NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Kate.

The movie begins with a narration (Julie Andrews) about the fairytale land of Andalasia. The Evil Queen Narcissa (Susan Sarandon) wants to keep her thrown as long as she can so has tried to keep her step-son, Prince Edward (James Marsden) away from the fair maidens so he will not get married and she will not loss her throne. The scene cuts to Giselle (Amy Adams) who is making a statue of the true love she has dreamed of. Her animal friends, including her best friend chipmunk Pip, help her make the statue and find the perfect pair of lips, as lips and “true love’s kiss” is the most important thing in the world. At the same time, we see Prince Edward hunting ogres with servant Nathaniel and he hears Giselle’s song. He starts towards Giselle’s home, but Nathaniel (clearly on the Queen’s side) let’s an ogre after Giselle. Edward saves Giselle from the ogre and tells her that now they have met they will be married…tomorrow. Giselle arrives at the castle the next day and is met by Nathaniel who locks her animal friends out of the wedding. She is stopped by an old hag, the queen in disguise, who tricks into going to a wishing well and pushes her into “a place where there are no happily ever afters”…New York City.

Upon arriving through a manhole in the middle of Times Square, Giselle tries to find the nearest castle in order to get home. After causing a car accident, taking the subway, and having her crown stolen by a homeless man, she manages to find the “castle” on top of the Palace Casino. At this point, the movie cuts to Robert Phillip (Patrick Dempsey) in a divorce settlement meeting. The couple is fighting over a Hank Aaron baseball card when his secretary tells him it is time to pick up his daughter, Morgan. She asks Robert if he has told Morgan about his plans to marry his girlfriend Nancy (Idina Menzel), to which he says no. In the taxi home, he gives Morgan a present; not the fairy tale book she wanted, but instead a book on inspirational women including Madame Curie and Rosa Parks. At a stop Morgan sees Giselle trying to get into the palace and gets out of the taxi. Robert follows her and ends up catching Giselle when she falls off the sign. Morgan instantly believes she is a princess and wants to help her while Robert thinks she is absolutely crazy. They end up bringing her to their apartment where Giselle ends up falling asleep on the couch while Robert calls her a car. He lets her stay overnight when he sees she is sleeping, but tells Morgan to sleep in his room for the night.

Giselle wakes up the next morning and sees that the apartment is filthy. She goes to the window and calls the animals (roaches, flies, rats, and pigeons) to help her clean the house. A one-legged pigeon drops a plate while cleaning, which wakes up Morgan and Robert. The two attempt to get rid of the animals and Robert talks to Giselle as she is about to get into the “magical” shower. At the same time, Nancy arrives to bring Morgan to school and gets the wrong idea when she sees Giselle in her towel with Robert and leaves. Robert follows her and she gets in a taxi and leaves.

We cut back to Andalasia where we see Pip explaining to Prince Edward what had happened to Giselle. Edward and Pip follow Giselle into New York. Queen Narcissa is upset about this and flirts with Nathaniel in order to convince him that he must go as well to stop Edward from finding Giselle. Nathaniel then goes into New York City as well. Prince Edward and Pip, who now no longer can speak, run off into traffic with Nathaniel following behind.

Robert comes back to see that Giselle has cut up his curtains to make a new dress. He then becomes extremely angry with her, an emotion she has never seen, and the two take Morgan to school. Robert brings Giselle to work and leaves her with the secretary while he meets with the same divorcing couple as the day before. Narcissa sees Robert trying to help Giselle through the fish tank in the office (she pops up all over the place) and is clearly not happy.

Upon defeating a bus (what we see in the previews), Prince Edward runs off when he has done the wrong thing and Nathaniel catches up to him and Pip. They go to lunch and Narcissa shows up in a pot and gives Nathaniel 3 poison apples. All he has to do is get her to eat one bite and she’ll go to sleep. Pip hears this and tries to explain through charades to Edward the evil plan. Sadly Edward is a little bit dense and does not understand. Nathaniel tells Edward they should split up to look for Giselle and they go their separate ways.

Back to Giselle and Robert: At the close of the meeting, he comes to see Giselle and the secretary tells Robert about how crazy Giselle is. Meanwhile, Giselle begins talking to the divorcing couple and cries about the fate of their marriage when she finds out they are separating. Robert sees she is ruining his case and brings her to Central Park where he plans to leave her. He gives her money and says goodbye, but she gives the money away and he catches up to her and walks with her. He asks about her Prince and she explains they have only known each other for a day, which surprises him because he has known Nancy for 5 years. He explains the concept of dating to her, which she has never heard of before this. At this point Nathaniel shows up and offers Giselle a free caramel apple, which she takes but accidentally throws when passionately talking about love. She explains how she knows that she is in love and that loves true kiss is the most powerful thing in the world and she wouldn’t want to wait any longer for that. Prince Edward hears her singing again and tries to chase her down, but gets run over by some bicyclists.

