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True Lies


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The movie begins inside a burning building. We see fire fighters running around searching for people inside. Arnold plays Gordon "Gordy" Brewer, a fire fighter, and he is also searching for people. He sees a woman trapped on the end of a burning corridor. He jumps across a gap in the floor and rescues her.

The next scene shows his wife waking up in their home. Arnold is playing with his son, helping him build a lego plane. Arnold's wife is taking their son to the doctor for a check up, and she wants Arnold to pick them up afterwards. Arnold agrees.

Arnold is late to pick up his wife. So his wife and son are waiting for him in a plaza near the Colombian consulate (I think). The "wolf," Claudio Perrini, disguised as a police officer, pulls up to the consulate in a motorcycle. He leaves the motorcycle in front of the entrance and starts to leave. Arnold parks near the consulate and sees the Wolf as he comes by. Arnold thinks he is a police officer, and tells him that he is just parking for a second to pick up his wife and son. The Wolf smiles and nods, then leaves. Arnold sees his wife and starts across the street to her when the bomb in the motorcycle explodes. His wife and son are killed, as well as some people in the consulate. Arnold was injured

Later, while he was recovering, he sees the news footage of the explosion. He figures out that the motorcycle cop was the terrorists and informs the FBI. They bring him in for questioning, and he learns about the Wolf. He sees a video of a taped message from the terrorist organization supporting the Wolf. The person speaking was hidden from view, and the voice on the tape was distorted (IMPORTANT LATER). He learns that the terrorists were retaliating for CIA operations within Colombia, and that one of the targets of the attack was CIA agent Peter Brandt (Elias Koteas). They tell him the Wolf has returned to Colombia and there is nothing they can do.

Arnold decides to go after the Wolf himself. After evading a lot of guerillas in the jungles, he finally made it to where the Wolf was staying.

He is immediately targeted by the terrorists, who want to hold him for randsom, and the CIA and police, who doesn't want him to stir up anything. The police get to him first and he is locked up in a prison. While there, he makes contact with Sean Armstrong (John Turturro), a Canadian hustler. The terrorists attack the prison to try to get to Arnold and free some of their members. Arnold manages to escape and rescue Sean. Sean returns the favor by hooking him up with Felix Ramirez (John Leguizamo), who manages the drug production that finances the terrrorist.

Arnold destroys the drug plant with his knowledge of explosives as a fire fighter. Felix is blamed and he is killed.

Then Arnold sneaks into the Wolf's headquarters. He plants a bomb near the Wolf's room and leaves. But he spots a woman and a child walking toward the room, he runs toward them and shouts to warn them. The Wolf hears and jumps out of the building just as it explodes. He and his men beats up Arnold. We find out that the woman, Selena Perrini (Francesca Neri), is the Wolf's wife.

Arnold is taken prisoner. He talks to Selena, trying to get her to help him. Selena explains to Arnold why her husband is a terrorist. Arnold tells her that no matter the reason, what he is doing is wrong and that she should help him stop the Wolf. Selena says Arnold and the Wolf are the same, both consumed by hate and vengence. Meanwhile, the early explosion at the Wolf headquarters caught the attention of the CIA. They tracked down the Wolf's terrorist camp and launched an attack. During the confusion, Selena helps Arnold break out, on the condition that he takes her and her son to the US.

She also says the Wolf has gone back to Washington for another attack.

Arnold, Selena, and her son are taken back to the State Department in Washington to help the search effort for the Wolf. While going through the metal detectors, Selena's son's toy dinosaur was not inspected (IMPORTANT). Selena points out the train station in a photo, and the FBI goes to investigate. Selena excuses herself to go to the bathroom. She tells her son to go with her. When he refuses, she became very irritated and angry. Arnold said the son would be fine in the room, and she reluctantly agrees. Arnold is suspicious. He saw the original terrorist video sent after the first bombing. He realized that the person in the video makes the same gestures that Selena makes. He realized that she was working with the Wolf, and that the real target was the State Department. He warns everyone to leave, and throws the toy dinosaur out a window just as it exploded.

He chases Selena down to the basement of the building. The Wolf was waiting for her and they rode away in the underground tunnels beneath the building. Arnold finds the controls and shuts the gates leading out of the tunnels. The Wolf and Selena have to go back to the controls to open them. Arnold break open some gas lines along the walls of the tunnel and waits. As they ride back, Selena shoots at Arnold. Her gun ignites the gas. Arnold jumps through a doorway just as the entire tunnel explodes. When he goes back to survey the damage, Selena and the Wolf attacks him. They had survived the explosion. He throws Selena through a fuse panel and she is electrocuted. The Wolf and Arnold fight some more. Arnold throws a fire fighter's ax at the Wolf, which hits him in his chest. The Wolf dies.

The last scene we see Arnold holding Selena's son as they leave the State Department.


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