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"THE CREW" consists of 4 retired "Wise Guys" from New York, now living in a run down hotel in Miami Beach. They spend most of their day sitting in wicker chairs on the front porch complaining about life. Richard Dreyfuss' only regret in life is that when he was sent to prison years earlier, he left behind a wife and eight year old daughter, Olivia. When he got out, they had left him and he hasn't seen his daughter since.

The latest topic to complain about on the porch is how ever since Madonna moved to Miami, every yuppie in the country wants to move there as well. It is no longer a retirement area but is now a young, hip party scene. The owners of the hotel want to raise the rent and force most of the seniors out and attract a younger crowd.

Burt Reynolds has a knack for coming up with great ideas whenever he is on deaths door. After getting into an argument on the front porch with a young couple looking for a beachfront room, Burt has a heart attack but when he is revived in the ambulance, he comes up with a great plan...

They steal a corpse from the morgue, tie it up in their hotel lobby and shoot its head off with a shotgun. Everyone thinks it's a mob hit and suddenly, no one wants to live in the hotel. In fact, the owners reduce the rent and give the residents a $1000 bonus if they sign a long term lease. Everything worked out great.

Suddenly they have all this extra money, they're feeling more confident than ever. Even Tony (Seymour Cassel) is back on track with the ladies and is spending lots of money on a dancer (Jennifer Tilly).

The two detectives working on the case question the crew. Since they live there, maybe they saw something. The lead detective, Carrie-Anne Moss (the girl from THE MATRIX), gives Dreyfuss her card... Olivia Neal. Dreyfuss know immediately that this is his daughter but doesn't tell her.

Turns out that the corpse was actually the father of a Colombian drug king, now living in Miami. He will stop at nothing to find the murderer of his father.

Seymour Cassel never talks in the movie. He only talks after he has sex and in this case, talks a lot to Jennifer Tilly. He blabs everything to her about the corpse in the lobby. She gets the group together and tells them that word on the street is that the drug king will pay big money to find out who killed his father. She says that she will keep quiet if they knock off her stepmother. Her stepmother (Lainie Kazan) is a very rich retired deli owner form New York.

They agree but can't bring themselves to kill her. Instead, they kidnap her, get a phony skeleton from the morgue, put it in Lainie's bed and burn down her house. Unfortunately, the neighbors house also burns down. The neighbor turns out to be the same Colombian drug king. He is now more pissed than ever.

The second detective on the case is Jeremy Piven. He is kind of a goofball and suspects the crew from the start. It turns out that he also works for the Colombian and he brings their hitmen to Dreyfuss' apartment to get the truth. While Dreyfuss is going to the bathroom, they break in and kidnap Jennifer Tilly, Lainie Kazan and Seymour Cassel. They also capture Olivia who was there following her partner. They are brought to the Colombian's boat to meet with him.

Meanwhile, Druyfuss, Burt Reynolds and Dan Hedaya get into an argument while trying to come up with a plan to rescue them. They can't come up with anything so Dreyfuss knocks Reynolds down and almost drowns him in the toilet. When he is revived, Reynolds has an idea...

Luckily, Hedaya has kept in touch with all their "wise guy" friends through Christmas cards. They call up all their old buddies who it seems are also all retired and living in Florida. These guys pose as lost vacationers looking for their cruise ship and force their way on board the Colombian's boat.

There is a series of comical shootouts climaxing with the Colombian holding a gun on Olivia while asking Dreyfuss who he is. Dreyfuss jumps on him, knocking the three of them in the water. He starts beating the heck out of the Colombian while shouting to him that he is her father. The police arrive and drag the Colombian away.

The ship had a ton of drugs on board that the police take but it also had even more Cuban cigars that "The Crew" take. With the profits from the cigars, they buy their hotel and all their wise guy buddies move in.

The film ends with Dreyfuss and his daughter sitting on the beach reminiscing,.

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Richard Dreyfuss, Seymour Cassel, Dan Hedaya and Burt Reynolds:
Four retired "wise guys" just sitting around complaining.
Carrie-Anne Moss, Lainie Kazan, Jennifer Tilly and Jeremy Piven:
They are being led to face the Colombian.
Back in action!