"Tom Baker (Steve Martin) and wife Kate (Bonnie Hunt), hoping to bring their family together for a memorable summer vacation, take their 12 offspring to the rustic Lake Winnetka. But their retreat soon becomes cutthroat when they enter into a competition with the over-achieving members of a large family headed by Tom's long-time rival, Jimmy Muraugh."

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NOTE: This Spoiler was sent in by Harrison who says... "Good movie.  The first one teaches you the meaning of family and surprisingly this movie makes you learn it again."

The movie begins with the Baker family arriving late to Lorraine’s (Hilary Duff) graduation.  They arrive just in time to see her walk across the stage.  Later at Lorraine’s graduation party, Tom (Steve Martin) and Kate (Bonnie Hunt) get up to make a toast to their daughter.  Tom says that he can’t believe that his daughter is growing up and moving away.  Lorraine has received an internship at Allure magazine in New York so she will be leaving soon-even though Tom doesn’t want her to leave.  Their other daughter, Nora (Piper Perabo) is now married and pregnant.  She and her husband get up to make an announcement.  Nora and her husband are moving to Texas because he got a new advertising job.  Tom and Kate are shocked that two of their babies are leaving.

Tom is happy though that there will be a touch football game-like there is at every Baker family event.  BUT…Lorraine is going off with her friends for the weekend, the boys are going skateboarding with their friends, the girl’s are going of to study, Charlie is off to work at the garage…leaving Sarah (Alyson Stoner).  Tom welcomes her to the Varsity team.  They go off to play.

Later Tom and Kate look in Lorraine’s room and find a memory album.  They flip through it and look at pictures of their vacations to Lake Winnetka.  Tom says that the Bakers should have beat the Murtaughs at the Labor Day family competition.  Tom decides that since the family is breaking apart they should all go to Lake Winnetka for one last family vacation together.  They have a huge family meeting and decide to go one last time.

So the family goes to the lake to a very old and rustic cabin.  The kids are not impressed.  They would rather stay at a huge, luxurious house that is across the lake.  The cabin owner comes by and invites the family to a clam fry.  They agree to attend.  Inside the cabin, everyone is afraid of a rat that has been their ever since their first vacation.  They make a big mess as they try to get the keys from the rat.  They all get ready for the clam fry.  Tom wears a tacky shirt but says that a dad is allowed one tacky shirt!

At the clam fry, the family really stands out.  Everyone is dressed up fancy while the family looks like bums.  The boys brought fireworks in a book bag and make Mark carry it.  The kids go off while Tom and Kate stay upstairs with the other adults.  Tom sees his old rival Jimmy Murtaugh (Eugene Levy).  Jimmy comes over and tells the two that he basically owns the lake.  Jimmy introduces his new and fourth wife Sarina (Carmen Electra).  Sarina is a lot younger than Jimmy.  Jimmy continually ignores Kate and interrupts her when she speaks.  Outside the kids meet some of the other kids including the Murtaugh children.  They are all getting along.  Mark puts down the book bag on the buffet table where one of the foods heating flames catches the bag on fire sending the fireworks shooting everywhere.  Mark grabs it and throws it into a boat.  The boat explodes and the motor shoots up and lands on a buffet table.  Jimmy says that it is alright but tells Tom that he needs to be stricter with the kids.  He invites the family over to his house but Tom says that this is family time for them and leaves with is family.

The next day, Tom wakes everybody up for breakfast and says that they have family activities planned for them but the kids were going to go across the lake to the Murtaugh’s home.  They say that they have the whole trip for family activities.  So the kids go off while Tom stays to fix up the place.  Charlie sees a girl swimming in the water and falls in as he looks at her tattoo of a butterfly.  Tom thinks that having a camp out will bring the family together.  So they all put up tents and sit around the campfire.  Jimmy decides to have a fondue party on their balcony so that the Baker’s can see them.  The Baker’s start singing a song-so they sing with some key problems.  The Murtaughs start to sing too but with perfect harmony.  The Baker’s decide to sing louder!  Tom wakes up with his back hurting from the ground.  He and Kate go to awake everyone but they have all gone inside to sleep.  Then Jimmy comes skiing up the beach and invites the Baker family over to their home.

Elliot comes to the cabin saying that he and Sarah are going knee boarding.  Tom sits Elliot down and asks him some questions when Sarah says its time to go.  Tom decides to go too.  Tom is dressed in a wet suit and they decide to let Tom go first.  Tom quickly wipes out but no one notices.  They drag Tom far across the lake when they notice he is down.  Tom walks up to the cabin slowly and in pain.  He lays down on the bed when Kate walks out of the bathroom.  She says that she’ll be right back just let her get some perfume on.

The family begins to eat when Tom says to Sarah that Elliot is a nice guy and he knows why she likes him.  Sarah gets embarrassed and runs off.  Lorraine goes to comfort her but Sarah doesn’t want her to.  Lorraine gets angry and says that she is happy she is moving to New York.  Charlie goes running in the woods and finds Anne.  They talk about their future.  Anne wants to leave Harvard and start painting.  Tom says that he wants to move up here and open a garage.  They go for a hike together.

