NOTE: What can I say, Marcus sends in some of the BEST spoilers...

The film begins in a foreign prison, where two cameramen met with the prison guards about a certain inmate, who sits alone. The guards force three other prisoners to try and kill the big inmate. The inmate fights with the prisoners, breaking one’s neck and kicking the crap out of the rest. One prisoner slashes the inmate’s face with his bare hands, but is beaten into submission while the cameramen film the fight. Ian Breckel (Robert Mammone) watches the live feed on his monitor and tells the cameramen to get the prisoner. They pay the prison guards loads of money for the inmate. Meanwhile, Breckel and his crew set up camp at a remote island. Goldman (Rick Hoffman) is stressed out because he’s had to work with employees who don’t speak English and even though he’s set up cameras all throughout the island, there are still numerous blind spots. Breckel tells him that everything will be fine, and in one day the game will begin. Breckel’s girlfriend Julie (Tory Mussett) gets him ready for an interview with a reporter. During the interview, the reporter makes it clear that she doesn’t approve of what he’s doing. Breckel has acquired ten convicts on death row from third world countries, and will place them on the island to fight to the death. Since no TV station is backing him up, he is going to broadcast the event on the internet and charge fifty dollars for people to view it. The reporter tells him that he’s basically showing a live snuff film, but Breckel says that he’s at least giving one convict a chance to live. He leaves the interview because there’s a problem – his Arab prisoner was shot by police. Breckel demands that his crew find another worthy prisoner fast.

In El Salvador, the two cameramen go to a prison and request a certain prisoner. The guards put a chain around his neck and force two prisoners into his cell. Jack Conrad (Steve Austin) says that he doesn’t want to do it, but the guards yell for him to kill the prisoner. The other inmate tries but fails miserably. Conrad still won’t do it, so the guards give the prisoner the key for his chain. Conrad beats the big prisoner in two swift moves. Breckel sees this and pulls up Conrad’s record. He’s in prison for murder and blowing up a building. Conrad will be the last player in the game. All the convicts are brought together, chained up, and waste no time making enemies. The prisoners are Saiga (Masa Yamaguchi), Rio (Emelia Burns), Paco (Manu Bennett), Paco’s wife Rosa (Dasi Ruz), K.C. Mack (Marcus Johnson), a Nazi (Andy McPhee), a Russian (Nathan Jones), the prisoner from the first scene, Conrad, and Ewan McStarley (Vinnie Jones). Breckel has his security team beat the prisoners whenever they get unruly. During this time, Breckel wants to know more about Conrad but he refuses to tell him anything. Breckel puts in Conrad’s biography that he’s part of the KKK, a rapist, and child killer. Baxter (Luke Pegler) then tells the prisoners what’s going on – they have been brought here to kill each other. Whoever lives by the next day will be set free with a nice chunk of money. They each have a bracelet strapped to their ankles, which contains a bomb. If any one of them tries to tamper with it, they will explode. If they pull the pin from the bomb, they will have ten seconds before it explodes. If there is more than one prisoner still alive by the time the game is over, the ankle bombs will explode. Baxter activates all their bombs to detonate in thirty hours. The prisoners are shoved inside helicopters and they begin to make their way to the island.

Breckel and his camera crew finish setting up on the island and wait for the prisoners to arrive. As the helicopters make their way to the island, Breckel starts the broadcast and puts on some music. Baxter makes each prisoner open their mouth and shoves the key to their chains inside. One by one they are thrown out of the helicopter. Saiga steals a pair of sunglasses before jumping out. The Russian says that he’s going to kill everyone, but when he’s thrown out he winds up being impaled on something. Breckel gets pissed and tells his guys in the helicopters to watch where they drop them. The Russian has an X put through his picture in the roster. Baxter tells Conrad to open his mouth, but Conrad instead elbows him in the face. Baxter throws him out of the helicopter without a key. Once all the prisoners land, Breckel sees that they are all on the south part of the island near the beach. Rio frees herself and drinks some of the ocean water when she notices a camera moving into position on a cable. The camera stops when it sees her, and Rio is attacked by the Nazi. They beat each other up and the Nazi tries to rape her. Rio kicks him in the crotch, stabs him in the neck with a piece of wood, and pulls the pin from his ankle bracelet. She kicks him in the crotch again and runs off while the Nazi explodes behind her. Back where the crew is, Julie is shocked by the violence and sickened. Everyone else is happy, and the viewers keep logging on. Breckel wants forty million viewers watching the event.

