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The movie starts with the scene of a wolf moving slowly through snow-covered branches of Siberian pine trees. Then the little boy is shown aiming at it from the distance with a hunting rifle. A horse is seen, that is apparently a bait for the wolf. As the wolf advances this boy's grandfather who is next to him encourages him to shoot. The youngster misses, and the wolf attacks the horse, ripping it apart. The boy's grandfather takes the rifle and shoots the horse while the boy is crying.

Then the title and some credits appear and afterwards there is a scene showing lots of Russian soldiers riding in the cargo cars of the train towards, as the subtitles show, 1942 Stalingrad.

Young Russian infantry soldier (Jude Law) is watching a civilian girl (Rachel Weisz) reading a book . As the train stops they exchange brief look and then she leaves the train. Once his platoon arrives to the dock from which troops depart towards the siege city, the interesting depiction of Russia during the war starts.

Infantry (pehota) is moving in the mud towards their gunboats, under bombardment of enemy airplanes (Luftwaffe). Some of them are attempting to desert and are shot on sight by their commanders while others are killed by explosions and machine guns. They land almost like in "Saving Private Ryan" and are immediately directed towards the urban battlefield. Soldier are given 1 rifle for every 2 men (to save the resources) and Jude Law , obviously isn't given one.

Soldiers are encouraged to attack by their commanders but as they live in the trenches, they are slaughtered by enemy fire (like in Gallipoli). Some of them attempting to retreat are shot by their own commanders for treason. In this massacre, the camera looses Jude Law.

One of the Russian political commissars Danilov (Joseph Fiennes) is ambushed on the same street where Law's squad was massacred and pretends to be dead. Then we see Jude Law who's also there. He kills 5 Nazis with five consecutive shots and Fiennes is impressed and decides to make Vassiliy Zaicev (Jude Law) a hero for soviet propaganda.

As the movie progresses Jude Law becomes a real hero and Major Koenig (Ed Harris) is dispatched from Berlin to remove the Russian sniper, who by that time has eliminated 50 German soldiers and officers.

Jude Law organizes his own sniper group. On one of his missions he encounters Ed Harris for the first time. Two of his comrades are killed and he barely escapes. He is living in the house of a single mother and befriends a boy named Sasha who really admires his work. Later it is revealed that Sasha is informing Ed Harris of Jude Law's whereabouts.

He suddenly meets Tanya (Rachel Wietz) who became a fighter too after her parents were killed. Another sniper duel takes place and again only Jude Law survives. Joseph Fiennes loves Tanya and gives her translator work to keep her away from the actual fighting, but Tanya falls in love with Jude Law and decides to go back to the field. They make love and Joseph Fiennes notices it and sends Jude Law to the certain death.

Another sniping scene takes place and everyone believes that Jude Law is dead. Tanya is seriously wounded by a mortar shell but at the last moment is taken in by a doctor, but Joseph Fiennes thinks that she's killed. Suddenly Jude Law returns learning the news of Tanya's death and sets out to kill Ed Harris.

The final duel takes place on the train yard where Ed Harris hangs Sasha to intimidate Jude Law to come (Ed Harris knows that Jude Law not dead - " he is not dead, cause I haven't kill him yet).

Joseph Fiennes, blaming himself for the death of Tanya, apologizes to Jude Law and exposes himself allowing Ed Harris to kill him and thereby revealing Ed Harris' position to Jude Law, who kills Ed Harris.

In the final scene, taking place two month later, as the news of Stalingrad's liberation is revealed; Jude Law finds Tanya in the military hospital and movie ends.


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Rachel Weisz and Jude Law
The movie ends with the two of them together in a military hospital.
Joseph Fiennes and Jude Law
Jude Law will kill Ed Harris in the end, helping to bring about Stalingrad's liberation.
Joseph Fiennes
and Jude Law
Fiennes will sacrifice himself to expose Ed Harris' position so Jude Law can kill him.
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