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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by - Chicka314

This movie starts out with three young girls burying a "wish box" in the ground. They vow to dig it up on the night of their high school graduation. They also all pledge to stay best friends forever...

We cut to Lucy (Britney Spears) dancing on her bed in her undies. Her father (Dan Ackroyd) comes in and we discover that Lucy is her high school's valedictorian and today is graduation. She and Mimi (Taryn Manning) and Kit (Zoe Saldana) were the three young girls but they are no longer friends.

Mimi is a trailer trash kind of gal who is pregnant.

Kit is the popular homecoming queen with tons of friends. She is also engaged to be married to Dylan, who is a college student in L.A.

Lucy is the smart girl with perfect grades. She wants to pursue music in college while her father wants her to become a doctor. Lucy's mom left when Lucy was three. She lives in Arizona. Lucy is disappointed that she didn't get to experience high school like everyone else because she was always studying. Her dads says that she is better because of it.

That night all the seniors are at a big party.

Mimi tries to persuade Kit and Lucy to come and dig up the box, but they refuse. Lucy and her lab partner have agreed to sleep with each other and Kit just wants to party.

Later, at the place where they buried the box, Mimi goes to dig it up. She is surprised to see both Lucy and Kit there. Lucy decided not to sleep with her lab partner because she wants her first time to be special. They realize that their dreams haven't come true. Mimi says that she is leaving to fulfill hers (seeing the world) by leaving for LA to enter a singing contest. She invites the others to come if they want to. Lucy's dream was to see her Mom. She goes on the trip to be dropped off in Arizona to meet her Mom. Kit wanted to be married so she goes to visit her finance in LA.

Ben, a cute drummer, has agreed to drive them.

The girls are still all stiff around each other so for a while the trip is pretty boring. They stop at a shabby motel to stay the first night. This is when they realize that they only have $400 dollars and will have to spend wisely.

As they are driving the next day their car breaks down. Lucy recognizes the problem immediately, because her father is a mechanic. However, the group doesn't have enough money to repair it. They decide to have Mimi perform Karaoke to win some money but she chickens out and Lucy is forced to step in. The girls are great and they earn tons of money. They stay in a really nice hotel and spend all night talking.

We learn that Lucy is really scared about meeting her mother. We also discover that Mimi isn't really a party girl like everyone thought. In fact the only time she has partied was at Christmas when she got really drunk. She took a ride home from a guy who drank from a blue bottle (very important later!) and was raped. She is going to raise the baby by herself.

The group continues on the next morning. Lucy and Ben are becoming very close. She even shares her poetry with him. She reads him a poem called "I'm not a girl, not yet a women" and he later puts it to music for her. (surprise, surprise).

They don't get together by the time Lucy is dropped off at her mom's though.

Lucy's Mom is very cruel to her and treats her like a child. She now is remarried and has two sons, Lucy's half brothers, who didn't even know about her. Lucy goes to the hotel that the group is staying at and tells them the rest. Her Mom told her that she was an accident and that her father forced her Mom to have Lucy. Ben listens to her and they become closer.

At last they arrive in LA. One day, before the contest, Mimi and Kit go out to sightsee. Kit wants to go and visit her finance, Dylan. They do and discover another women in his room. Kit then notices the blue beer bottle in Dylan's hand and realizes that he was the man who raped Mimi. Mimi starts to run away, ashamed, and trips down some stairs. She is rushed to the hospital.

At the same time Lucy and Ben are having sex back in the hotel room. It is very sweet and tender, just like she imagined it. We don't see anything. They receive a phone call and rush to the hospital.

Mimi lost the baby and is very heartbroken. She is in the hospital for a while. During that time Lucy calls her father who immediately flies to LA. He starts to take all of the girls to the airport when Lucy tells him that she is staying and runs to Ben. They kiss.

We cut to the contest where we see Lucy singing her song "I'm not a girl, not yet a women." Then we cut again to the beach where the girls are burying a new wishbox. They pledge to be there for each other always.


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