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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by mli0922 who says... "This movie is almost entirely told through songs."

The movie starts with Velma Kelly (Catherine Zeta-Jones) walking into a Chicago night club. The owner of the club is calling for her to go on stage. She goes into her dressing room, throws a gun into the trash, and washes the blood off of her hands before she goes on stage. She sings All That Jazz, which is supposed to be a duet with her sister, but we later find out that Velma had just found her sister in bed with her husband and killed them both.
Roxie Hart (Renee Zellweger) is also at the night club. She idolizes Velma Kelly, and as Velma sings All That Jazz, she pictures herself singing instead of Velma. As the song concludes, Roxis is led away by a man in a suit while the cops arrive to arrest Velma.

Roxie goes home with the man and has sex with him. After they have sex, it is revealed that the man had sold her furniture and promised that he'll get Roxie in to show biz, but in reality, he just wanted sex. Angered by the news, Roxie grabs a gun and shoots the guy. When the police arrive, Roxie's husband (John C. Reilly) takes the blame and tells the cops that the man was a thief and Roxie shot him because of self-defence. While this is going on, Roxie imagines herself singing Funny Honey, which is a song about how good and stupid her husband is.
Roxie's song
The DA tells Roxie's husband the dead man's name, he suddely realizes that the guy was their furnature sales man. Her husband immediately takes his story back, and sets the blame back onto Roxie.

In the Cook County jail, Roxie meets the prison warden Mama (Queen Latifah). As she tells the new arrivals about the rules of the prison and the motto if you are good to Mama, Mama's good to you, Roxie pictures Mama singing "When You're Good to Mama."
Roxie also meets her comrades on Murderess Row, Velma Kelly and an entire prison wing of angry ladies who did in the men who done them wrong. Of course, this was done through the dance number Cell Block Tango. The motives are a bit petty. The first killer sings that what drove her over the edge was the way that her man popped his bubble gum. The six murderesses sings "He had it comin'!" "He only had himself to blame!" "If you were there, you would've done the same!" The new day arrives, Roxie sees the routine of the prison-- if you want anything in this prison, you gotta buy it from Mama. She goes to talk to Mama about her case, Mama tells her that what she need is the infamous Billy Flynn (Richard Gere). Billy is introduced through the song and dance number All I Care About.

Roxie's husband goes to visit Billy. Billy tells him asks him if he got the money. Billy tells him that he has $2,000. Billy gets mad and tells that him he told him yesterday that the charge was $5,000, but on the other had, he is touched by his love for Roxie. Billy takes Roxie's case, and they begin to work on their story. Roxie changes her hair style for sympathy, and the story is basically she's a poor country girl who is a dead-end marriage, and they both reached for the gun. He'll transform her into a tabloid celebrity, knowing that ther charisma of her bad-girl fame will let her off the hook. Velma sees that Roxie has stole her lawyer, and began to plan her "revenge." The day before the press conference, Velma tells Roxie that she's the star in this story, and she shouldn't let Billy get the spot light during the conference. Sure enough, during the press conference, Roxie wants to do all the talking. The press conference is done through the song We Both Reached For The Gun.

The press conference was a success. Roxie receives flowers, and all sorts of publicity in her prison cell. Roxie imagines herself becoming a true Broadway star through the song "Roxie." Velma Kelly is now really desparate. She tries to win Roxie over by showing her a new dance number "I Can't Do It Alone," but Roxie is not impressed. Suddenly out of no where, a new girl (Lucy Liu) finds her husband in bed with 2 other women, and shoots them to death. The new girl arrives at the prison and receives the full attention of the press and Billy Flynn. Seeing that she has lost her thunder, Roxie faints in the prison, pretending that she's pregnant. She goes to the doctor's office, has sex with the doctor, and the doctor is now willing to give evidence of Roxie's pregnancy. Out side the hospital, Roxie is mobbed by the press, her husband chases towrads asking if she's really pregnant, he thinks that it's his baby. Roxie ignores her husband as he somberly begins to sing "Mr. Cellophane."

Roxie goes back to the prison and begins to prepare her trial with Billy. Billy tells her to wear something conservative, Roxie disagrees and fires Billy. Moments later, they receive news that one of the inmates has gotten her appeal rejected again, and will now become the first woman to be hanged in Illinois. The girl is hanged, and Roxie agrees to do whatever Billy wants her to do. The court case begin, and is told through the song Razzle Dazzle, where Billy is so good, he has complete control of the jury members. When Roxie takes the stand, she is also very good. She acts like the helpless house wife who was about to be raped by a madman. They both reached for the gun, and she is aquitted. Just when her verdict is read, another woman kills her husband. The press chases to the scene of the crime, leaving Roxie all alone. She doesn't get it. Why didn't they even want a picture of her? Billy tells her, "That's Chicago."

Her husband comes towards her, asking her to come home with him. She basically tells him to beat it, and begins to look for stardom. She goes through numerous rejection before she meets Velma Kelly again. Velma convinces her that they should do a show together. Sure enough, their show is a complete success. The movie ends with the song & dance number "I Move On" with Velma Kelly and Roxie Hart singing and dancing on the same stage.


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