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Judy Garland
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1948 - DVD
Fred Astaire
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NOTE: This "Classic Spoiler" was sent in by Doug who says "This film, in my opinion is one of Judy Garland’s greatest achievements, because it brings together two of my favorite performers. Judy Herself, and the great Fred Astaire."

The film opens with Don Hewes (Fred Astaire) walking down the street, wishing people a happy Easter. He goes into a hat store and buys a white hat for his dancing partner Nadine Hale (Ann Miller). They wrap up the hat and he goes on his way. We then see him walking down the street again, and this time he stops in front of a toy store, staring at a stuffed rabbit. He goes into the store and then sings “Drum Crazy.” He leaves, rabbit in hand.

He returns to Nadine’s apartment, and she tells Don that she can’t dance with him, because she has signed a contract to be in her on show. Don tries to persuade her not to by singing “It Only Happens When I Dance You.” Nadine still won’t budge, so Don leaves and goes to local bar. His friend Jonathan (Peter Lawford) comes to try to get him to come back and talk with Nadine, but Don refuses.

Jonathon leaves, and Don tells the bartender that he could replace Nadine with any of the showgirls that are dancing about behind him. He goes up to one showgirl Hannah Brown (Judy Garland), and gives her his card. He tells her she should met him someplace and she tears up his card, thinking he is some kind of wacko. Hannah then goes out and sings “I Want to Go Back To Michigan.”

The next day Hannah goes to meet Don, and they practice dancing. When finished, they go down Fifth Avenue, and see Nadine walking down, with photographers following her. Don vows to Hannah that 1-year today, Easter, Hannah would be walking down, and nobody would look at Nadine.

They then go to a dress shop, and Don buys Hannah all these dresses, and hats. Don asks Hannah if guys look at her, and notice her as she goes down the street. Don does an experiment, and has Hannah walk in front of him, and to make the guys notice her, she makes a hilarious face, that has all the men staring and smiling at her.

The next day, it is raining, and Hannah and Jonathon meet in the vestibule of the drugstore. Jonathon sings “Fella With An Umbrella” and Hannah runs into the place where she is meeting Don. He asks her if she can sing “I Love The Piano” she does so, and then fade into them singing it on stage. Cut to them singing “Snooky Ookums”

Hannah sits in her apartment, then gets a call from Jonathon, and he tells her that he would like to take her dinner, but Don comes in, and tells her they need to celebrate because he got them their own show. Hannah tells Jonathon, that she needs to cancel, and Jonathon hangs up, and calls Nadine and tells her that the can keep their date.

Cut to Jonathon and Hannah at a fancy restaurant, but later walk out, when Hannah tells Jonathon that she doesn’t love him, but loves Don. He is slightly disappointed.

Cut to Don standing outside of Nadine’s new show, “The Zigfield Follies.” Then he takes a seat inside, and Nadine comes out and sings “Shakin’ The Blues Away.”

Don then invites Hannah to his place, and she screams at him when he tells her they’ll have dinner, and then rehearse. Then Hannah goes to the piano, and plays, and sings “It Only Happens When I Dance With You.” Hannah and Don kiss.

The next night, Hannah is in the dressing room getting prepared for the opening of the show, and then Don goes out and sings “Steppin Out With My Baby,” then Hannah and Don go out dressed as bums and they sing “We’re A Couple Of Swells.” The show is a huge success, and then Hannah and Don go to see Nadine dance, and a man sings “The Girl On The Magazine Cover.”

Then Nadine comes out dancing, and then she comes back out and dances with Don to the tune of “It Only Happens When I Dance With You.” Don goes back to the table to find Hannah gone. He races after her.

Hannah goes into the bar where she worked previously, and sings “Better Luck Next time.” Hannah goes back to her apartment with Don waiting there, but she closes the door on him.

The next morning Jonathon comes over to Hannah’s place, where Jonathon gives her an idea to get Don back. She rushes into the bathroom to get ready.

Don is putting on a suit, when flowers and a bunny rabbit are delivered. Hannah comes bustling in and she sings a beautiful rendition of “Easter Parade.”

Cut to them walking down Fifth Avenue, photographers snapping Hannah and Don who are hand in hand. Don pulls a ring from his pocket and slips it on Hannah’s finger. She beams and they continue walking happily down the avenue.


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