"Famed symbologist Professor Robert Langdon is called to the Louvre museum one night where a curator has been murdered, leaving behind a mysterious trail of symbols and clues. With his own survival at stake, Langdon, aided by the police cryptologist Sophie Neveu, unveils a series of stunning secrets hidden in the works of Leonardo Da Vinci, all leading to a covert society dedicated to guarding an ancient secret that has remained hidden for 2000 years. The pair set off on a thrilling quest through Paris, London and Scotland, collecting clues as they desperately attempt to crack the code and reveal secrets that will shake the very foundations of mankind."
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NOTE: This is spoiler #50 sent in by Brentage5000. who gives us his best academy acceptance speech... "Wow...fifty spoilers. You know when I started doing this with Shrek back in 2000, I had no idea it would end up becoming a full-time hobby for me. I wanna thank Dan for always accepting these, and those few readers who've emailed me little hints that something might be off with my spoilers...you know who you are. Also, I wanna give a shout out to IMDB, because without them, I wouldn't be able to give such a thorough cast listing. Finally, I wanna thank my parents, for taking me to see Ghostbusters II when I was young and kicking off my obsession with movies."

The film starts with the curator of the Lourve, Jacques Sauniere (Jean-Pierre Marielle) running through the museum and being chased by someone. Sauniere lifts one of the paintings off the wall and bars slide down between him and his pursuer, a man we know only as Silas. Sauniere starts to run, but Silas (Paul Bettany) pulls a gun on him and demands to know where it is. Sauniere refuses to tell at first but relents, saying it lies beneath the rose. Silas thanks the man and shoots him. Sauniere struggles out from under the painting and begins crawling.

Meanwhile, we see Professor Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks with mullet) giving a speech at a university in Paris on symbols and how they can be misinterpreted (a good example is what looks like a picture of the KKK actually being a bunch of Spanish clergymen). Later, he is signing autographs when he is approached by Lt. Collet (Etienne Chicot) of the French FBI. He tells Langdon that his assistance is required on a murder case, and after finding out that it was Sauniere, whom Langdon was supposed to have drinks with earlier that evening, he reluctantly agrees to go.

Elsewhere in the city, we see Silas in his barren apartment talking on the phone to someone he calls teacher. In Latin, he tells the Teacher that the location has been confirmed by all four, and that he will be heading for Saint-Sulpice chapel and will soon have it. He then proceeds to stand in front of a cross and flagellate himself in the name of the Lord, and we can see that this is something he does regularly.

Meanwhile, we see Langdon getting dropped off at the Lourve and meeting with Captain Bezu Fache (Jean Reno). The two go inside and Langdon comments on one of the pieces of art, an upside down pyramid above a right-side up one (important), although Fache just ignores him. They get into an elevator and we see that Langdon is very claustrophobic. They exit on the floor the murder took place at, and we see Sauniere in the position of DaVinci's perfect man (you know the one i mean) with a pentagram on his chest. Langdon identifies this as a pagan symbol and while explaining that this doesn't mean devil worship but rather god worship, he is shown something Sauniere wrote on the floor in his own blood: a ten-digit number sequence that both Langdon and the recently arrived assistant from the police department, Sophie Neveu (Audrey Tatou) identify as a Fibonacci sequence and a message -- "O Draconian Devil! O Lame Saint!" At this point, Sophie interrupts Langdon to tell him someone from his embassy left him a message on her machine at work. He dials the number and hears a message from Sophie that says, "Professor Langdon, you are in grave danger. Do not react to this message." He then gets instructions and excuses himself, saying he just found out a friend of his had been in an accident and he needs a moment in the bathroom. Meanwhile, we see a bishop named Aringarosa (Alfred Molina) getting a phone call from the teacher, and he is told what Silas has been up to.

