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Richard Gere is Dr T and he's an extremely successful gynecologist.
Shelly Long is his head nurse and his practice is always overbooked due to
his high demand.

Gere is married to Farrah Fawcett and has two daughters, Kate Hudson and Tara Reid.

After the opening scenes in the office, we see Laura Dern who is Dr. T's sister in-law shopping with Farrah and her two daughters at Tifffanys for presents for Kate Hudson upcoming wedding.

During the shopping, Farrah wanders off out into the mall and as she's walking, she slowly starts shedding her clothes. She finally gets to a large fountain in the mall, takes all her clothes off and walks into it.

Richard Gere in the meantime has gone to his golf club where he meets the new golf pro, Helen Hunt. Helen tells him that the police just called and his wife has been arrested.

They get Farrah out of jail but on the advice of her shrink, they put her in an institution. It seems that Richard Gere has been so loving and done so much for her that she has reverted to a younger time in her life when she felt more in control.

The psychiatrist won't let Gere see Farrah. Instead, he spends the time when he's not at work either hunting or golfing. Helen Hunt and he are attracted to each other and eventually have an affair.

His daughter's wedding is progressing and she has chosen Liv Tyler to be her maid of honor. The other daughter does not like the idea of Liv being the maid of honor and in fact, seems to be somewhat against the wedding.

While still in the hospital, Farrah asks Gere to give her a divorce. Gere has become even more attracted to Helen Hunt. Gere's second daughter tells him why she has been so negative about the wedding. It turns out that a year earlier, Kate Hudson and Liv Tyler had been involved in a lesbian relationship. Gere talks this over with Helen Hunt and they decide that if Kate Hudson is happy being married, then they shouldn't even bring up the earlier lesbian affair.

Things continue to even get more hectic in his office as the wedding day approaches. Finally, the wedding day has arrived. All the guests are seated including Farrah. We get to see the groom for the first time. He's kind of a wimpy little guy and you wonder why she's marrying him.

As she starts walking down the aisle, she starts running up to Liv, embraces her and kisses her, just as a thunderstorm breaks out. Liv and Kate run off together, leaving the groom at the altar. Farrah heads to the nearest fountain. The second daughter tells Gere that she's okay and not to worry about her.

Gere gets a huge smile on his face, gets in his convertible and rushes to Helen Hunt's house. He dashes inside and asks her to go off with him.

She says that's just not possible. It seems that she has also been seeing one of his hunting buddies.

Gere is devastated, gets back into his convertible, and drives away just as a tornado touches down right in front of him. It picks up his car and the screen goes black, (I'm not kidding about this)

The next scene is in bright sunlight in the desert. We see bits and pieces
of the destroyed car scattered along the ground and 3 Mexican children approaching the wreck. They find Gere who is shaken up but okay and take him into the village. He's just in time to help in the delivery of a baby. (Very graphic!)

In preparing for the delivery, he looks long and hard at his wedding ring
and takes it off.

The baby is born and Gere is overjoyed by the fact that it's a boy.

The end

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Liv Tyler and Kate Hudson
Kate leaves her groom at the altar and runs away with Liv Tyler
Richard Gere and Helen Hunt
Gere wants to be with her but she's involved with one of his hunting buddies.