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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by rickie who says... "The Core is a 'deep-earth' version of Armageddon. It's not a bad movie, I'd give it 3.5 out of 5, especially with the special effects and all, but the drama and emotion involved are much, MUCH less than Armageddon. Enjoy!!"

The movie starts by showing scenes of chaos around the world. One part reminds me of the movie ‘Birds’ from the story of famous Alfred Hitchcock. In this scene the birds are going crazy and started flying into buildings, cars, even people. The town people are in immense panic, and started running for covers. One crowd gathered inside a shop, and finally the shop’s window was smashed after it was hit continuously by birds. Buses was turned upside-down, having the windshield smashed, birds flying in, and the driver lost control. The result: traffic was paralyzed, full of cars smashing to each others, shop windows destroyed, and dead birds are scattering all over the place.

In a space ship were Rebecca, or simply Beck (Hillary Swank), with Sgt. Iverson, his senior and captain. They were trying to land the ship. The landing process was guided from earth by Stick (a woman, by the way). There were a brief shut down on their communication and screen, and when it came back it shows that the ship was a few miles off course. In short, Beck saved the day with her brilliant idea but the ship suffers from damages.

Inside his lab Dr.Jack Keyes (who apparently was a physics professor in a university) studied the irregularities spread around the world. He suddenly had an idea, gave some technical order to his assistant to prove it, and muttering in front of his computer “please be wrong, please be wrong”.

Cuts to Dr.Conrad Zimsky who was a very famous physicist. He was descending from a building, surrounded by reporters. He appeared self-assured and even arrogant. Dr. Keyes persuaded him to take a look at his paper, contains his prediction on what has been going on: end of the world. Dr.Zimsky went through the paper, and, like it or not, he had to admit it was true. He then contacted a military general and told him the whole story.

Meanwhile Beck was facing a court marshall and a possible penalty for damaging the spaceship. After all it was her decision to land on that river.

Dr .Keyes was having drinks with his bud Dr.Serge (a french guy) when two military officers picked him up and took him into an assemblance of high-rank military personnel. Dr. Zimsky was also there. Dr.Keyes explained to them how the liquid core of the earth has begun to stop rotating, causing the earth to stop rotating too, eventually. This condition causes the earth to lose its electromagnetic field, and the earth will go crazy from that. The sun will roast the earth, electric storms will create havoc, and humanity as we know it shall perish.

So, something has to be done about this. Someone would have to dive to that liquid core and detonate atomic bombs to make it start rotating again. First they have to find the ship (what else would you call a transportation that you use to travel in the ground? Definitely not a submarine….. subterrain?). In the middle of the dessert, they found this genius Dr.Ed Brazzelton (Braz) who had invented such subterrain ship. He also (magically) build a super supersonic laser that can create holes in a rock mountain (how convenient). Braz and Dr.Zimsky shared a past. Something about Zimsky stealing Braz’s work.

Under the General’s order, they started to build the ship in live scale, using government’s budget and resources.

They also started to collect the crew. Some genius is needed to do the computer works. They picked up Ratz, a computer geek, for that job. Next they need someone to steer the ship, none other than Beck and Iverson.

It was then time to leave. They were plunged into the ocean and started their journey from there. The ship emits supersonic pulses that attract whales (important later).

After that the journey is nothing but one trouble after another. The first one was entering a hollow, gas-filled cave. The machine was built to dig, not to fly, Braz said. So they can only slid aimlessly amongst the crystals which was covering the walls. It was a beautiful sight, by the way. One giant crystal punched the machine right in the middle, stopping it from jumping into a ravine yet stopping it from going anywhere. They had to fix the problem. When they was almost finished, a hole appeared on the ceiling and hot lava started to flow in, followed by a rain of crystal. One of the debris hit Iverson in the head. He died.

Meanwhile the disasters start. Rome was hit by a sudden electrical storm, with lightning bolts destroying everything from streets to the Coliseum (it beats me how lightning can travel through the stones and destroyed it). It flattened Rome to piles of rocks and debris.

Keyes and Serge were working at the back of the ship on the bomb detonators when they entered a diamond-filled layer. The ship can’t cut trough diamonds, so it was a rocky journey, and part of the ship they were working in is damaged. According to the machine’s design, any damaged part will be sealed, detached, and destroyed. Serge was locked in. He died.

Next they found out that the bombs are not strong enough to make the core rolls. This means their failure is certain. The General has a new idea, supported by Zimsky. He was going to launch DESTINY, a bomb detonator invented by Dr.Zimsky to blow up the core. And then the communication was out. General sticks to DESTINY plan. If they don’t go out in time, DESTINY will destroy them as well. All agreed to try anyway, except Dr.Zimsky. He freaked out, fearing for his own life. He’d rather DESTINY do their job. But the others are determined to give it another try. Ratz secretly contacted Keyes and agreed to sabotage DESTINY so they can go on. Searching hopelessly for hours, Ratz finally found the DESTINY project and sabotaged it.

Another disaster strikes. Electromagnetic (EM) field disappears from San Fransisco, doubles up the sunray’s power to the point that it can boil water, burn trees, and – the grand finale – cuts the Golden Bridge in half.

Inside the ship, they developed a new plan, that is to detonate the bombs one by one. The idea is to place each bomb in 5 different parts of the ship, set the time, than detach the parts one by one and let them blow up. Problem is, the ship parts can’t be detached unless a damage is detected. To detach them manually, they had to override the protocol from the outside. I should remind you that ‘outside’ is deep earth with a temperature over 10000. Whoever goes out, dies. They pick straws to decide who’s going. Braz had the shortest. Zimsky, though, stopped him and found out that Braz had cheated, he personally want to go outside. This is funny. At the beginning Zimsky is terrified about dying, and now he stopped Braz from sacrificing his life and spare Zimsky’s. Braz go out anyway. He succeed. He dies.

One by one the parts are detached. The last one, as usual, is a problem. This time Zimsky got locked in. But he was actually being a brave gentleman about this. They also realized that the last blow has to be bigger than the first four. To do that, Keyes gave up their fuel supply, thus making it impossible to journey back.

Keyes and Beck are the only ones left. They were accepting the fact that they’re about to die, when Keyes has an idea to produce power to the ship, by welding the power wires to the walls of the ship.

The ship was propelled and pushed by the rotation of the core, and they were thrown back to the surface. Well, not quite the surface. They were stranded at the bottom of the sea. Up above, the General was giving up the search party, because they couldn’t find anything but whales. But then Ratz realized that the whales they saw swimming around were actually circling the ship. Keyes and Beck were rescued.

The General put all this operation as ‘strictly confidential’, but the survivors didn’t seem to agree. They wanted their friends to be remembered as the ones who saved the whole world. So Ratz stole some documents and, using his computer ability, uploaded everything to let the world know about the whole thing and those they lost were remembered as heroes.


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