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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Josh.

The film opens up with a news reporter filming outside an apartment complex. Through dialogue we learn that a man killed his wife, son and then killed himself. We see the bodies being brought out on a stretcher when suddenly the mother lunges off the stretcher and takes a bite out of one of the paramedics. All hell breaks loose and suddenly the cops start shooting at them until all of the zombies are shot in the head.

We then cut to a group of teenagers filming a mummy movie (Death of the Dead) in the woods. When the actor playing the mummy runs towards his victim the director yells cut and explains that the dead cannot run because their ankles would break off. Over the radio, they start to hear of a news report explaining that the dead are awakening and that everyone needs to get into hiding immediately. The mummy actor and his girlfriend split while the rest of the teens decide to go with the director (Jason) to save his girlfriend.

Jason heads to his girlfriend’s dorm to find it completely empty except for a looter. He finally finds his girlfriend hiding in her dorm and they make a plan to head to her house to meet up with her parents. As the group of teenagers is driving out of the city they come upon a police car on fire in the middle of the road. They stop when they see the sheriff walk out, completely burned to a crisp. He tries to break into their RV but they run him over. As they get farther down the road they continue to run over multiple zombies. After a while of driving they pull over.

The driver of the car is in shock that she just killed so many people. Everyone is trying to convince her that they were already dead but she doesn't listen to anyone. She walks off from the rest of everyone and shoots herself in the head. The group runs over to her and brings her back to the RV since she still has a pulse. They decide to go to a nearby hospital.

Inside, the hospital is deserted. As they reach a certain floor a doctor turned zombie tries to attack them. One of the teens shoots him in the head. Soon after a nurse zombie tries to attack them but Jason's girlfriend puts two electric pads up to her head, which blow out her eyes. They decide to look around to find help but the battery in Jason's camera starts to die. He stays on the floor to charge his camera. As it is charging, the female driver from before dies and turns into a zombie immediately. Before she can attack Jason, his girlfriend shoots her in the head. As they are leaving the hospital, another teen from the group is bitten but killed right after by his Texan girlfriend.

The next day the RV starts to break down so they stop at a farm. The farm belongs to a deaf Amish man named Samuel who fights off the zombies with dynamite. They hide out in the farm until the RV is fixed and when they are about to get Samuel into the RV with them he is bitten on the neck. He grabs a scythe and plunges it into his face, piercing the zombies brain behind him.

As they leave, most of the group is starting to hate Jason because all he cares about is filming everything that is happening. Right about the time they start to run out gas they run into a group of black national guardsmen. They are bent on making the black race the dominant race now that the world is over. They hold Jason and the group at gunpoint and bring them to their warehouse. Inside, Jason goes online to view more footage on youtube and myspace of the zombie uprising. At one point in the warehouse a zombie gets in and is killed by having acid poured on his head, melting his brain.

Eventually they let the group go and give them weapons, gas, food and other useful items.

Finally they reach Jason's girlfriend's house but her whole family is dead and are zombies. Here we get some very cool kills with a bow and arrow.

After they leave her house some guys in army clothes stop them. They rob the group of everything except their weapons. Jason decides the only way to survive is to meet the actor from earlier since his house is a mansion that is gated.

They go to his house and he is completely safe. Everyone starts changing their clothes, taking showers, etc. Jason starts realizing that he is acting very weird and he eventually confesses that his family turned and he buried them in the pool. We see the pool that is filled with zombies just walking around under water. The actor runs away and through surveillance cameras around his house we see that he has been bit. He turns and starts chasing after the Texas girl. She gets away after saying, "Don't mess with Texas". She steals the RV and leaves everyone there. As Jason is trying to find his girlfriend he is bit. As he is dying he gives the camera to his girlfriend and tells her to keep shooting and show everyone what happened. She then shoots him in the head and gets into the panic room with the others.

The film ends with a bunch of hunters shooting at zombies for fun. They have one zombie girl who is tied up in a tree by her hair. They shoot her in the face and she cries a tear of blood.

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