In the bathroom, we see Langdon meeting Sophie, and she informs him that the police have put a GPS tracker in his pocket and they are looking to frame him for Sauniere's murder, since a fourth erased line of text said, "PS, Find Robert Langdon." While the cops monitor him being in the bathroom, they suddenly see him apparently jump out the window and make a run for it! They give chase, but we soon see that Langdon flushed the tracker. He and Sophie are back at the body, where she is explaining that "PS" is her, and it stand for "Princess Sophie", a name her grandfather - -Sauniere -- used to call her. Langdon looks at the message and he and Sophie realize it's an anagram and he puzzles out, "Leonardo DaVinci, The Mona Lisa." They check her out and find another message, "So Dark the con of man", which Sophie realizes is "Madonna of the Rocks." Beneath that painting, they find something Sauniere had, a Fleur de Li (kind of a cross necklace). Suddenly the police return, and our heroes have to get out of there.

Once escaped, Sophie tries to drop Langdon off at the American Embassy, but a police blockade ruins that. While they try to find somewhere else -- and escape police -- Langdon asks Sophie if she ever noticed her grandfather doing strange secret things, and he mentions a secret society known as the Priori of Scion, whose duty it was to protect the holy grail. Meanwhile, we see Silas at the church mentioned earlier and the head nun is clearly not happy that he's there so late. He gets rid of her, finds the rose, and breaks it open while remembering his earlier days of being a murderer, and then finding god and Aringarosa in jail, and ultimately saving Aringarosa's life from a couple of muggers. He breaks open a hole, reaches down to pull out the grail...and finds a stone with Job 38:11 -- "Hitherto shalt thou come, but no further: and here shall thy proud waves be stayed." He rages on the nun for seemingly mocking him and kills her. Meanwhile, in a park, we see Sophie and Langdon talking, and he tells her that the Priori are a secret society who work against the Templars, who got a little power crazy after their grail quest. Apparently the Priori seek to protect the grail and keep it safe from all. Meanwhile, we see Langdon examing the Fleur and he notices a manufacturers stamp on it -- 24Hanso. Sophie realizes that's an address and that the fleur is a key. Meanwhile, we see a council taking place where Aringarosa is asking for some money, and after a speech that seems a a little insulting to the other bishops of Opus Dei (his side), he gets it.

Back with Langdon and Sophie, the two have used the cross/key to enter some sort of bank. They are told by the manager to enter their ten-digit account number in a computer, and they realize it's the Fibonacci sequence. They enter it and end up with a small box. Immediately the manager comes in and says the police are coming. He hustles them out and into a bank truck which he manages to sneak them out of town on while we see Aringarosa giving an interview on Opus Dei before being interrupted by a phone call from the teacher, who he assures that Silas is intensely loyal and is the best possible servant of God. Back in the truck, Sophie is confessing that she doesn't believe in god thanks to her parents dying when she was four (which is also when Sauniere took her in) while Langdon opens the box to reveal a cryptice, something which once the right word is formed on its dial will open to reveal a secret. Sophie says that her grandfather gave her one once when the truck stops and the door opens with the manager pointing a gun at them and demanding the cryptice. They best him, though, and head for a friend of Langdon's, Sir Leigh Teabing. At the same time, we see the police still tracking Langdon when Bezu gets a call from Aringarosa.

Meanwhile, we see Langdon pulling up to Leigh's mansion, and after a great exchange to get in....

Leigh: "Shall I serve tea or coffee?"
Langdon: "Tea."
Leigh: "Precisely. Now...what shall I put in the tea....millk or lemon?"
Sophie: (whispered to Langdon) "Milk."
Langdon: "That would depend on the tea."
Leigh: "Very good. Now, the last....in what year did a cocky Harvard professor outwit a great Englishman?"
Langdon: "Surely such a travesty has never occured."

