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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Bizkitfan who says..."I've made some connections with the characters in this movie, with the ones in "Super Troopers", so if you've seen it you'll know who they are."

The movie starts off with a fly in picture of an island  (Pleasure Island) and we see a guy and a girl trying to have a good time in a jungle. The girl starts to lick the guy's chest when she sees a shadow-like figure move through the trees a little further on, she gets freaked out and the guy takes her to a more "romantic" spot. Just then another girl appears with some drinks, and joins along in their fun. They move deeper into the jungle they find a shack-type house they go in (inside there are all sorts of weird masks and a machete) and the chicks take their tops off, and the girl that came with the drinks starts to lick the guy's ear when she notices one of the masks is moving. Suddenly the mask moves forward and slashes the guy's back, killing him. The other two take off and one reaches a ledge overlooking the ocean when she turns around and sees the weird guy in the mask. She falls while gripping the blade of the machete as her fingers are sliced open, and falls to her death. The other one finds her way back to an island resort but also turns around to find the killer behind her, and he cuts off her head.

Flash to: (1 hr. earlier)...

We see a boat approach and drop off passengers to the island, we see Lars (Kevin Heffernan / Farva) get off. He is greeted by some of the staff, Jenny (The aerobics instructor), Putman (Jay Chandrasekhar / Ramathorn) ( The tennis coach), Juan (Steve Lemme / Mac) (the diving instructor), Dave (Paul Soter / Foster) (The ecstasy-crazed cousin of the island owner), Sam (Erik Stolhanske / The leader of the "Fun Police"), and finally Coconut Pete (Bill Paxton) (The Pleasure Island Club owner / washed up guitar player).

As they are presented they each have a small part where they get an evil look in their eye to some of the visitors who turn them down for something. We see the woman who came into the jungle with the drinks, and Dave pops some ecstasy into the drinks and the girl walks off again. While two other guys are checking out the chicks by the pool, the one girl that escaped from the killer pops out from the jungle and gets cut down by the killer, who the two guy's don't seem to notice.

Later that night...

We see Lars getting to know Jenny better while they're serving food behind a bar and coconut Pete livens up the crowd with some cheesy songs. While this is going on another less important staff member goes and picks up a garbage can that has fallen over (stupidly placed out in the jungle),  while picking up the trash you see a knife and someone slowly moving up behind him and it turns out to be just another staff member who complains about the knives being dirty, and walks away, the guy goes to follow her back but the can falls over again and bends down to clean it up again when suddenly the killer comes up behind him and kills him. We once again see Pete playing some songs, when a girl asks him to play "Margaritaville", he gets ticked off and starts screaming about how he came up with the idea for the song before Jimmy Buffet.

Next Morning...

Here we see a guy running through a maze, being chased by girls (playing an actual form of Pac-man) and noises, one of the members who is running the event calls for the banana, who is Putman dressed up, he gets chased around until the guy tackles him. The staffers in the observing tower call out for the pretzel, but he doesn't show up. The guy goes to a staff "Shack" where we see Juan dressed up as the pretzel, who is screwing a girl in a watermelon costume, He doesn't want to leave so he shuts the door on the guy and he instead grabs a guy in a pear costume. the guy enters the maze and he soon finds the killer who eventually slashes him across the stomach. Later, we see Jenny walk into a small little patch of the jungle where we see Lars practicing some sword technique, he shows jenny some funny pressure points which he uses on a girl which puts her to sleep, and on a guy which makes him pee. Lars continues talking to her when we see a body parasail into a small equipment shack, and it turns out to be the staffer who was picking up the trash, and we see Putman run up and start moaning, he leads them to where the pear guy was killed. The entire staff goes to meet up and we find that on the "Scheduling Board" that 5 staffers names were slashed through with a sharp object to mark that they were dead (So far, the 3 killed in the jungle, the one staffer, and the pear suit guy) also seen is a little poem/rhime which tells them to do their jobs, not tell anyone, and they would be spared. They meet up with Pete, and he tells them that they have a "secret weapon", an old buddy who used to be in the FBI and he tells them to follow by the poems rules.

That night...

The staff decides to throw a party to make everything look normal, but another one of the less important staffers wants to tell everyone about the murders, she also gets the pleasure of meeting the killer but Pete's FBI buddy shows up to save her, he fails horribly when the killer just slits his throat, the girl stupidly tries to get away on a 1 1/2 mph golf cart but the killer just walks faster than it and kills her. The next morning they discover the bodies from the night before, and they soon discover that the writing on the board match up with some old songs of Pete's, which relate to each murder. They start blaming each other and eventually this leads up to the death of Coconut Pete. Since they all think one another killed him they all start getting information on each other, they find out that: Lars is a huge fanatic of Pete's, Putnam just seems odd, Dave inherits the island, and Juan has screwed a goat (long story). They all eventually go to each others cabins and we see Lars and Jenny in Lars's beach house. They notice that they have power again (The killer cut the power) and they run over to Dave's who has stolen the only generator on the island, they arrive too late and find his head rotating on an old record player. They run back to Lars's house where they both see a figure moving outside so they both hide and once the killer's inside they chain him to the bed, they find out it was only Putnam who was trying to steal some of Jenny's panties. We see the killer walking outside the house and Lars and Jenny run, but Putnam is unable to because he is chained to the bed, he tries to fend off the killer with a volley of tennis balls but the killer whips his machete at Putnam which flies into his chest, but he doesn't seem to die for a long time. Meanwhile Jenny and Lars hide and the killer leaves. Meanwhile, the two guys that were checking out the girls in the beginning, are throwing a small party, one guy finds out that the booze has been switched with blood and the lights come on and the dead bodies are hanging from the ceiling. The last of the staffers (Lars, Jenny, and Juan) spot Sam in the mudbath room screaming from a window. The go into the building and Lars jabs his hands into each of the mudbath and in the second one he finds Sam's body, Juan find's the killer's machete gives it to Lars who slams it into the last mudbath, when suddenly Sam jumps up  with another machete and reveals that he was the killer all along. Lars gives him a weird pressure point which gives him an orgasm and stabs him with the other machete. The others escape and jump off of the cliff edge from the beginning, and  find the last workable boat but the blade from the motor has been removed so Juan dives underwater to find it but Sam jumps off the ledge too and jumps in behind Juan. Juan reaches the mini-dock where the boat is positioned and hands Lars the blade and reveals that he was slashed by Sam during his search for the blade, he asks his "girlfriend" Penelope for a last kiss, and she moves to kiss him but then he says that he wanted her to kiss Jenny, and that he would've liked it, but dies in the water. Sam flies out of the water and Lars beats the crap out of him and goes to replace the missing blade. Sam once again pops out but Lars gets Sam tied to the dock where he keeps running the boat in circles to tighten the dock rope around Sam's waist.

He eventually wraps it so tightly, that it cuts Sam in half. Happy ending right? wrong. Sam once again! pops out of the water in half but Lars just throws him overboard. The screen flashes The End and we see Sam's leg's doing a paddle toward the boat.

Fade to black...

PS If you go to see this movie, remember to stay and watch the credits!


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