"A thirtysomething man who still lives with his parents falls in love with the woman of his dreams and begins to suspect she has been hired by his parents as a way to get him out of the house. "

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NOTE: This Spoiler was sent in by Kristin.

The movie opens with Trip (Matthew McConaughey) and Melissa on a dinner date. Things seem to be going well, until Melissa sees an elderly couple sharing dinner and it prompts her to ask Trip, “Where is our relationship going?” Trip says that he sees it going back to his place that night.

They get to “his place,” a lovely two-story home. While they're in the heat of passion in Trip's bedroom, Trip's dad Al (Terry Bradshaw) walks in without knocking. Melissa flips out that Trip still lives with his parents and storms out. Trip doesn't seem too upset about it and they also show Al and Trip's mom, Sue (Kathy Bates) listening to her leave as if it's a common occurrence. The next morning you can see why Trip doesn't want to leave his parents' house. While he's in the bathroom, Sue makes his bed, vacuums his room, picks up his dirty clothes and leaves his clean laundry for him. She also makes him pancakes, eggs, and bacon for breakfast. Trip meets up with his buddies, Demo (Bradley Cooper) and Ace (Justin Bartha). They also still live with their parents. While they do yoga, Trip reveals Melissa left him the night before. Turns out, whenever Trip feels a girl is getting too serious in the relationship, he lets her find out he still lives at home and that's when the girl usually leaves him. Ace says that Trip is scared of love, while Demo and Trip seem to agree that living with their parents should be admired-not criticized.

Cut to Al and Sue at a barbecue with other people their age complaining that Trip won't move out. All of the other people there have adult children living at home too-except the couple hosting the barbecue. They admit that their son, Dougie, moved out and they couldn't be happier. Al and Sue ask how they got him to move out and they explain they introduced him to “the right woman.”

Next, Al, Sue, and Trip are in a furniture store. Al and Sue are arguing about what recliners to buy when Paula (Sara Jessica Parker) walks in and catches Trip's eye. He walks over to where she is settling into a recliner and closing her eyes. He asks what she's doing and she explains she comes into the store everyday to relax for 20 minutes. Paula gets Trip to ask her out and they make a lunch date.

Their date is lunch on a docked sailboat that Trip claims to own. Just as they start to eat, Trip starts panicking and throws their food overboard. Turns out, he's just a boat dealer and the actual owner is coming down the dock. Trip and Paula cover pretty well as Paula pretends to be interested in buying the boat. Trip is impressed she knows boat lingo and everything.

The next scene shows Paula meeting with Al and Sue. It's revealed that Al and Sue have hired her to motivate Trip to move out. Paula is the same woman that Dougie's parents hired to get him to move out. She thinks that men still living at home lack self-esteem so she establishes a relationship with the man, builds his confidence up and they move out of their parents' house. Paula has a set of rules she follows while doing her job. She pretends to like what the guy likes, she allows him to help her through a crisis, she meets his friends, and she lets him teach her something.

In the meantime, we also meet Paula's roommate, Kit (Zooey Deschanel). Kit is completely annoyed by a mockingbird outside her window and she seems to also have a drinking problem. Also introduced is a little boy named Jeffrey (Tyrell Jackson Williams) who Trip says is his nephew.

Throughout the movie, Trip, Demo, and Ace are doing various exercise activities (biking, surfing, etc.). All the while, docile animals keep attacking Trip. He gets bitten by a chipmunk and attacked by a dolphin.

In the “help through a crisis” part of Paula's plan, she pretends that she's getting her dog put to sleep. During the “meet his friends,” segment, Paula impresses Demo and Ace with her paintball abilities (and Ace also takes a liking to Kit). Trip teaches Paula to sail also. Eventually, he gets worried things are getting serious so he takes her home to meet Al and Sue. She plays it cool and acts like it's not a problem that he lives at home. That night, she sleeps with him while Al and Sue are in the house. Paula is beginning to fall for Trip.

Paula takes on a new client (Patton Oswalt) and is meeting with him at a coffee shop where Ace sees them. He thinks Paula is cheating on Trip, so she explains what is going on. In order for Ace to keep quiet, she promises him a date with Kit. On Ace and Kit's date, he tells Kit he has a BB gun and can probably help her with the mockingbird problem. There's a hilarious scene where they shoot the mockingbird but then freak out and save it by doing CPR on it. They end up having sex afterwards.

At a baseball game with Trip, Demo, and Jeffrey, Paula is really enthusiastic about the game. Trip takes Jeffrey to get ice cream and Demo lets Paula know that Ace told him everything. Demo explains that Jeffrey is not Trip's nephew, but he's the son of the woman that Trip was supposed to marry-until she died. Paula feels awful and decides she needs to quit the job due to ethics.

The next scene, however, shows Demo telling Trip everything. He tells Trip that he told Paula about his fiancé and about how Paula was hired by Al and Sue to date Trip. That night, Trip makes a big dinner for Paula, Al and Sue and makes a speech about he and Paula moving in together. He wants Paula to move into Al and Sue's house with him. He then reveals that he knows everything and storms out of the house. Paula tries to stop him, but he never wants to see her again.

Trip is moping around for a couple weeks and the guys convince him to go rock-climbing. While rock-climbing, Trip is bitten by a vegetarian lizard and falls 40 feet. When he comes to, Demo says that the reason these docile animals are attacking him is because Trip's not following the path nature wants him to. The guys want him to get back together with Paula. Trip stops at his parents' house to pick up some things and he makes up with them. Al is enjoying his “naked room,” by walking around naked and taking care of his aquarium. He couldn't have the naked room while Trip was there. Sue explains that she's a little scared of not having Trip there as a buffer between she and Al.

Paula, in the meantime, is moving to Colorado. Al, Sue, Kit, Ace, Demo, and Jeffrey all have a meeting to make a plan to get Paula and Trip together. The day that Paula is leaving, Kit offers to take her to the airport. On route to the airport, they stop at Ace's house and Kit locks Paula inside. Trip is tied up in the closet with tape over his mouth. The two are forced to talk. Ace has set up cameras in the room so everyone can watch on the Internet. Ace, Demo, and Kit are watching on a laptop at a café and Al, Sue, and Jeffrey are watching at home. People in the café are becoming curious, so Ace hooks it up to broadcast on the big-screen at the café. Paula and Trip make up and everyone is happy.

The final scene is of Paula and Trip sailing on Trip's new boat the “Miss Paula.” Paula turns the boat too fast and knocks Trip overboard. While Trip is in the water, a dolphin approaches and Trip is obviously freaked out from his previous meeting with a dolphin. Instead of attacking Trip, the dolphin lets him pet him and swims around him happily. Trip is now following nature's course so all is right with the world!

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