....the gate rises and Langdon and Sophie pull up. They are greeted by Lee and his servant/doorman/butler/bodyguard. Lee (Ian McKellan) enters the room and asks what brings them here. Langdon says he's into something here that he can't understand without Leigh's help, and while we see Silas sneaking up to the house, Leigh tells them that the grail is not actually a cup, since there are no wine glasses on the table at the last supper in the painting, but a woman sitting next to Jesus whose colors perfectly contrast his own red robe and blue scarf with a blue robe and red scarf. That woman was Jesus's wife and is Mary Magdelene and, after a little photo manipulation, we can see that Mary's head is lying on Jesus's shoulder. When Sophie argues that the book of Phillip (which Leigh read from, and which was cut out at the council of Nycea, along with the gospel according to Mary Magdelene) identified her as Jesus's companion, Langdon clarifies that back then, companion meant spouse (hence the proper present meaning, a permanent companion). Leigh then proposes that the two had children and that at the time of the crucifixion, Mary was pregnant and smuggled out of the country by some of the disciples. She gave birth, and that has been what the war between the Priori and Opus Dei is about -- protecting - or killing - the last descendants of Jesus Christ. Right then, Silas -- who has managed to sneak in -- attacks, but he is overtaken by the bodyguard, and the group -- Langdon, Sophie, Leigh, bodyguard, and captive Silas -- escape through a car in the barn just as the police arrive, heading for a plane bound for Zurich.

While Fache figures out where Langdon and the others are going, we see that group aboard the plane, examing the cryptice. As Leigh attempts different five letter words that the answer might be -- cross, spear, Jesus, blood, grail, etc. -- Sophie asks Silas if he killed Sauniere, and she eventually gets something equating a yes out of him, although he mostly says, "I am the messenger of God." Meanwhile, Langdon remembers that the answer was beneath the rose and notices a rose on the box the cryptice came in. He breaks the box open and finds a little message in it. After holding it up to the mirror, he finds a message saying that a knight a pope interred in London has a missing orb and that the answer lies there. They change course for London but after landing in the hangar find the police waiting for them. Leigh and Alex (the bodyguard) disembark and the cops search the plane, but no one's there! Leigh drives off, and we see that Silas, Langdon, and Sophie are hidden uncomfortably in back, having snuck out the other side of the plane. They head off but get attacked along the way, and Leigh and Alex are taken by Silas, and Langdon and Sophie are left on their own. After borrowing someones mobile internet, they realize that "a pope" is actually Alexander Pope, who interred the templar knight Isacc Newton. Meanwhile, we see Alex talking with the teacher (who we don't see immediately) about his next job and the teacher offers him a drink. Alex takes it and immediately begins choking on the poison in the drink, and as the teacher bends over to pick up the thermos, we see that it is Leigh.

Back in temple church, Sophie and Langdon are looking for the missing orb and not having any luck when Leigh pops up and surprises them. He holds a gun on them and demands the cryptice. At first they don't hand it over, but when he threatens to shoot Sophie, Langdon takes the cryptice out...and gets up, starting to work it out. He looks around at the different orbs shown and suddenly throws the cryptice up in the air. It smashes on the floor and Leigh screams in rage. Meanwhile, outside, we see Silas dashing to catch up to where Leigh is, but he is cut off by the police. He races to find a way out, killing some cops, but as he rounds a corner and fires at someone, he realizes that he just shot Aringarosa. He collapses in anguish and the police, mistaking his waving gun hand for an attack, shoot him dead. Later, we see Aringarosa being taken away in an ambulance and being told by Fache that Silas is dead. Elsewhere, we see Leigh being arrested and taken away while he yells at Robert for breaking the cryptice, saying that because of him, no one will ever be able to pray at the grave of the Magdelene, which he had come to think of as the most religious experience possible. When Langdon ignores him, Leigh starts laughing and accuses Robert of having opened it and removed the map before breaking it. The police take him away and Langdon confirms Leigh's accusations, explaining that every orb was there except the one that inspired Newton's work that told him what held the solar system together -- the apple. He shows Sophie the paper that was hidden inside the cryptice, which points them back to the Rosslyn chapel.