Conrad hides behind rocks on the beach and attacks Paco, who’s carrying his chains around with him. Conrad threatens to strangle him, but Paco pleads for him to let him go. He just wants to find Rosa. Conrad lets him go, and Paco lets him have the key to the chains. A helicopter arrives and drops a flare with a duffel bag in the forest, next to an old plane. Mack runs to the bag and pulls out food/water (also included is a knife). Saigo appears and throws down his sunglasses. Mack tries to use the knife, but it’s kicked out of his hands. They beat each other up and Mack runs away. Saigo tries to catch up, but loses him. McStarley makes himself known by putting on the sunglasses and eating an apple with the knife. He convinces Saigo to team up with him so that they can get rid of the other people on the island. Conrad runs through the forest and the prisoner from the first scene shows up. Conrad doesn’t want any trouble, but the prisoner wants to win. They fight each other and eventually wind up rolling down a hill near a cliff. During their rolling, the other prisoner’s ankle pin came loose and he has ten seconds to live. He grabs onto Conrad, but he kicks him off and down the cliff, where he explodes. Also, it’s made apparent that Breckel has two cameramen in camouflage (armed with machine guns) to get more angles on the action.

During this time, the FBI is made aware of the website broadcasting the show, but can’t figure out where the island is. An agent sees that there are two Americans (Conrad and Mack) but can’t find anything about Conrad. He is chewed out for looking into it so much, and an official from the Pentagon arrives. He tells the agent that Conrad works for his boss, doing black ops from time to time. A year ago, he was assigned to take out some drug cartel and blew up the building. He got the job done, but he was caught and so he’s been rotting away in prison (Jack Conrad isn’t his real name). The FBI calls Sarah (Madeleine West), Conrad’s girlfriend with two kids from a previous marriage, to ask about him. Back to the island, Paco and Rosa finally find each other. They passionately kiss each other when McStarley and Saigo show up. Paco attacks McStarley while Saigo gets Rosa. McStarley also has a military background, and beats the crap out of Paco. He grabs a branch and breaks Paco’s knee. Paco wails in pain and McStarley handcuffs him to a tree. He then walks over to Rosa and grabs her breasts. She hits him, and McStarley viciously beats her. The crew watches as Rosa is helplessly beaten and raped. It’s too much for Goldman to see and he gets disturbed by it. They only have one shot of the raping, so Breckel orders the two cameramen to get better coverage. Julie tells Breckel to stop the show, but he tells her that she fully knew what they were going to do. Goldman tries to go outside for some fresh air, but Breckel won’t let him go without questioning his loyalty. After he’s finished, McStarley comes back to Saigo and Paco covered in Rosa’s blood. He calls her a tough bitch before she explodes in the background. Paco cries over her death and escapes. McStarley and Saigo chase after him but can’t find him.

Paco again runs into Conrad, who sees that McStarley and Saigo are looking for him. Conrad tells Paco to keep his weeping down, and asks how his leg is. It’s broken, and Paco wants Conrad to kill McStarley and Saigo for his wife. Conrad refuses, and helps Paco get on his feet and walk with a branch. He’ll protect him for the time being. Elsewhere, Mack is attacked by Rio with a knife. He gets the upper hand and tells her to calm down. They stop fighting and just talk, which doesn’t please Breckel. Conrad and Paco come to a bridge but have to stop because Paco can’t walk anymore. Paco knows that he’s going to die, and again pleads with Conrad to get revenge on behalf of Rosa. Conrad still won’t do it and gets Paco some water. He gives him a knife and tells him that he’s going to continue on, because when they landed he saw the film crew’s base on the north side of the island. He’s going to try to call for help. To make sure they don’t track him, Conrad puts a piece of metal between his ankle and the bracelet. Paco is left to fend for himself as Conrad climbs across the destroyed bridge using the cable the crew uses for a camera. The crew can’t find Conrad, but Goldman eventually finds him on camera. Breckel tells him to keep an eye on him. Somewhere along here, Breckel also has Baxter drop off another duffel bag for McStarley, but purposefully makes him drop it near the bridge so that he’ll make his way to Paco. When McStarley and Saigo open the bag, they see it has a bow and arrow, a bunch of knives/blades, some bottles of alcohol for Molotov cocktails, and cigars.

Mack and Rio talk inside the old plane wreckage. Mack complains that the fall from the helicopter hurt his back, so Rio gives him a message. They then lay down and Mack talks about being unlucky with women when he notices that Rio is gone…and so is the pin to his ankle bomb. Mack explodes in the plane as Rio runs away. Goldman can’t see Conrad anymore, and realizes that he’s headed toward where they are. Baxter and his men go out looking for Conrad, who knocks a guard out and sneaks into a tower. He knocks out another guard and calls Sarah, who’s upset that he hasn’t called her in a year. Conrad tells her the latitude of where the island is, but Breckel has the power shut off in the tower. Baxter runs up the stairs and tries to shoot Conrad but misses. McStarley and Saigo find Paco and proceed to brutally beat him. Goldman goes outside and vomits, where Julie tells him that they have to stop this. They confront Breckel as he watches Paco’s beating on a monitor. After arguing, Breckel wants Goldman to answer whether or not he’s going to continue his job. Goldman thinks about it and decides to continue filming the show. Breckel slaps Julie for turning on him. Meanwhile, Sarah watches the show at a bar full of Conrad’s friends.

