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The movie starts out with Lucky (voiced by Norm McDonald) telling you about how John Dolittle (Eddie Murphy) has a gift of talking to animals. John comes home and gives his wife a present from Paris while he was on talk shows and other stuff about his gift. He also gives his daughter, Myra (Kyla Pratt), an iguana (the camouflage kind) from Mexico.

It was his daughter, Charisse's, birthday and he was mad because she decided to go out on a date when she was supposed to spend it at her house. As a punishment her father takes her phone away. She became very grumpy (becomes important later). He boyfriend, Eric, comes over and he is told that they have to spend her birthday there so he joins them. Her father embarrasses her by telling stories and doing stupid stuff.

He is interrupted by a raccoon that tells him that the boss, a beaver, want to see him and he says no than later tells him to meet him in his car the next morning. He goes back inside and when they start singing happy birthday, her cake has the 2 annoying mice from the beginning in it. John brings them outside.

Charisse is in her room later on and her father promises her they would go to europe. the raccoon goes to her fire escape and John yells "Tomorrow" at him. She obviously thinks that he means they are going to europe tomorrow. He tells her and his family that they are going.

The next day, the raccoon is with him in the car and he brings him to a forest. He meets the beaver and the beaver shows him that the forest is being cut down. His wife helps him get 1 month to get a bear (an endangered species) that lived in captivity its whole life to mate with the one bear of that species that is in the forest because that is the only way he can get the forest saved. That is only if the bear stays away from campsites and stores.

He gets the circus bear, Archie, and tells him the deal. after a while of saying no, he finally agrees. Archie is turned down by the bear and she also tells john that she is seeing somebody but just for protection when she has kids. He has his family go to live in a house in the forest for a couple days while he works with Archie to make him a real bear.

Charisse invites her boyfriend to stay there with them without her father knowing. Her father tells him he has eyes all around so he doesn't do anything.

He helps Archie but he doesn't get it. He thinks he is ready and he fails because he fell out of a tree. He tries to teach Archie (and Lucky) how to be a man. Archie brings her a fish and she accepts because he also tells her that her boyfriend cant do everything he does like sing and dance (because of the circus). They go for a walk and even pass a big bee nest that she told him she doesn't want him to get because everybody who tried to get it died. He agrees not to get it. He boyfriend comes around after the walk but she still goes with her boyfriend.

Archie refuses to come out of a cave and john calls him a coward so Archie pushes John. His wife tells John when he comes home that the people cutting the forest down called to reach an agreement. They tell him he can have 10% of the forest but than Archie thinks he has a plan that will work so he refuses. Archie goes to get the bee nest on a fallen tree over a cliff. All of the forest animals watch him get it for her. She dumps her boyfriend to go with Archie.

They are about to mate but the people who are cutting the forest down shoot him Archie a dart and he faints with nobody there to see. They put him at a diner and make it look like he broke in so they can have the land. Archie is locked up and they have no other time to save the forest. There really was a witness... a weasel (literally) and the court wouldn't allow it.

He goes to visit him in jail. He tells Archie that he was sold to a mexican circus and there was no time left. Charisse comes in and tells her dad that his wife wanted her to tell him she couldn't get an appeal. She starts walking away and Archie says there is nobody that can love him. Charisse stops and says that everybody has somebody to love. Her father realizes she has the gift too. She had it for a couple of weeks and that's why she was so moody. She didn't tell him that because she didn't want to become a freak. She tells her father that there are so many animals and they cant save him.

Her father tells all of the animals in the world to go on strike. Nobody does anything. Than the people cutting the forest down are confronted by animals and calls a conference with John and the animals. They get a reasonable deal. They saved the forest. Lucky falls in love with a wolf and The bears have 2 cubs that Archie teaches to dance with. The End!


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Eddie Murphy
as Dr. Dolittle
Paul Walker:
Plays Brian O'Conner who slowly falls in love with Vin's sister.
Vin Diesel with his girlfriend, Michelle Rodriguez
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