NOTE: This Spoiler was sent in by QuadGirl who says..."Overall, it was a pretty good movie.  Meryl Streep was magnificent and Anne Hathaway really matured in playing her role." 

The movie starts out with a myriad of women preparing for work.  Three of the four women shown (who all happen to work for Runway, the high fashion magazine the movie centers around) obviously take great care in how they dress.  Multiple outfits are tried on, the latest make-up is carefully applied, and no real breakfast is consumed.  On the other hand, the fourth woman Andrea "Andy" Sachs (Anne Hathaway) grabs something to wear from her closet, applies some chapstick, and proceeds to head to the bakery in order to buy an onion bagel.  All eventually head to the prestigious Elias Clarke Publications building and the offices of Runway. 

Andy finds the offices of Runway, where she receives quizzical looks and cruel-intentioned glances towards her outfit - not necessarily herself.  Here she meets just-promoted-to-first-assistant Emily (Emily Blunt), who sardonically antagonizes Andy for her deficiency in fashion.  After all, Andy had to ask who Miranda Priestly (the Editor-in-Chief of Runway) was.

With an unexpected text message from Miranda's driver (which stated that Miranda's facial appointment had been cancelled and she was at the office earlier than expected), the staff is thrown into a frenzy of activity: women frantically change from clogs to Jimmy Choo shoes (sling-backs), inventively use a webcam to adjust make-up, leaving chilled Pellegrino water on Miranda's desk, and splaying fashion magazines there as well.  As Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep) walks into the building, we see the power of her presence; for example, a woman removes herself from the elevator Miranda enters, so that she may have it to herself. 

After chiding Emily for her slowness, incompetence and inability to hire suitable replacements as assistants (who never last long), Miranda gives Emily a seemingly impossible list of tasks to be done ASAP.  Miranda, deciding that she will do the interview herself, enters her office, expecting Andy to follow.  Emily curtly informs Andy that she should be in Miranda's office already.  This is where Miranda starts to call Andy "Emily" as a way to show of power over her.

After Miranda questions why Andy wants to work for Runway, Andy delves into her journalism career (and subsequent major) at Northwestern University, her unwillingness to work at her other choice (a car magazine), her smarts and work ethic.  Despite this, Miranda dismisses Andy's style and hopes for a job with her mantra of "that is all."  Disappointed, Andy leaves and gets down to the Lobby before Emily comes after her, signaling that in fact Andy did get the job as the Second Assistant to Miranda. 

The next day starts at 6:15AM when Andy awakens to her cell phone ringing and Emily on the other end.  Emily gives her a list of tasks to complete before getting to the office ASAP.  Andy gets up, leaving her boyfriend Nate (Adrian Grenier) to sleep.

After arriving late to the office with the coffee, Emily describes Andy's tasks.  She especially stresses the importance of having someone at the desk at all times, relaying a slightly gruesome story about a letter opener.  Emily departs shortly and the phone rings.  Andy, unsure of what to do, answers the phone and begins to take a message; however, she is promptly hung-up on when she sincerely asks the caller to spell Gabbana (as in Dolce & Gabbana).  After that, she learns to follow Emily's actions.

Next, we see a multitude of coats and bags being thrown on Andy's desk, via Miranda, while Miranda's voice continually states her never-ending tasks. 

Andy is certainly stressed by her new job and it shows as she talks about it with her friends at a diner.  (Nate, Lily [Tracy Thoms], and Doug [Rich Sommer]).  Agreeing they have hard jobs, they toast to jobs that pay the rent.  After dinner, Andy talks to Nate about her job, stating that she only has to last a year and she will be able to work anywhere she wants.

After seeing another barrage of scenes involving the tasks Miranda needs done, Andy joins Miranda in her office along with Nigel (Stanley Tucci) and a fashion company.  Miranda is trying to put an outfit together and while picking between two similar belts, Andy laughs, as she does not see any difference between the two.  Miranda proceeds to give Andy a thorough lecture on how fashion really does affect her life by retracing the steps it took to get Andy's generic shirt. 

Later on (a few days later), Andy is having dinner with her father when she receives a phone call from Miranda who is stuck in Florida because of a hurricane.  Andy winds up missing most of her dinner trying to track down a flight for Miranda, who does not want to miss her twin's piano recital the next day.  Andy cannot get a flight, because outside of Miranda's hotel room the weather is horrible.  Her father puts up with it, and jokingly states that the only way Miranda can leave is if the National Guard comes to get her; Andy asks if she can do that.

