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NOTE: This very brief spoiler was sent in by Weeks who says... "If you loved  the play you will love this movie"

The spoiler is a little shorter than normal but you can get the gist of the story, and more importantly, the ending.

The movie starts at a banquet for Charles (Steve Harris) who is a prominent Atlanta lawyer.  As he accepts his award he thanks his lovely wife Helen (Kimberly Elise) of eighteen years for supporting him.  As they arrive home he throws her out of the car while letting it be known that he hates her. 

In  the morning she goes back home only to discover all her clothes being loaded into a U-Haul. Charles is kicking her out and moving in his mistress, Brenda (Lisa Marcos). The U-Haul is driven by Orlando (Shemar Moore).

Helen has nowhere to go except to her grandmother Medea's house who answers the door with her gun locked and loaded. (Tyler Perry plays Medea, Medea's brother Joe and Helen's cousin/ lawyer Brian)

The next morning Medea and Helen go to Charles' house and tear it up!(very funny scene) They end up in court with Helen being released on bond and Medea being placed on house arrest.

Medea has a house party where Brian introduces Helen to his friend Orlando. Helen and Orlando have already met since Orlando was hired by Charles to pack and move Helen. 

Medea makes Helen find a job so that she can learn to be independent.  The cousin Brian has a wife Debra who is a drug addict and no longer lives with him or their two kids. 

Long story short, you find that Charles received his money through drug deals, and buying off judges.  Charles had a client who ends up shooting him because he couldn't get him acquitted. 

Orlando proposes to Helen but when she finds out Charles is hurt she leaves and goes to the hospital without saying yes or no. 

At the hospital the doctor tells Helen, Brian, and the mistress that Charles might be paralyzed or worse. The doctor asks if something goes wrong do they want to reactivate or let him die. The mistress says to let him die but since Helen is still legally his wife she says to do everything to save him. 

Charles is paralyzed and Helen lets him know exactly what she thinks of how he treated her. (you would just have to see this for yourself)

The movie ends by Charles telling Helen how much he loves her and wants to be with her. Helen tells him she loves him too as she hands him the divorce papers and says they will always be friends. Medea asks Helen where are you going and Helen says "I am going to get MY MAN!" (Orlando)

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