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Piper Perabo plays 21 year old Violet Sanford, living at her New Jersey home with her father, John Goodman. She has aspirations to become a songwriter but to fulfill this dream she needs to move 41 miles up to New York City. Goodman doesn't want her to go but wishes her good luck as she leaves.

She moves into a ratty old apartment with paper thin walls. Whenever she plays her keyboard, no matter how quietly, her neighbor starts banging on the walls. She is forced to go on the rooftop to sing and play.

She goes from one record company to another trying to have someone listen to her music but there is to much red tape involved and she is getting pretty frustrated.

At a bar one night she meets a guy who she thinks is a music talent agent. She gives him her tape and as he tries to move in on her, she finds out that he is just a cook at the restaurant.

When she gets back home, her apartment has been thrashed and all her music, equipment and reserve money is gone.

The next morning she goes to a bar called "COYOTE UGLY". She meets the owner and asks for a job. Frustrated, Piper gives the owner a little attitude and the owner hires her on the spot, liking what she sees.

The bar is packed and the women working behind the counter are full of attitude and spunk. They do wild dances, flaming bar tricks and anything sexy to sell a drink. Piper doesn't quite fit in. When the owner tells her to get up on the bar and do her stuff, Piper can't and is fired. On her way out, she breaks up a fight and the owner, liking the way she handled it, gives her her job back.

Piper goes back to the restarunt to find the dishwasher to get her tape back. He tells her she is pretty talented and the two start a relationship.

One night, back at the Coyote, Piper sprays water on a customer (a tradition to anyone ordering anything with water) only to find out that it is the fire marshall. The bar is fined $250. The owner tells Piper she needs to make up the $250 that night or she is fired again. Piper's new boyfriend shows up at the bar and Piper gets out the bullhorn and auctions him off to all the ladies present for $250.

The boyfriend tells Piper that the only way she can break into the music business is to go to open mike nights at the various clubs. Piper can't, she has unbelievable stage fright. He helps her by having her sing in the dark as if no one is around.

One night a huge fight breaks out at the Coyote, the police are there and it is so out of control that they are about to shut the place down. In the background a Blondie song comes on the jukebox ... "one way, or another, I'm gonna getcha getcha getcha..." Piper picks up the mike, jumps on the bar and starts prancing around belting out the tune along with the jukebox. Suddenly, the patrons can't keep their eyes off her and the fight turns to cheers for Piper. The press is there and Piper's picture is plastered on the NY papers.

Her father (Goodman) goes to the bar to see for himself and is outraged. At a wedding for her best friend Goodman tells her that for the first time in his life he is ashamed of her.

One night at the Coyote with things getting a little wild again, her boyfriend sees another man flirting with her at the bar and starts a fight, getting himself kicked out. Piper has broken the "No boyfriends allowed at the bar" rule and is fired again.

She gets a call that her father has been in a auto accident. She goes to the hospital and he is okay. She tells him she is moving back home, having failed in New York. Goodman won't stand for it. He tells her that he never supported her mother's singing career and he won't make the same mistake with her.

Now with her father's total support, Piper goes back to New York, makes a demo CD and is asked to play her song at a top nightclub.

Her father, boyfriend, best friend and all the workers from Coyote Ugly, come out to support her. The music starts but her stage fright acts up again and she can't sing. Suddenly, the lights go out (thanks to her boyfriend) and she begins singing. She is a big hit.

Cut to three months later back at the Coyote Ugly...

The bar is pleased to announce that LeAnn Rhimes is there to sing her new hit record, written by Piper. LeAnn hops up on the bar and sings the new hit. Piper gets on the bar and sings along with her.

Her dream has come true.

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Piper Perabo being introduced by the owner of Coyote Ugly.
The final scene:
Piper's dreams all come true when LeAnn Rhimes records one of the songs Piper has written. They sing it together at the "Coyote"
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"...I'm gonna getcha getcha getcha
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