ever since.

One of Ben's baseball friends sitting behind him makes fun of the Yankees pretty bad. Lindsey and Ben talk about and Lindsey really starts to understand how obsessed Ben is. She explains how she has seen his apartment, covered in Red Sox items from Red Sox Bath towels to Red Sox glasses and ready for this...Yankees toilet paper (Pissed me off because I'm a New Yorker. Everyone in the theater booed at this scene, but it was hilarious)

The next day, we see Ben in his apartment with his friends. Ben gets a package in the mail. All his friends surround him and in the package are Red Sox tickets for the whole season. Lindsey stops by. Ben gives Lindsey a Red Sox jacket. A couple of days pass and it's Easter weekend. We see Lindsey at her parent's house. She tells her mom about Ben and hopefully one time she can meet him. Lindsey goes in the living room and sits down with her dad. He turns on ESPN and Ben appears on the screen. He and a bunch of other screaming fans are being interviewed about how much they love the Red Sox. Ben is asked where the Sox rank in his life. His response "Red Sox, Sex and Breathing" Lindsey's dad says "Wow can you believe that guy?" The camera zooms into Lindsey's surprised face.

JUNE 2004
Cut to Lindsey and Ben at another game. Lindsey is starting to get into Red Sox. The Sox start to win and they both scream in joy. After the game, they head back to Ben's apartment and they... well, have a romantic night. The next morning, Lindsey says how important it is for Ben to meet her parents. Ben says that he can't miss the game tonight. Lindsey convinces him because she reminds him of all the times she missed work to go to a game with him.

That night as they are getting ready to meet the parents, Lindsey looks through Ben's closet and sees that every shirt is Red Sox related. We go to Lindsey and Ben out with Lindsey’s parents for dinner. The Dad says that he is into golf but can never get into the local country club because it's always booked. A man walks into the restaurant and says how the Sox are winning. Ben covers his hears because it kills him that he isn't at the game.

JULY 2004
We go to Lindsey and Ben at another Red Sox game. Lindsey is on her laptop. She says that she has been missing way too much work. Ben is annoyed at the fact that she isn't watching the game. One of the guys on the Red Sox team hits a ball and it goes flying...right into Lindsey's face. Ben and the rest of the crowd go wild. It takes him a while to realize that she is knocked out cold.

That night, Ben and Lindsey are in bed. She has a huge bump on her forehead. She tells Ben that she can't go to Red Sox games anymore. Ben gets annoyed.

The next day, Ben is teaching his class. The class lets out and Lindsey stops by. She says how she has to go away on business to Paris and Ben can go with her. Ben agrees. Lindsey says that they are leaving tomorrow. Ben looks at the Red Sox calendar and he says he can't because a big game is coming up. Lindsey storms out of the classroom.

Ben follows her. She says that she has sacrificed so much for him. Ben then agrees to go to Paris. Lindsey says that she is late. Not late for work, but late for her period. There is a chance she may be pregnant. The two hug. That night, Lindsey calls Ben and says she got her period. We see Ben walk over to the little baby Red Sox clothes that he just bought.

Lindsey and Ben come home from a romantic night out. They go lay down in bed. It seems that Ben is getting over his Red Sox obsession a little. Ben tells Lindsey that it is the best night of his life. Lindsey offers to make a little midnight snack for Ben. Ben sits up in bed and turns on the TV. He sees that he just missed the biggest Red Sox game. ESPN is interviewing people. One of the fans yells out "If you missed this game your insane!"

Ben then starts to freak out and runs in the kitchen to tell Lindsey he missed the biggest game ever, so this is the worst night of his life. Lindsey says, "wait a second, two minutes ago it was the best night of your life, not it's the worst?" They start to fight and Lindsey runs in her room crying.

The next day Lindsey is at her apartment with another guy. Ben shows up and tries to apologize but Lindsey says that unless Ben gives up the Sox, she can't be with him because it is affecting their relationship. She says that she feels like she is someone she's not - by missing work to go to the Red Sox games every day. She adds that she has sacrificed so much for Ben but he hasn't sacrificed anything in return. Lindsey slams the door and Ben walks away sobbing.

Cut to Ben all depressed coaching a school baseball team. One kid comes up to him and tries to give him advice. Ben yells out "What are you Dr. Phil get out of here!" We then cut to Ben at a few Red Sox games with Robin's husband. The Sox are winning.

We see Ben is very depressed, lying around his apartment while fast food containers are everywhere. We see Lindsey at work. She misses Ben but is doing great at work. She might get a promotion she has been wanting for a long time.

Lindsey, Robin and a few other friends go out to dinner. Robin gets a call from her husband saying that Ben is going to give next seasons tickets to him and Ben will give up loving the Sox. Lindsey hears this and freaks out. She feels that she has been so unfair to Ben. Lindsey's friend from work shows up and Lindsey got the promotion. There is a party back at her office. Lindsey runs to her office.

Cut to Ben and Robin's husband watching the final game. Sox are winning; Ben shows no sign of excitement. Robin's husband pulls out a contract saying that Ben will give next season’s tickets to him. All of Ben's baseball friends tell Ben he is a fool for doing it. Ben looks over the contract. Cut to Lindsey and she is at her office. She is discussing how she is happy about the promotion. She then stops, and thinks of Ben. She now feels really bad that Ben gave up what he truly loves to be with her. She runs out of the office and arrives at Fenway Park.

We cut to Ben who signs Robin's husband's contract. Lindsey manages to get some tickets, however she can't find Ben. She looks across the field and spots Ben. Lindsey jumps over, and runs across the field. She meets up with Ben and Kisses him. "Don’t give up your tickets, I can learn to except that you love the Sox", Lindsey says. She then adds that she doesn’t want Ben to be depressed just to be with her. The two kiss and make up.

The camera zooms out and in a voice over Ben's uncle says that everything worked out well. The Red Sox won the World Series and the curse was broken. We see Lindsey and Ben run out onto the field as everyone celebrates the Sox's championship.

The uncle also tells us that Ben and Lindsey finally had their baby.

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