The film starts off with a robbery where a jewel is stolen from a bank vault. It's a small ruby-like object worth about $10 million. Sean Bean is the head villain and as he and his men head off in 2 different directions, he discovers that he's been double crossed by one of his men (Shawn Doyle) who now has the Ruby instead of him.

In a flashback at the end of the movie we find out that Bean went back to get the jewel from Doyle. Doyle, realizing that Bean was after him, hid the jewel in his daughter Elisabeth's doll. Elisabeth then witnesses Bean tossing her father in front of an oncoming subway and she runs away, with her doll as Bean and his henchmen are arrested.

It's now 10 years later and Bean is out of prison.

Jennifer Esposito is a detective investigating the murder of a girl that was found floating in the river.

Michael Douglas is a happily married psychologist with a 8 year old daughter Jessie. His wife ( Famke Janssen) is bedridden with a broken leg from a skiing accident.

One day Douglas gets a call from a former associate (Oliver Platt) to help out with a mental patient. This is Elisabeth, now 10 years older.

She appears to be almost comatose but eventually Douglas figures out that she's faking it. He'll keep an eye on her and check her out in a few days.

That night Bean and his henchmen break into an adjoining apartment of Douglas, kill the old lady resident and move in their surveillance equipment. In the middle of the night they kidnap Douglas' daughter Jessie. We don't see this happen... all we see is Douglas waking up, making breakfast and freaking out when he can't find his daughter.

He gets a phone call from Bean who tells him that he has a patient (Elisabeth) who knows 6 numbers and if he wants to see his daughter alive, he'll have to get those numbers from her by 5:00 that day or his daughter will be killed.

Douglas goes back to the mental hospital, breaks into Platt's office and starts investigating the files on the girl. We eventually find out that Platt's girlfriend was kidnapped and he was told the same thing... get the numbers or his girlfriend will be dead. Turns out that the girl that Esposito found was his girlfriend Lisa.

Douglas gets enough information from Elisabeth to realize that he needs to bring her to the subway so she can reenact what happened. He breaks her out of the hospital and heads to the subway. This is when all the flashbacks start about how her father died.

Meanwhile, Douglas' daughter realizes that her mother is in the room right next to hers so she starts singing into the vents so her mom can hear her. Bean realizes that the mother has discovered where they are and sends in one of his men to kill her. She is ready for him and attacks the henchman when he enters. She eventually kills him with by stabbing him with a stick inside her cast that she was using to scratch with. She makes it to the other apartment and finds all the equipment but everyone is gone. Bean, Jessie and a couple other of his men are now trying to follow Douglas and Elisabeth.

We find out that Elisabeth's father was listed as a John Doe and was buried at an erie old cemetery on a remote island, right outside Manhattan (and yes, you can see the WTC). Elisabeth placed the doll inside the wooden crate her father was buried in. She can vividly remember running her fingers inside the carved out numbers of the coffin.

Finally it's night, Douglas, Elisabeth, Bean, Jessie and a couple henchmen are in a shack on the island.

They all watch as Elisabeth now kind of freaking out, spells out the numbers on a dusty piece of glass... 801228.

Douglas and Bean have a map and go to that gravesite and dig up the coffin. When they open it up they find the body of a woman. Bean is pissed and gets into a fight with Douglas. The fight leads them back to the shack and Douglas figures out that the number is wrong because she is insane and writes things like she's looking in a mirror. Everything is backwards so she writes the number right to left. He flips the piece of glass over and now the numbers read ... 855108.

They head out to that site and sure enough, there is the body and the doll. Bean rips open the doll and finds the jewel. He orders his henchmen to kill Douglas. Douglas puts up a good fight and knocks him out and is just about ready to kill him but decides not to. Bean just laughs at Douglas and just as he's about to shoot him, Esposito show up and tells him to drop the gun. Bean shoots Esposito and she goes down. He and Douglas get into a fight and Bean eventually falls into a big dug out hole supported by a few braces. He's still shooting at Douglas though so Douglas moves a winch that drops a bunch of boards into the hole, knocking down the braces and eventually filling the hole up with dirt, killing Bean.

Douglas, Jessie and his wife are reunited and the three of them embrace Elisabeth


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