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The movies starts out as we meet John Travolta. He's a wooden sailboat builder with a struggling boat building business that was started by his grandfather. Not too many people are buying wooden boats anymore but he builds them because he loves them.

He meets his ex-wife Susan at his son's basketball game only to find out that his son skipped out and is now at the police station. Seems the son (Danny) does this sort of thing whenever he gets upset. It started with his parents separation, then their divorce and now he's upset that his mom is getting married to Vince Vaughn. The police are getting a little tired of his actions too. They can't believe a thing he says anymore.

They get back home and Susan convinces Travolta to take Vince along with his Saturday sailing trip Travolta had planned with Danny. Danny HATES Vince and Susan thinks this bonding will be good for all of them.

At first Travolta says absolutely not but the next scene is the three of them having actually a pretty good time on the boat.

Later, when Travolta is dropping Danny off at Susan's house, they agree that if Danny goes, then Travolta will also go to Vince and Susan's wedding.

At the wedding Vince is surprised to see his old friend Steve Buscemi show up. Travolta also noticed his surprise. Travolta introduces himself to Buscemi and learns that he and Vince went to school together. Vince later tells Travolta that he and Buscemi are business partners. Hmmmm...

Buscemi later confronts Vince and asks that he put him up for the night. Vince says he'll get him a hotel, outside of town. Buscemi mentions how lucky Vince was to get a good lawyer and how he and the other two always wondered where Vince would be hiding. He tells Vince that it was easy, especially after seeing his wedding announcement in the paper.

A few days later, Susan announces to Vince that she is pregnant. The two of them are overjoyed but Danny is pissed and runs to his room. Vince says he's got to go take care of a few things in town and heads outside. Danny wants to go see Travolta so he sneaks out his bedroom window and hides in the back seat of Vince's SUV.

Vince picks up Buscemi and the two of them (actually 3 with Danny hiding in back) head off into the rainy night. Vince pulls over and before you know it, stabs Buscemi in the back. Danny is horrified but remains quiet. Vince then drives to one of the businesses he owns and disposes of the body in a fiery kiln. Danny escapes without Vince noticing.

As Vince gets home Susan and the police are waiting for him. They tell him that Danny and Travolta are at the police station and Danny is telling another one of his crazy stories.

They search Vince's car and business for clues to verify Danny's story but they really don't believe him so they aren't searching very hard.

Travolta believes Danny because he knows that Danny often lies, but he never lies to him.

He wants to get Danny out of there and get custody of him.

That night Vince confronts Danny and explains to him that he better not say anything that will upset his mother or Travolta will be killed.

At the hearing, Danny says he was lying about the murder and that he wants to stay with his mother. Travolta can't understand what's going on. Travolta goes to the police and tells them that he believes Danny and thinks that it was Vince's friend, Buscemi that was the one killed. The police belive Travolta about as much as they did Danny.

Later, Travolta does some investigating of his own and discovers that Vince is using a fake name and was convicted with 3 others including Buscemi, of racketeering in Chicago. Vince got off because he had a better lawyer. Travolta then emails this information to the police. When he gets up he is knocked unconscious by Vince.

They are in the boat building shack so there are many flammable ingredients around. Vince pours this stuff all over everything and accidentally gets some on his coat. He tries to like a match and his arm goes up in flames. He throws the flaming coat on the ground, causing everything to catch on fire. Vince leaves just as Travolta is waking up. Travolta runs out of there just as the building is blowing up.

Back at home Susan is watching the news reports of the fire. She heads upstairs to tell Danny but when she passes her room, She spots Vince inside, putting lotion on his badly burnt hand. She rushes to Danny's room and tells him to be quiet because they have to get out NOW.

Vince interrupts and they tell him that Danny is worried about his father and wants to leave to see if he's okay. Vince says that he'll take him. They argue but Vince ties Danny up and forces him in the car. Susan slams the car door on Vince and he gets out and pushes her down, knocking her out.

Just as Vince is about to get in, Travolta comes flying through the door and knocks Vince down. A fight goes on for about 5 minutes in the garage culminating with Vince waving a crow bar in the air with a flaming fuse box nearby. Can you guess what happens? So does the audience for about 2 minutes before it happens.

Danny gets out of the car and pushes the iron wielding Vince into the fuse box, electrocuting him.

The police arrive and apologize to Travolta and he says no, apologize to Danny. Susan has lost her baby and the movie ends with Travolta and Danny following the ambulance carring Susan to the hospital.

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