At the chapel, the two look around, and Sophie begins to get the feeling that she's been there before, and we see her family having taken her there in flashback. Her recollection is interrupted by Robert, who comes over and shows her a star of David, which is the combined form of DaVinci's symbols for man (an inverted V) and woman (a regular V). They sneak into the collection of rooms beyond and find files of genealogy dating back hundreds of years. On an inspiration, Langdon asks her if she has any memories of her grandfather before she was four, and she says no, and the one time she tried to find out her family history, her grandfather yelled at her and made her swear to never try to find out. Years later, when she was in school, she came home a few days early and saw him taking part in some strange ritual, and they never really spoke after that. Langdon shows her a chart with her family on it, and Langdon explains that Sauniere wasn't really her grandfather, and that her real name was St. Croix, which means cross, which means that she is a descendant of Jesus Christ. They head upstairs with Sophie's head reeling and are greeted by members of the Priori, and Sophie's grandmother steps forward and embraces her. Later, she and Langdon are talking and he tells her that regardless of her ancestry, all that matters is what she believes. She thanks him and heads back to her family. On the way, she dips a toe in a wellful of water to see if she can walk on it, but her foot sinks in. She just shrugs and says, "Maybe I'll have better luck with the wine."

A few nights later, we see Langdon back in Paris and shaving his face while listening to the news. He cuts himself and notices the blood in the sink drifting down, and the shape looks a little like a rose. He stares at it and then, remembering something he once said to Fache and the fact that everything kept saying the grail was beneath the rose, takes off, following the roseline -- which runs the prime meridian -- all the way to the Lourve. He looks down and sees two things -- a rose emblem, and the "base" of the upside-down pyramid he pointed out to Fache at the beginning of the film, and as the camera spirals down through the pyramids and layers of rock to show the grave of Mary Magdalene several miles beneath the street, Langdon falls to one knee and begins to pray.

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Leigh Teabing ( Sir Ian McKellen) is the Teacher, and has been exploiting the Opus Dei (a branch of the Catholic Church) to aid his own quest for the Holy Grail. It turns out the Grail is not a cup, as previous films have suggested, but the remains of the ancient Mary Magdalene, Jesus Christ's supposed companion/spouse.

Teabing confronts Sophie Neveu and Robert Langdon ( Audrey Tautou and Tom Hanks) at the supposed resting place of Mary Magdalene and threatenes them to open the cryptex (which contains the actual whereabouts of Mary Magdalene). Robert secretly releases the map from the cryptex keystone and breaks the cryptex so it appears that the clue inside it is lost forever, which allows the police to arrest Teabing, as their Captain Bezu Fache ( Jean Reno) is also a member of the Opus Dei.

Bishop Aringarosa ( Alfred Molina) realizes that he and his monk Silas ( Paul Bettany) were betrayed and used by the Teacher, but Silas does not realize this and panics, shooting police officers and accidentally his master. Police then shoot and kill Silas, but Aringarosa survives, albeit in the hands now of Fache, an angered follower who was besiegingly tipped off by Aringarosa to pursue Langdon as the murderer behind this travesty. Fache takes Aringarosa into custody.

The map/clue Langdon pulled from the cryptex leads himself and Sophie to a church in Ireland. Unfortunately, Magdalene's remains had been moved. However, while there, Sophie reveals some more details about her past with her grandfather, the Grand Master of the Priory, who kept her greatest secret from all including her. Langdon then figures out that Sophie is the descendant of Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ. After the death of her family, she was taken to be the ward of her "grandfather". And Sophie's grandfather had set up this scheme of events to help her keep the secret of the grail so it doesn't die with the other Priory of Sion members (since they were all assassinated in the beginning of the movie and the Priory of Sion is a secret organization that are to protect the grail and the blood line of Jesus Christ). It then turns out Sophie's grandmother is still alive, and she offers Sophie a place of sanctuary where she will be guarded by other worthy members of the Priory. Sophie and Langdon say their heartfelt goodbyes.

Finally, back in France, Langdon has a realization that the Holy Grail was there in Paris all along. The clues in the map lead Langdon back to where it all started, at the Louvre, below the Roseline, between the inverted pyramid (the Chalice) and the pryamid beneath (the Blade). In a room surrounded by the art of the masters, below which lie, ever permanently, the remains of Mary Magdalene. Langdon kneels, as the Knight finishing his quest, and bows his head in reverence to her Holiness.

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