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The movie begins as we see what appears to be Sheldon/Smoochy (Edward Norton) prancing on a darkened set. He then runs backstage, and we see three thugs begin hitting him with bats, and he is then shot in the head.

Six Months Earlier...

We see the intro to a highly successful children's show hosted by Rainbow Randolph/Smiley (Robin Williams). He sings a very catchy tune called 'Friends Come in All Sizes' with about 100 children, showing the massive popularity of this show.

We next see Smiley in a restaurant, where he meets with two parents, who reveal a briefcase filled with money, requesting that their kid will be in the spotlight of the next show. He takes the money, and walks out of the restaurant, saying he'll call if a spot opens up. The parents pull out guns and point, revealing themselves to be the FBI.

We see a montage of the destruction of the set of Smiley's show, the reaction by the press 'Smiley Busted by Feds for Bribe', and his display in Times Square being taken down. We next see Frank Stokes (Jon Stewart) in front of 10 KidNet executives, trying to find a replacement for the show. Stokes consults with Nora Wells (Katherine Keener) to find a suitable replacement. They decicde on Sheldon Mopes, a singer who plays to addicts at a Drug Clinic on Coney Island. Wells meets with Mopes, and she offers him the chance to do a show on KidNet. Mopes accepts, and rants on about how the show will be all quality. Wells doesn't really listen, and the next day Mopes is being fitted for his giant Smoochy costume, the purple rhino that will be hosting the new show.

The first Smoochy show is a giant success,

and we see Smiley, homeless, becoming maddened by the popularity of the Rhino that has taken his place. He vows revenge, just as Sheldon meets with a crooked agent called Burke (Danny DeVito). Burke helps Mopes regain control of the now commercialized 'Smoochy's Magic Jungle Hour', and helps him turn it back into the educational fun fest he planned it to be. Along the way, Sheldon meets a group of Irish thugs who he befriends, one of which is a brain-damaged ex-boxer named Spinner. Sheldon is threatened by the mob to give him a part on his show, and he accepts, even though his contribution ruins it somewhat.

Meanwhile, a mysterious orchestrator who owns KidNet is forcing Stokes to have Smoochy be more commercialized. At the same time, Sheldon is offered the chance to perform at a Smoochy Ice Show. Sheldon declines, claiming that he doesn't want to sell out. Smiley phones up Sheldon, claiming he's with a charity that wants him to perform for a benefit. Naturally, Sheldon accepts, but when he performs, he discovers it's actually a Nazi rally.

As soon as Sheldon tries to run, police raid the building, and arrest everyone, including him. Sheldon is pegged as being a Nazi, and his show is cancelled. His plan successful, Smiley comes back to his ex-girlfriend Wells, asking for his old time slot back. He accidentally reveals that he was behind the Nazi setup, and everything is righted again.

Sheldon gets his job back, and finally decides to accept the ice show offer. Merv Green, the evil KidNet owner orders Smoochy to be killed. After one of Smoochy's show, Sheldon's sidekick Spinner is prancing to the locker room in the darkened set in his Rhino suit (as seen in the beginning of the movie), just as Sheldon finally hits it off with Nora Wells. Meanwhile, the thugs mistake Spinner for Sheldon, and kill him, dropping him off on a road.

Smiley becomes even more enraged after Sheldon recovers, so he breaks into the corporate penthouse where Sheldon is staying with Wells. He kicks open the door with a gun, and in a drunken rage begins to fling the gun around and cry. As Smiley is weeping, Sheldon grabs the gun, and Smiley demands to be killed. Declined, Smiley asks if Sheldon will be his friend. He agrees, and Sheldon makes him feel better.

The night of the big ice show finally arrives---Stokes and Burke have hired a narcoleptic junkie assassin (good choice) to kill Smoochy at his show. The assassin comes and ties up Smiley's former sidekick in his home, who would have been performing at the ice show. He calls Smiley at the penthouse, and warns him that Smoochy will be assassinated. The ice show begins, and it depicts all of the things that have happened to Smoochy in the movie. Smiley rushes to the ice show with a gun, just as the assassin is about to kill Smoochy on a catwalk. Stoke and Burke are sitting in the audience, and give the assassin a signal.

As Smiley tackles the assassin to the ground, he fires the gun, shooting off part of the rhino costume. Smiley punches him off the catwalk, and he drags him down with him. Eventually, the assassin falls to the ice, shouting 'I never saw Venice!' on the way down. Smiley recovers, just as Sheldon realizes that Burke is behind the attempt on his life. He chases Burke with a gun through the city, finally ending up in an alleyway. Sheldon looks around in his Rhino costume for Burke, but he jumps from behind, and steals his gun. Just as Burke is about to shoot him, Wells appears behind Burke, putting a gun to his head. Burke puts his gun down, and Sheldon threatens to kill him. He almost does, but is stopped by the Irish thugs who come just in time to save the day. They kill Stokes and Burke in the alley.

At the end of the movie, Randolph Smiley gets to share a show with Smoochy the Rhino, and they ice skate to the end credits.


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