NOTE: This spoiler sent in by Frugal Wife.

The movie starts with the last game of the season, one they need to win to have a winning season and they lose. Coach Grant Taylor has six years with Shiloh Christian Academy all losing seasons. The next school year starts and Coach Taylor finds out his best player has transferred to a different school to get more recognition. He sees Mr. Bridges walking in the halls, Mr. Bridges touches the lockers of the students praying for them. Coach replies that Mr. Bridges has been praying for the kids and a revival since before Coach Taylor was there.

A new boy, David Childers, who just transferred in from another town loves soccer, but SCA has no soccer team, so his dad gets him to try out even though the team has a kicker already. Dad is paraplegic, but has a great attitude he tries to teach his son. David asks he father why God made him so small and the Dad tells him it is so God can show how much he can do through David. Coach allows him to try out, and he learns to get it over the goal barely. Assistant coach tells Coach Grant he shows promise and allows him to stay on the team.

They start the season by losing the game they were hoping to win. His car won't start and his wife is supportive and tells him to get jumper cables, then hides under the seat so no one can see her. Coach Taylor is having a hard time, his car is a junker and won't start half the time, his house literally stinks (the wife can't find of the source of it either), the dryer is broke, the stove broke, and in general it is Murphy's Law (If anything can go wrong, it will.). His wife, Brooke, wants to see a specialist to find out why they haven't been able to conceive as they have been trying for four years. He agrees to this.

They lose the first three games and Coach finds out some of the parents are trying to have him replaced and hire his assistant coach. He then finds out from the doctor that they probably wont' be able to have children due to a problem with him. He comes home and breaks down with his wife. She wakes up at 3am to find he hasn't come to bed, but is studying his Bible. She begins praying for him.

The next morning she wakes up and he is outside praying. He asks her if they can never have children will she still praise God? She just looks sad and hugs him. Coach Taylor goes to school and reprimands one of his players, Brady, for not obeying his father and tells him he should listen to him, the kid smarts off that his Dad doesn't even like the coach and Coach tells him it doesn't matter. Coach Taylor starts a new team philosophy that they should give God their best in all areas and praise God if they win or lose. He gets Brock to do the "Death Crawl" where he goes across the field with a guy on his back, the coach told him he could go 50 yards, Brock said 30 and Coach blindfolds him and he goes the whole 100 yards. Coach tells him to look at what he can do with a 140 pound man on his back and he needs to be a leader on the team. Kid interrupts and says he weighs 160 pounds.

The next day one of the teachers comes and gets him and brings him out to the football field and tells him the student he chewed out, Brady, accepted Jesus the Christ as his savior in class and it snowballed to most of the students. There are quite a few small groups out praying for salvation. Coach Taylor is overwhelmed. Brady asks him to drive him to talk to his father as he needed to ask for forgiveness. Brady talks to his Dad in front of another person, who later tells the Dad that he would give his right arm to hear his son say that. Dad looks out and sees Coach Taylor driving Brady back to school. (IMPORTANT LATER).

They win the next game and in practice he tells them to build a stone wall. This is important later. He refers to the Bible where Nehemiah had only a few days to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem. Each family was to work on the wall in front of their home. He tells them to build a stone wall for him. They start winning all of their games. Brady and his Dad steal the coach's junk car and replace it with a brand new truck. The Dad tells the kid not to tell and he is respectful. They watch while Coach Taylor realizes it is a gift and he has no idea who sent it.

They win the rest of the games and go onto the state championships. They lose the game to go to state and find out later that the other team was playing two ineligible 19 year old. Shiloh Christian Academy faces the Richmond Giants. Shiloh as 32 players and Richmond has 85. The game is tough and they manage to hang in, which really upsets the coach for the Giants, who thought the game would be easy. They are close in score and the kicker is tackled after he has kicked and has a broken collar bone. Coach Taylor is very upset. Brock is totally worn out and Coach Taylor tells him now is when you lead and asks for four more downs. Richmond has the ball at the goal line and Brock tells the team to build a stone wall. They hold off the score much to the amazement of all there. The ball is intercepted and Shiloh runs it down to the 40 yard line and Coach Taylor running out of time calls for a field goal. David is very pessimistic and tells Coach he can't make it. They are out of time outs and the Coach for the Giants calls a time out. Coach Taylor runs out to tell David that with God all things are possible and to let God help him kick the ball. David agrees and when he looks to the goal, his Dad is standing behind it! (Leaning on the fence, with both hands up for a goal.) Just then the wind changes direction, so instead of kicking into the wind, he is kicking with it. He kicks so hard David lands on his back, but the kick is good! Shiloh wins the state championship. They praise God in the locker room for the victory against the Giants.

Coach Taylor goes home and is totally overwhelmed that they won, his wife then tells him she is pregnant and they both cry with joy.

You see Coach Taylor playing with a little boy on his lap. There are two state championship trophies on the wall, and his wife is pregnant again.