"Instead of gore, it has a crafty Agatha Christie-style script and a smart lead performance by Lindy Booth, who walks away with the movie and a bright future."
New York Post, Kyle Smith
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NOTE: This Spoiler was sent in by WriterDudette.

The film begins with a dark screen and the sound of someone panting and sobbing in the background. As the picture comes into focus, we see a girl running through the woods, pursued by someone with a flashlight. She hides in the brush, and the killer flicks the flashlight over trees and bushes, trying to find her, to no avail. We think she's gotten away, until the killer whips out a cell phone and dials her number. Her phone rings and she is shot.

We next focus on a beautiful campus, presumably someplace in upstate New York. Owen (Julian Morris), an exchange student from London, arrives at the prep academy, and runs into the beautiful Dodger (Lindy Booth) on the steps of the main hall. She tells him that she's skipping an assembly that's being held on a missing girl; he tells her he's from London and asks for the reason behind her name -- she explains that her mother was a Dickens scholar and presumably named her after one of Dickens' most famous characters, The Artful Dodger from Oliver Twist. They flirt playfully for a bit more, until a teacher catches them and reprimands Dodger for skipping the assembly. Owen intervenes and tells her that Dodger was just showing him to his dorm room, establishing a friendship between himself and her.

A few hurried scenes depict the chaotic campus life, and we see that Owen has a strained relationship with his father, who never answers the phone when he calls him.

Owen's roommate is a guy named Tom (Jared Padalecki), and some of the first we see of him is when he wakes Owen up in the middle of the night to tell him that a bunch of kids are all meeting in the chapel to play a game, hosted by -- who else? -- Dodger. The game is, she explains, to lie and manipulate both your friends and your enemies. She collects money from all of them and goes on to further explain that she's going to mark someone with a red pen, and that person will be the wolf. The rest of them are sheep. They will all accuse someone of being the wolf, and the accused must then lift up their shirt to show whether they have the mark or not. If the wolf makes it to the end of the game, they get the money; if not, the sheep do. It is essentially a stripping game, and numerous shots ensue of everyone lifting up their shirts. Dodger has marked Owen, and he makes it to the end of the game, managing to piss off several other players by being "the new guy" whom Dodger favors. After the game, they both flirt some more, but Owen breaks it up by accidentally insulting Dodger's friends, whom he labels as "bored rich kids".

The next day, police find the missing girl, her bloodied hand sticking up through the leaves.

Also that day, Owen oversleeps from the game the night before, and rushes to computer class, late. The teacher, Mr. Walker (Jon Bon Jovi), tells him not to worry -- and that if being late is the worse thing that's happened to him during his first week, he got off lucky. Owen sits down at his computer and gets an IM from Dodger, telling him that there will be a new plan at 10:00.

At lunch, the group discusses the dead girl's murder. Dodger suggests that they start a different lying game, where the group will be the wolves and the rest of the school will be the sheep. They decide to pretend that the girl's murderer is on campus and will strike again. She and Owen meet in the computer lab later and create a killer, giving him an orange ski mask, a camouflage jacket, a knife, and all sorts of other things. Later, the group decides that the killer should have a pattern, and they makes up murders for each one of them.

To further the prank, Owen sends out a mass e-mail to all the students on campus, warning them of the killer. The students begin to gossip, and their faces all fade in to become the camouflage jacket that the killer wears (really creepy effect).

Owen gets in trouble with Mr. Walker, who tells him that the e-mail made its way around to the mother of the girl who got killed. He says that he likes Owen and won't send him to the principal's office, because apparently Owen's father pulled a lot of strings for him to get into the school, and if he's sent to the principal's office, he'll probably be expelled. Owen assures him that the whole wolf plot was just a joke, and that nothing in high school is ever serious.

ipod_nano_180x150Later that night, Owen gets an IM from someone claiming to be The Wolf, threatening him and Tom that he will "pick their bones clean".

The next day, Dodger is swimming alone in the pool and there are things repeatedly thrown at her. They turn out to be blocks of ice, thrown by Owen and Tom to get back at her for the IM, since they assume it was her doing. Dodger cries out and begins to drown, and the boys think they've hit her with one of the ice blocks. Owen jumps in and drags her out, whereupon she spits water in his face and laughs at him -- she was joking all along. They ask her about the IM and she denies ever sending it.

Owen next accuses Graham, who denies sending the IM as well. He mentions that there was a lot of noise coming from Owen's room, and Owen rushes up to find all of Tom's stuff completely trashed, and Tom threatens to beat him up. They get another IM from The Wolf saying, "I ate your friend," and there is blood on the keyboard. Tom calls Regina, whom he says specializes in fake blood, and Regina tells him that she's away on a trip for AP bio.

Owen goes to talk to Dodger, and they hold their conversation in the back of the library. She tells him that she's actually from around town and would thus be considered "trash", and that her mom is actually a sixth grade English teacher. They almost kiss, but a book gets knocked down and someone in an orange ski mask and camouflage jacket walks by. There is a tense scene where Owen and Dodger walk through the aisles, the lights turning off every time they move, and it seems as if they're about to be discovered by The Wolf, but it turns out to be only the librarian. She tells them to go make out in the German philosophy section, as no one will bother them there. Owen and Dodger go out of the library and he tries to kiss her again, but she turns him down by saying, "I'm not a fan of PDA," and leaves. Owen returns to the library and realizes his backpack that he dropped has been stolen.

