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The movie opens on a London night in the year 2000. We see a man, who is revealed to us as the infamous Dr. Van Helsing, and his companion, a young man named Simon. Van Helsing's office is located in Carfax Abbey, an extremely large establishment with a vault on the main floor and mediocre security to guard it. While Van Helsing is upstairs talking to Simon, a group of high-tech thieves overpower the guards and break into the vault, hoping to find instant wealth. Even Van Helsing's trusted secretary is a part of the burglary. The group of thieves have not set off any alarms or done anything to attract suspicion, so Van Helsing is still upstairs in his office, now injecting himself with blood from leeches.

In the vault, the band of thieves (which includes actors Omar Epps, Danny Masterson and Sean Patrick Thomas) get through each door that leads closer to the center of the vault. When they do reach the main part of the vault, it's just a fairly large coffin adorned in silver and crosses. The thieves, enraged at this waste of their time, persist in opening the coffin, thinking that there may be something valuable lying within it. In trying to open it, two of the thieves are killed by booby traps, which set off an alarm. Van Helsing, horrified that the vault is being broken into, rushes downstairs, but not before grabbing a few weapons. Obviously, whatever was lying in that vault is extremely dangerous and Van Helsing was protecting it.

Inside the vault the remaining thieves detonate a wall inside the vault and escape down that route, taking the coffin with them. By the time Van Helsing reaches the location of the coffin, it and the thieves are gone. He immediately prepares for a trip to the states. The following morning, the thieves have gotten on a plane with the casket and are flying back to the states. The head thief orders one of them to go back into the cargo hold and check on the coffin and if possible, open it. The man does so, reluctantly, and is soon in the room alone with the coffin. He tries numerous ways of opening it and fails, resting against the side of the coffin. Behind him, the coffin mysteriously opens and he sees a corpse holding a gold cross with rubies, and the corpse is covered with leeches. He grabs the jeweled cross and looks inside the coffin for more valuables. The corpse then rises, grabs the man by the neck and kills him. Another thief goes in and is killed. By now, only three are left. They are killed too as something weird happens...

....In New Orleans, a young girl is having a very disturbing dream. She dreams of seeing the vampire killing the thieves on the plane and it seems very real. Her roommate, Lucy, wakes her from her nightmare and they dress and go into the streets of New Orleans, which are crowded with tourists for the upcoming Mardi Gras celebration. We go back to Van Helsing, who is in the airport and sees a news report of the crashed plane. They show footage of the dead bodies and the coffin. Now realizing that the vampire is loose, Van Helsing is horrified a thousand times more and hurries on.

The vampire kills a few more people along the way and turns the females that he kills into vampires, adding to his minions. That night, Van Helsing goes to the morgue that holds the corpses of the thieves. We see that someone has followed him - Simon. Relieved and a bit irritated, Van Helsing gives Simon a large gun filled with silver bullets and they start to fight the newly made vampires, who are now rising from the bodybags. After they escape, with a few vampires still on the loose, Van Helsing explains that he needs to find his daughter, Mary (who is the girl having the bad dreams) and that for over a century, he has kept Dracula at bay. Using Dracula's blood to keep him alive, he protected the coffin for decades, but now has to protect the people from Dracula.

As Mary has more visions of Dracula killing people, she realizes that they are connected in some way. Dracula is now coming for her, sensing his blood in her, for Van Helsing passed Dracula's blood to Mary when he impregnated Mary's mother. She leaves her workplace at a record store and runs away. Her roommate, who also works at the record store, has the unfortunate luck to meet Dracula and takes him back to her house. They have sex, with him making her into a vampire. Van Helsing gets to Mary's house before she does and is attacked by Dracula. Tired of Van Helsing, he simply gives him to his female vamps, who suck him dry. Mary returns to her house and finds Van Helsing, her father, upstairs dead. Simon enters the scene and rescues Mary and they escape. They learn that Dracula's age goes back to the biblical days, and that he is actually Judas Iscariot, the betrayer of Jesus himself. After killing all of Dracula's minions they hang Dracula from a large neon cross and he bursts into flame when dawn arises.

At the end of the movie, Mary takes Van Helsing's place as vampire hunter, and that is the end.


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Jeri Ryan:
Not really important, but I just like this photo...
"...and turns the females that he kills into vampires, adding to his minions"