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Pitch Black
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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Aerodust12 who says... "This movie was awesome! Great special effects and much better than Pitch Black!"

An evil race of warriors known as The Necromongers, led by Lord Marshal (Colm Feore) is sweeping across the galaxy destroying entire planets on there way to there "Promiseland" called Underverse. There only weakness is a race of people called Furions which they wiped out, long ago. Riddick, is the last surviving Furion in the race.

The movie opens up on a snowy planet as Riddick is running across the snowy surface as a Merc named Toombs is in pursuit in his ship. The Merc flies after Riddick into a cave where Riddick proceeds to kill the crew of the ship saving Toombs for last. Riddick finds out that the bounty for his head is 1.5 million dollars. And was made by someone on the planet Helion Prime. Riddick throws Toombs off of the ship and flies off to Helion Prime.

On Helion Prime we find the bounty was made by the same man Riddick saved off the planet in "Pitch Black". Imam has a beautiful wife now and a young daughter. Imam explains to Riddick that he had Jack/Jackie (the gender confused girl from Pitch Black) in his care and then she ran away looking for Riddick and she killed some people and is now residing in a prison on the planet Crematoria (important).Then a ghost like person Aereon (Judi Dench) shows up at Imam's house and explains to Riddick what the Necromongers can do and that they need his help.

Just then we see that Helion Prime guards are trying to break down Imam's doors because he has an escaped Convict in there. They break through and find Riddick in a dark room with just candles lit. He then says "I hope your not afraid of the dark" and then burns out the candles with his hands and kills all the guards thanks to his night vision eyes.

We then see the Necromonger ships landing on Helion Prime. The Necromongers storm out of there ships killing everything in sight. They find Imam and his family and Imam leads the guards away from his family and they kill him.

In what looks like the town hall, The Necromongers have gathered all of the remaining people in a town hall. In there we meet the four main Necromongers, Lord Marshal, The Purifier, Vaako, and Vaako's wife Dame Vaako. The Purifier explains to all the people that if they don't convert to the Necromonger way they will all be killed. Lord Marshal then tells all those who want to join the Necromonger way to bow down. One townsman speaks out and says they will not bow down to him. Marshal approaches the man and becomes a ghost like form and takes out the mans soul. The man falls dead to the floor. Everyone bows down. Except for Riddick. Vaako approaches Riddick and tells him to bow or die. Riddick points out a huge muscular soldier with two axes. He says he'd like to take him on. The soldier approaches Riddick and swings his axes at him. All Necromongers for some reason have a knife sticking out there backs. Well Riddick grabs this soldiers knife and stabs him with it. Lord Marshal claims that was his best man. Lord Marshal has Dame Vaako take Riddick back to the main ship.

Riddick is now on the main ship and he sees all the townspeople being converted (when your converted they make a hole in your neck). Lord Marshal tells this machine to run a test on Riddick to see what race he is from. The machine starts screaming that Riddick is a Furion and that they must kill him now. Riddick shoots his way out of the ship back onto the Helion Prime surface. We see a Necromonger battle ship chasing Riddick through the streets. We then see rockets hitting the battle ship sending it crashing to the ground. We find out the rockets came from Toomb's new crew of Merc's. They capture Riddick. And take them back to Toomb's ship.

We see Lord Marshal ordering Vaako to personally track down Riddick and kill him. Vaako asks why he needs Riddick dead so badly. Marshal explains that in a vision he was told he would be killed by a Furion and Riddick is the only Furion left.

We then see Dame Vaako talking to Vaako about, If Vaako killed Marshal he would automatically become the new king. Vaako ponders this thought and then heads out in search of Riddick.

Riddick wakes up in chains on Toomb's ship. They say there going to turn Riddick into a prison and collect the money on his head. Riddick suggests they go to a prison on the planet Crematoria (Where Jack/Jackie) is being held. We find out that Crematoria is a planet that if you step onto the surface you will burst into flames and die because of the heat.

The ship lands in a Hangar on Crematoria. They take Riddick on a little train to the underground prison of Crematoria. The Prison Director invites Toombs and his crew to stay overnight there so they can discuss the amount of money he will be paying for Riddick. As they are talking Riddick is wandering around the prison looking for Jack/Jackie. He finds her. She tells him that she befriended some Merc's and they took her in as a slave. She killed them and got sent here. She says she no longer goes by Jack/Jackie but now her name is Kyra.

Riddick tells her that they are going to escape from here. We see the suns pattern on the surface and how it works. Ever so often there is shade. Then the sun comes back and burns up everything in sight. After a long discussion Toombs and his crew don't agree with The Prison Director on how much money there being paid for Riddick. They end up killing each other and die.

Riddick releases a bunch of the prisoners and explains there going to have to travel on the surface to get back to Toombs ship. We find out that they are racing a bunch of Merc's who are traveling underground to get to the same ship.

On the surface they run to the hangar. When they get there they see a small army of Necromongers, led by Vaako at the hangar. The Hangar doors open and the Merc's engage in gunfire against the Necromongers as Riddick and Kyra watch from the mountains. They turn around and see the suns rays closing in on them. They run down the mountain and join the battle.

Kyra is knocked out by one of the Necromongers and taken prisoner onto there ship. Riddick is shot by Vaako, and he lies out in the open as the suns rays burn Riddick up.
Vaako and the Necromongers leave with Kyra.

Riddick wakes up in the hangar, He notices he is not alone as The Purifier is there with him. The Purifier is removing all of his Necromonger armor and explains to Riddick that he was also once a Furion. He leaves Riddick all of his armor and walks into the suns rays burning him up and he dies.

Riddick steals Toomb's ship and flies it back to Helion Prime wearing Necromonger armor. On the Necromonger ship Dame Vaako sees that Riddick is on board because she saw his eyes through the armor. She runs back to Vaako and informs him that Riddick is on board. She tells him to let Riddick almost kill Marshal and then kill Marshal so Vaako will become the new king of the Necromongers.

Riddick finds Lord Marshal in the thrown room and tries to stab him from behind but Vaako uses his ghost like abilities to teleport to somewhere else. Marshal then shows Riddick the new and improved Kyra. She has a hole in her neck and has been converted to Necromonger. Necromongers form a circle around Riddick and Marshal as they begin to fight. Every time Riddick swings at Marshal, he teleports somewhere else. But you can always see where he's going to teleport because the ghost form of him moves there first and then Marshal follows. Marshal tackles Riddick to the ground and tries to remove his soul. Kyra runs in and stabs Marshal in the back. Marshal hits Kyra backwards impaling her onto a pole. Vaako then steps in with a huge axe. Marshal asks Vaako to finish Riddick off for him but Vaako moves towards Marshal. Vaako raises the axe to Marshal's head and Marshal's ghost form teleports over to Riddick as Vaako brings the axe down and misses. Riddick takes a knife and stabs it down into Marshal's head and breaks off the handle. Riddick falls back into Lord Marshal?s thrown. Aereon approaches Riddick and tells him "You keep what you kill". We pan out as we see all the Necromongers bow down to Riddick in his thrown as he is now the new leader of the Necromongers.


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