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In Deuce Bigalow, Rob Schneider has to become a gigolo for a short period of time to pay for a fish tank he destroys in the house he is staying. If he doesn't fix it, the guy who owns the house will kill him. Most of his clients are freaks, and he doesn't have sex with any of them, except for one. She becomes a true love interest for him.

As the movie progresses he is hassled by a cop who is obsessed with the gigolo at whose house Deuce is staying. The cop becomes more and more of a problem for Deuce as he tries to continue being a "man-whore". Eventually the girl Deuce loves finds out that he's a gigolo, and that he was paid to go out with her. He has another run in with the cop and finds out that the cop is so obsessed because his wife was a client of the gigolo. The cop says that Deuce will have to go to jail. But at the hearing it is discovered he didn't have sex with anyone so they let him go.

After the trial, Deuce ends up winning the girl back. At the end of the movie, the gigolo comes back and sees that the fish tank is all right. But when he taps on it the tank shatters and this really pisses him off. He tries to kill Deuce but the cop steps in and saves him. They all live happily ever after.


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