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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Nemesis08x who says... "Eurotrip is from the makers of Road Trip and Old School... I loved it... Best comedy so far this year"

The movie starts out with Scotty (Scott Mechlowicz) and his friends Cooper (Jacob Pitts), Jenny (Michelle Trachtenberg) and her twin geeky brother Jamie (Travis Wester) graduating from High school. Scotty's girlfriend Fiona (Kristen Kreuk) tells him she doesn't want to be together anymore. Scotty is totally upset and thought she was the one but she isn't. Cooper tells Scotty that there is a party that night and he thinks Scotty should come.

We see Scotty on his computer at home right before the party and Cooper walks in and sees Scotty e-mailing his pen pal from Germany named Mieke. Scotty thinks Mieke is a guy because if you pronounce it, it is like "Mike". Cooper says that Scotty should forget about Mieke because he thinks it's some old man looking for gay love so Scotty writes a nasty letter to Mieke.

Scotty and Cooper go to the party and meet Jenny and Jamie who say that they're leaving for Paris, France the next morning. We see Finoa at the party hanging out with her rock band boyfriend. The boyfriend sings a song called "Scotty Doesn't Know" which is based on how Finoa cheated on Scotty ever since they were together. Scotty is totally upset and leaves the party with Cooper. We see Scotty wake up the next morning and he sees his brother reading his e-mail and the little brother says that Mieke has blocked Scottys e-mail account and he is reading some old e-mails between Scotty and Mieke. The little brother asks why Scotty wrote a nasty letter to Mieke and Scotty says it was because Mieke is a guy and the little brother says "No, Scotty...Mieke is German for a girls name" Scotty pulls out a picture of Mieke and her friend and says that he screwed up and he wants to visit Germany and see Mieke.

Cooper joins Scotty on the vacation. The two don't have too much money so they can only afford to fly to London but Cooper says that it is ok, they will make it to Germany fine. We next see the two in London and since the bus doesn't leave for Berlin, Germany until the next morning they should hang out in London. The two go to a bar where they find a British sports team getting drunk.

The team, Scotty and Cooper all get along great and we next see Scotty and Cooper waking up on a British bus going to Paris.

Scotty and Cooper want to meet up with Jenny and Jamie since they're in Paris anyway. Cooper calls Jenny and the four meet up. Jenny and Jamie say that they want to hang out together since it could be there last summer together since there going to college in the fall.

The four buy train tickets to take them to Amsterdam but since the train doesn't leave until the next day the four want to chill in Paris. Jamie says that there is a nude beach not too far and the four will go there. The 3 guys go and look for nude girls but only find nude guys looking for nude girls.

Jenny shows up at the nude beach and the nude guys go crazy and chase the four.

Next we see the four in a seating compartment on the train and a Spanish guy walks in who is obviously gay. The gay guy sits next to Jamie and tries to have sex with him.

The four throw the guy out of the compartment.

They finally reach Amsterdam and they split up looking for fun. Cooper goes to a sex place called Club vandersexxx where he gets chained up and sex tortured by strong men and a hot girl. Jamie goes to a camera shop and meets a girl and they have sex in the back alley and Jamie gets robbed by some man. Jenny and Scotty go to a bar and get hash brownies and get really hyper but when they eat them all the bartender says there not real hash brownies which is a disappointment for the two

The four meet up the next day and Jamie says that he got robbed so he doesn't have the train tickets or any money. The four walk on the highway and get a ride from a weird old man. The old man hardly speaks German and says that he will take them to Berlin but the man takes the kids to a very poor city which is close to Berlin. The four are stranded with $1.38 to their name but its American money so they can get far in Europe with the money.

We see the four kids at a rich hotel with tons of food getting pampered. The next day the four arrive at Berlin. Scotty goes to Mieke's apartment only to find out that she is in Rome on a tour. The four go to Rome. Scotty meets up with Mieke and Scotty says that he loves her and wants to be with her. Mieke is shocked and happy that Scotty came to see her.

The next day Jenny, Scotty and Cooper go to leave Europe but Jamie wants to stay in Europe and become a tourguide.

3 months later....

We see Scotty moved into his dorm room at college. Jenny and Cooper hook up and also go to the same college as Scotty. Scotty's new roomate is Mieke.

During the credits VERY funny outtakes are shown


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