The next business day, Andy is softly chewed out for not being able to get a flight for Miranda.  Dejected and nearly crying (much to Emily's chagrin), Andy retreats to Nigel who explains that she isn't giving her job enough respect.  Thousands of girls would kill for a job like that and all Andy does is whine about it.  Andy decides to take a new perspective on her job and employs Nigel's help in making her more fashionable.

The next scene is of a glamorous Andy going to work in many fashionable outfits.  One day, Emily's pal Allyson (Gisele Bundchen) remarks that Andy looks good.  Even Miranda takes a second look.

Although Andy's becoming a better and better assistant, her relationships with her friends and boyfriend are deteriorating.  While having a beer with them, she gets a call from Miranda (her friends play a game of keep away with her cell phone after she gave one over $2000 in goodies) and she must complete another task.

Andy reports to a party at James Holt's (Daniel Sunjata) house where she picks up designs from him (he's a designer) and she meets freelance journalist/editor Christian Thompson (Simon Baker), who is obviously interested in her.  She declines his advances (Nate aka boyfriend) and leaves the party. 

Andy is becoming more involved with her job; she now accompanies Miranda on her outings and in one instance learns about Miranda's expressions.  One nod means it is good, two nods means really good, shaking of the head means bad, and pursing the lips means catastrophe.  Moreover, there has only been one instance of a smile.  But again, her personal life is declining.  One night, Miranda (and Emily who has a nasty cold- and Andy) is going to a fashion extravaganza that is unfortunately the same night as Nate's birthday.  Andy and Emily had to memorize two notebooks full of faces and names, and they feed Miranda the information as the guests approach her.  In one instance, Andy is able to save Emily's uncharacteristic forgetfulness.  One person introduced is Jaqueline Follet (Stephanie Szostak), Editor-in-Chief of France's Runway with whom Miranda has a relationship (wrapped in hate).  Finally able to get away, Andy runs into Christian who flirts with her and invites her back in so he can introduce her to his boss.  Andy has to choose between a possible future dream job and her boyfriend's birthday.  She chooses her boyfriend.  However, after arriving home with a candle in a cupcake, Nate brushes her off.

Soon Andy gets a new task; she drops off the mock-up book to Miranda's house.  Emily gives her explicit instructions on how to complete the task.  But the first time is harder than she thought.  Miranda's twin daughters start helping her (telling Andy where the dry cleaning goes) but get her in trouble by saying that the mock-up book is brought upstairs to Miranda.  Andy believes them and brings the book up, only to see Miranda and her husband quarreling, who in turn see her.  Andy places the book on the stairs at Miranda's feet and flees.

Freaking out the next day (both Andy and Emily), Andy is given another seemingly impossible task and if she doesn't complete it, she is told to not come back.  The task?  Finding the unpublished manuscripts of the next Harry Potter book for the twins in the space of four hours.  After calling dozens of editors and publishers with no luck, Andy suddenly remembers Christian, and gives him a call.  Christian knows it is not going to be possible and Andy is disappointed.  She calls Nate and tells him she's going to quit since she can't do this task.  Yet after she hangs up, Christian calls her back - he has found a copy!  (A friend who is doing the cover art has one.)  He meets her in a bar and tells her she owes him one while handing it over.  Andy triumphantly walks into Miranda's office later and drops a copy, along with a coffee, on her desk.  Miranda is about to lecture her about why she brought it here when her daughters needed it and Andy simply informs her it's a third copy (to keep on file) and the girls already have the books. 

One night while dropping off the mock-up book, Miranda calls her by her real name (Andrea) and informs her that she, not Emily, will be in Paris with Miranda.  Oh, and Andy needs to inform Emily of that decision.  Andy tries to decline, but feels that she has no choice- she must go to Paris. 

The next morning Emily is struggling to bring 20 scarves to the office, when Andy calls to say she needs to speak with Emily.  However, in the middle of their conversation, Emily doesn't pay attention to the situation around her and is struck by a car.  In the hospital, Andy lets Emily in on the Paris situation and Emily is furious.  She had been starving herself for weeks so she could fit into the clothes, but finally lets loose a bit by eating chocolate pudding and bread. 