It turns out that Randall is missing, and Owen begins to suspect that he's a victim of The Wolf. He promises to go out to dinner with Dodger and goes to find her, but instead finds her kissing Mr. Walker. He runs back to his dorm room, and Tom and he discuss costumes for the Halloween party on the night of the 30th.

The next day in computers class, Owen opens his backpack and a knife falls out. Mr. Walker marches him to the principal's office but Owen tells him that he knows what he and Dodger were doing last night, and Mr. Walker has to surrender. At the party that night, Dodger asks Owen to come join them, but he's angry at her for kissing the teacher and tells her that he's out of the game. He goes to set up chairs in the cafeteria, and is stalked by The Wolf, who slashes at him with a knife. Owen hides behind a shelf and manages to force The Wolf outside, locking the door. He runs back to the party and is told by Lewis and Regina that Randall's car is in the parking lot. Owen decides that it was Randall dressed up as The Wolf, and wants to get back at him by stealing his car. As he starts the engine, he notices blood on the dashboard, and then The Wolf pounces on him from the back seat. He manages to get out of the car and runs across the parking lot, screaming for help. Some nearby cops hear him and point their guns at The Wolf, who takes off the mask and turns out to be Mercedes, Lewis' girlfriend, very frightened and telling the cops that it was just a joke.

Back in his dorm room, Owen gets yet another IM from The Wolf, this time saying, "When does lie become truth?" Regina's prank has gotten her into a lot of trouble, and Owen has a talk with the principal.

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It is now Halloween. Owen invites the group to the chapel for a meeting, and he says that he truly believes The Wolf is an actual person, maybe even the murderer of the first girl, and that he's read the e-mail and is now attacking for revenge. His story frightens the group, who then proceed to confess to playing all sorts of pranks -- from stealing Owen's backpack to chasing him in the cafeteria. No one confesses to sending the IMs. Dodger tells them that they're all victims of their own lies, and Owen tells her that he knows about her kissing Mr. Walker. She begins to cry and leaves the chapel.

That night, Mercedes is taking a shower while talking to Lewis on the phone. He playfully asks her to take a picture of herself partially-naked and send it to him. She does so, and in the background, he sees the shadow of The Wolf. He tells her that someone's in the room with her, and she turns around and screams, before laughing and telling him that it's probably Tom. At that moment, Tom, Regina, and Owen walk into the room with Lewis, who tells Mercedes that Tom is right there with him. Mercedes sees the knife in The Wolf's hand and she screams twice before the phone connection is cut.

Lewis runs to find Mercedes, and Tom, Regina, and Owen run to the chapel, where they find Randall's body all bloodied up and bruised. Regina begins to cry, and Owen says he's going to find Dodger, and Tom says he'll give him twenty minutes -- if he isn't back by then, he and Regina are leaving campus.

Owen runs to the dormitory to find Dodger, but instead finds Lewis on a couple of flights above him, leaning over the stairwell to talk to him. He is suddenly grabbed by The Wolf, and we hear him screaming. Owen runs up the stairs to find only a large streak of blood on the floor where Lewis was standing before. He hears Dodger scream, runs into her room, calling for her, and sees her make her way out of the building. He runs to Mr. Walker's office and the phone rings there. It's Dodger, and she's in hysterical tears, telling him that she found Mercedes' body. She also informs him that Mr. Walker keeps a gun in his desk, and Owen should use it to protect himself. He looks out the window and sees her heading towards the office...but he also sees The Wolf in the background, coming after her. He screams a warning and a chase ensues, but the door is locked and we hear Dodger scream three times. Owen begins to cry, looking up when Mr. Walker enters, and he points the gun at him, accusing him of being The Wolf. Mr. Walker says he has no idea what Owen is talking about. It is discovered that Mr. Walker was also in a sexual relationship with the first murdered girl, and they wrestle for the gun, but Owen ends up shooting him dead. At that moment, Dodger walks into the office completely unharmed, and she sees that Owen has shot Mr. Walker. The scene cuts to cops leading Owen away as Dodger cries, and the group all confesses to the whole thing being an elaborate prank to scare Owen -- they didn't plan on Mr. Walker getting shot.

Owen meets his dad at the police station, who displays the first bit of affection he's shown throughout the movie by greeting his son with a hug. They talk and it turns out that Owen is only on probation, because apparently Mr. Walker's gun was the gun used to murder the first girl, so it is assumed that Mr. Walker killed her, and thus Owen has just killed a wanted murderer. A cop comes in and tells Owen that he has a visitor waiting for him in the front lobby.

The visitor turns out to be Dodger, and she and Owen talk for a bit, before she mentions that if she had known Mr. Walker was cheating on her with the first murdered girl, she'd never have started the prank. Suddenly, it all becomes clear to Owen, and he realizes that Dodger set up the entire plan so that Mr. Walker would get shot as her revenge for him cheating on her. Only she couldn't do it herself, so she got Owen to do it. And she was the one who murdered the girl, with Mr. Walker's own gun. Owen explains all this and Dodger gets an angry look on her face before saying, "Even if that was true, who would believe you?" She leaves and everything around Owen is in fast motion, the people melting into blurs, perhaps symbolizing a mess of chaos and lies.

Roll credits.

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