Giselle helps Robert make up with Nancy by sending her flowers and getting him to bring her to a ball, which is far more romantic or spontaneous than he usually is. He explains to her that he only wants to help Giselle and they make up. We see Edward and Nathaniel have checked into a motel to rest. While Edward flips through channels on the “magic mirror”, Nathaniel traps Pip in the closet and goes after Giselle. We catch up with Giselle and Robert at a pizza place where she asks if they are on a date. He says that people don’t bring their children on dates and we then see Morgan is there as well. He talks to Giselle about his wife, who left him and Morgan for no real reason, which makes him very emotional. Giselle explains to him that his dreams still can come true and then Nathaniel appears with a free apple martini. Robert jokes that those are poisonous and Pip shows up trying to stop Giselle from drinking the martini. People in the restaurant see the rodent and Nathaniel traps him again, though they do not know what had happened to him at first and Giselle gets very sad.

Back at the hotel room, Edward sees Giselle being interviewed about the rodent attack on TV and leaves the hotel room to find her. Upon finding the correct building he knocks on every single door in the building, finding a bunch of interesting people at each door.

We see Giselle then telling Morgan a bedtime story while Robert watches and smiles. She leaves the room and Robert begins trying to tell her that perhaps Edward will not come for her after all, which she gets angry about, saying that all he ever says is no. The two share a special moment as she is excited about feeling angry, and Robert leaves, though both of them clearly feel a connection to one another.

We cut to Nathaniel in the pizza place at the bar where he is talking to Narcissa, who is in his drink, and she is very disappointed in him. She tells him that she is now coming to New York to get Giselle herself, and in anger breaks all the glass at the bar including the one Pip is stuck in.

The next morning Robert awakes to see that Giselle has made herself another dress and smiles at this. The three sit down to breakfast when Prince Edward knocks on the door. He and Giselle are reunited, though it is not the same between them, not the Prince Edward would notice. She tells him that she wants to go on a date with him before they leave for Andalasia and he agrees. She leaves Robert and Morgan, who are very sad to see her go. At work Robert meets with the divorce clients who were touched by Giselle and have decided to stay together. We can tell that he misses Giselle. Meanwhile, Giselle and Edward are on their date and Giselle asks Edward to stay for just a little while longer and go to the ball but promises him to go home after that. Giselle goes back to Morgan and tells her that she is going to the ball, to which Morgan takes Robert’s emergency credit card and the two go shopping. They stop for a haircut and pedicure, where the two bond over not having mothers, but enjoying their shopping time together.

Night falls and Queen Narcissa arrives and heads towards the ball. We see Nancy and Robert have already arrived as Giselle and Edward make their entrance. Robert and Giselle see each other and the couples meet and greet. Edward introduces Giselle as the love of his life, to which Nancy says is so bold and romantic. A dance is announced where you dance with someone you did not bring to the ball, and Robert and Giselle dance together and seem very happy and Nancy dances with Edward. At the end of this dance, Edward and Giselle plan to leave and he goes to get her wrap. The old hag shows up as Giselle is sadly watching Nancy and Robert and offers her an apple that will make her forget all the bad memories. She bites the apple and falls asleep. The hag drags her into an elevator that she creates and turns back into Narcissa just as Edward stops the elevator. Narcissa says that she does not know what happened to Giselle, when Nathaniel shows up and explains her evil plan. Narcissa explains Giselle will die at midnight and Robert remembers what Giselle said about love’s true kiss being powerful and tells Edward to kiss her. He attempts kissing her several times, but it does not wake her. Robert then knows that it is he and doesn’t know if he should kiss her but Nancy tells him he has to. He kisses Giselle and she wakes up and they kiss again. Narcissa is angry at how this has turned out and does not want to be removes from the thrown because of her behavior and decides to kill them all and make up a story about their deaths. She then turns into a huge dragon and runs up the building with Robert in hand. Pip, who had been stuck again in a plastic gerbil ball and Giselle follow Narcissa and try to save Robert. Narcissa ends up dropping Robert, who is saved by Giselle, and then Narcissa falls to her death. Giselle and Robert kiss on the roof of the building and we go back to Nancy and Edward, both are clearly upset about what has happened. Nancy sees that Giselle has left her shoe and Edward puts in on her foot. We see the two are also smitten with each other.

Cut to the future….
We see Edward and Nancy getting married in Andalasia. We then see Giselle running her own line of fashions with different animals helping her make dresses. Robert is also there and Morgan is wearing one of the dresses. We then see Nathaniel at his book signing about his life and then Pip’s book signing about his time in New York City in Andalasia. The last shot is of Robert, Giselle, and Morgan in the apartment having fun and living happily ever after.