Next, Andy goes to Lily's art gallery to view her new exhibit and runs into Christian.  They speak and Andy informs him that she is going to Paris with Miranda.  Christian states he wants to spend some "quality time" with Andy and leaves by kissing her on the cheek.  Lily sees and yells at Andy, saying that was more than a fashion kiss and Andy has changed too much.  Andy leaves and goes to see Nate, but gets into a fight with him over her job.  They break-up while Miranda calls Andy on her cell phone and Andy chooses the call over Nate. 

Finally, it is Fashion Week in Paris.  Models walk the runways, photo-ops are everywhere, everything is crazy  (Cameos by Heidi Klum and Valentino Garavani).  Andy bumps into Christian and he hooks onto her for a few photos, then invites her out to dinner as he finds out there is no more boyfriend. 

Later when Andy pops into the hotel room, she finds a bleak Miranda.  Miranda asks to change Snoop Dogg to her table because her husband is no longer coming because of his filing for a divorce.  Andy isn't quite sure how to react and asks what she can do.  Miranda tells her she just has to do her job.  That night she winds up toasting to Nigel who will be getting a great promotion as President of James' label.

The next night Andy and Christian go out for dinner.  Later they walk through Paris and stop on a corner to kiss and then make-out.  The next morning comes and we see Andy waking up.  She takes one look at her watch and jumps out of the bed in a panic.  She dresses as fast as she can as Christian comes out of the bathroom in a towel.  In the following conversation, she learns from him that Jaqueline will be replacing Miranda at Runway in America.  Andy rushes to try to warn Miranda but hardly gets the chance until right before a banquet (Miranda would be told afterwards).  However, Miranda brushes her off.

During the banquet, Miranda gives a speech about James Holt.  But first, she wanted to let the audience know about new changes.  Instead of Nigel being President of James' label, Miranda names Jaqueline.  Miranda will be staying on as the Editor-in-Chief of Runway.  Andy tries to comfort Nigel, but it's obvious he's really bummed. 

After the banquet, Miranda talks to Andy about who she is and her efforts in trying to warn her about what was supposed to happen.  Miranda states she sees a part of herself in Andy, but Andy replies that she never would have crossed Nigel like that.  But Miranda stops her by saying Andy did the same thing to Emily.  Andy launches in to her "I had no choice" speech, but Miranda tells her she did.  She then explains why Jaqueline was named President and not Nigel.  Miranda did some back door dealing by saying  to Jaqueline how great the salary, etc., for James' company was.  Jaqueline then wanted the job.  Therefore, Miranda went to the head of Elias Clarke Publishing, Richard Barnes, (David Marshall Grant) to let him know that not only Jaqueline was unavailable, but also a whole host of fashion companies and models/photographers/designers would walk if Miranda did.  Thus, there was no choice but to leave Miranda where she is. 

Now Andy is having second thoughts on being where she is.  As they step out of the car for the next event, Andy decides that she doesn't want that life, and walks away.  Miranda senses that Andy is not behind her and looks for her nonchalantly.  Then, as Andy walks by a fountain, her cell phone rings, and it's Miranda.  Instead of answering, she tosses it into the fountain.

Cut back to America and Andy is trying to patch things up, starting with her boyfriend.  She apologizes for treating him poorly and he informs her he was hired as a chef in Boston.  While remarking she will miss his grilled cheese sandwiches, he remarks that he could probably find bread and cheese in Boston.  Thus, that relationship is on track to being repaired.  Andy also informs him she has an interview that day with a newspaper company.  

Andy goes to her interview and is questioned about her job as Miranda's assistant.  The boss tells her he received a fax from Miranda when he called her for a reference.  While the first line states that Andy "was her biggest disappointment" the next was "and you're and idiot if you don't hire her."  Nevertheless, Andy gets the job.

As she strolls down the sidewalk, she calls Emily, who is hobbling around work on crutches.  Andy informs her that she has many clothes from Paris and she needs someone to take them off her hands.  Fighting back tears, Emily tries to keep her stern composure while saying she'll send a car.  When Emily hangs up, she looks at the new Second Assistant and tells her "you have some big shoes to fill."

Andy finds herself walking down the street next to the Elias Clark building.  She sees Miranda walking to the car and gives a wave.  Miranda simply stares for a moment and then gets in the car.  However, inside we see she can't quite hold back a smile which disappears when she has to tell her driver to "Go!"