Conrad makes his way back to the bridge and sees Paco being beaten on the other side. McStarley notices him and can also tell that he’s a military man. McStarley shoots Paco in the chest with an arrow. Saigo pours alcohol on the barely alive Paco, and McStarley sets him on fire with a cigar. Conrad finally decides to act and says “game on”. He runs off, and the next morning we see that McStarley and Saigo are still on the bridge. Conrad sneaks up on them from below and fights with Saigo, who has two knives. Conrad knocks the knives away and beats the crap out of him. While they fight, McStarley tries to shoot Conrad but misses. They chase Conrad to a bunker, and Conrad winds up being held at knife point by Rio. He overpowers her and McStarley shoots her in the back with an arrow. Breckel and his crew scramble to get coverage. They have cameras inside, but they are destroyed when Saigo throws Molotov cocktails in the bunker. Conrad finds a way out through a trap door, but Rio won’t go with him. Instead, she activates her own ankle bomb and explodes, leading everyone to believe that Conrad died in the explosion. McStarley and Saigo face each other to square off, but Saigo runs off in the forest. McStarley tries to shoot him with his bow but misses. Saigo runs right into Conrad, and the cameras film the ensuing fight. Conrad gets the upper hand and stabs Saigo through the chest with a knife, killing him. This leaves only McStarley and Conrad.

McStarley is out of arrows, and is left to fight with a knife. Conrad chases after him through the forest until they wind up on the edge of a cliff. Conrad wants to fight, but McStarley isn’t confident so he jumps off the cliff into the water below. Conrad jumps down after him and looks for him. They brutally fight each other using their knives, and McStarley slashes Conrad across the shoulder. He runs off again and Breckel decides to drop off another goodie bag. Conrad sees it and runs towards it, but McStarley gets to it first. Inside is a shotgun with ammo. Just as they’re about to fight again, McStarley pulls out the shotgun and tries to shoot Conrad. He hits him in the back and Conrad falls down hard onto rocks, falling down into the water. His lifeless body floats to the top, and the two hidden cameramen move into position to film McStarley. He sees them and shoots them to death with the shotgun. McStarley is declared the winner, and is brought back to the base for his prize. Meanwhile, Sarah is upset that Conrad’s dead and the FBI finally know where the island is, and will send out NAVY SEALS to the location in an hour.

At the base, Breckel has learned that the FBI found out where they are. All the big helicopters are gone, except for his personal one. Breckel plans to leave his crew behind and tells Baxter to prepare his helicopter. Goldman quickly catches on, so Breckel tells him that he can come and he’ll give him a million dollars. Goldman says that he deserves more and lunges at Breckel. Baxter beats Goldman up and slits his throat. McStarley and the remaining security team arrive, and Baxter removes his ankle bomb. Breckel tells him that he’s now free to go. McStarley wants the money though, but Breckel refuses to give him any (even though they made a deal, where if McStarley put on a good show, Breckel will pay him). As Breckel prepares to leave, McStarley snaps and kills the security team. He grabs a machine gun and goes inside to where the film crew is with all the monitors. McStarley systematically shoots the crew to death, one by one as the highlights clip of the game is broadcasted. Turns out Conrad is not dead, and he makes his way to the base. Breckel and Baxter hold him at gunpoint, thanking him for a hell of a show. Conrad takes the gun and shoots Baxter to death as Breckel runs away from the base.

Julie is the only crew member left alive, and before McStarley can rape/kill her Conrad shows up. McStarley drops his machine gun and sits down, talking about his military background and life of crime. Conrad unloads a pistol into McStarley, killing him. Breckel runs to the beach, where his helicopter is, while Conrad chases after him with two machine guns. Julie also runs after Conrad and Breckel. Breckel gets in his helicopter while Conrad unloads his machine guns into it. The helicopter is damaged, but can still fly. As they take off, Julie hands Conrad McStarley’s ankle bracelet. Conrad activates it and throws it inside the helicopter. Breckel tries to find it but is too late and explodes, causing his helicopter to crash into a cliff. Conrad and Julie are the only ones left alive on the island, and Julie gives him the key to take off his ankle bomb. The film ends with Conrad coming back home to Sarah and her kids, apparently a free man.