The family goes over to the Murtaugh’s mansion and when they arrive their dog attacks Sarina with kisses and licks her in some inappropriate spots.  The kids all go off to play.  Sarah starts liking one of the boys named Elliot.  Sarina goes to show Kate their china that they got from the King of Thailand while Jimmy shows Tom his family’s trophy room.  Jimmy also tells Tom that Tom should keep a shorter leash with the kids or they will keep causing trouble.  Charlie and the oldest Murtaugh girl named Anne (Jaime King) go to the family’s wine cellar.  Anne bends down and Charlie sees she has a butterfly tattoo on her back.  Anne gets a pitcher of orange juice and carries it to Kate and Sarina.  Charlie whispers to Anne about Jimmy knowing about her tattoo and Anne freaks out and throws the juice on Kate.  Kate says that it is like Spring Break.  Sarina takes her to get a new shirt which says “Hot Mama” on it!

Tom gets Sarah to pull a prank on Jimmy.  Sarah gets some meat and puts it in the seat Jimmy is supposed to sit in but Jimmy trades seats with Tom so that he can sit by Kate.  The dog then attacks Tom instead and knocks over the Jimmy’s china that they got from the King of Thailand.  Jimmy sarcastically says not to worry about the china because millions of dollars is not important.  Jimmy and Sarina invite Tom and Kate to play tennis with them.  The family leaves.

Tom and Kate go to play tennis but Tom and Jimmy get really competitive and don’t let Kate or Sarina hit the ball.  Some of the children go to the main cabin’s gift shop.  Sarah sees some make up and tries to steal it because she is embarrassed to buy it in front of her family but she gets caught.  Security calls Tom and Kate, interrupting their tennis game.  Just then Mark and one of the Murtaugh boys come busting through the tennis fence on a golf cart.  At the security office Jimmy tells Tom that he needs to discipline Sarah for stealing.  Tom says that he can raise his own children.  Jimmy challenges Tom to the Labor Day family competition which Tom agrees to after he promised Kate they wouldn’t do the competition.

Kate sits down and talks to Sarah about what is going on.  Sarah thinks that Elliot won’t like her unless she wears make up and looks beautiful.  Kate says that Sarah is beautiful and should never change herself for some boy.  Sarah agrees never to steal again.

Tom makes a practice schedule for the competition and tells the kids they can no longer associate with the Murtaugh family.  Tom makes the kids practice but they all get angry at Tom for pushing them so hard.  At dinner, Nora says that she can’t believe that Tom is ruining their last vacation together.  She says that she is glad they are moving to Texas and leaves but comes back to get her plate and then leaves again.  Kate tells Tom to back off some or the kids will all leave and not talk to them.  Kate goes to the grocery store and runs into Sarina.  Sarina asks Kate how she raises twelve children because eight is killing her.  She doesn’t know how to handle them and Jimmy pushes them to hard about this competition.  Kate says that it should be fun and Sarina agrees.

The next day Tom goes outside and sees Sarah talking to Elliot out on the dock.  She runs up to Tom with a smile on her face.  Tom asks her to measure the distance for one of the competitions when Sarah asks if she can go out to the movies with Elliot tonight.  He says its ok.  Sarah locks herself in the bathroom.  Nora has to go to the bathroom but Sarah says that she needs Lorraine.  Nora tells a sister to get Lorraine and she’ll pee outside.  Lorraine goes into the bathroom and Sarah says that she is new to the whole dating scene.  Lorraine says she will help Sarah get ready.

Lorraine goes outside and tells her family that Sarah is going to look different but to not laugh or say anything to make her feel bad.  Tom tells Lorraine that she will do fine in New York.  Sarah comes out of the cabin in a dress and with make up leaving everyone speechless.  Elliot’s dad pulls up to take them to the movies.  Sarah hugs her mom who is holding back tears and her dad who can’t believe another one of his daughter’s is growing up so quickly.  Tom is supposed to pick up is daughter at 9:00 at the movie theater but can’t wait and goes to the movie to spy.  He sits in the balcony and finds that he is sitting beside Jimmy.  The two watch their children.  Elliot puts his arm around Sarah and Tom says that is the move!  Jimmy doesn’t know the move so Tom shows him.  A lot of the audience thinks they are gay so they just stare at them.  Tom says that he can’t believe Elliot is using this trick.  Jimmy takes it offensively and pokes Tom.  Tom stands up and tells Jimmy to poke him again.  Jimmy pokes him and Tom goes over the balcony but Jimmy catches him.  Everyone looks up at them including Sarah and Elliot.

Back at the cabin, Sarah storms in and says that Tom ruined her date.  Everyone gets angry at him for doing this!

The next day is the Labor Day family competition but the only people who are going to help Tom are his youngest twins.  Kate stays with the rest of the family.  The rat comes out and one of the boys throws a skateboard at the rat’s hole and busts the wall.  Inside the wall is some of the family’s possession that the rat stole including the old family flag.

Tom arrives at the Labor Day family competition and Jimmy taunts him for only having two people.  Then the family pulls up and runs to Tom with the family flag.  They decide to compete for fun.  The competition goes well and it comes down to the Bakers and the Murtaughs in a canoe race to see who wins but the whole family must compete or they lose.  Tom says that Nora is pregnant and can’t do it so he says they give up.  Then Nora says that she can do it and tells Jimmy that he pissed off a hormonal pregnant woman!

Both family’s get in their canoe and race.  It is pretty close but then Nora’s husband says they are taking in water and Nora says that her water broke.  The family pulls out of the race and onto a nearby shore.  Anne tries to stop her family to help the Baker’s but Jimmy wants to win.  All of his family jumps out of the boat and leaves to help the Bakers.  Jimmy tells Sarina that Tom always had everything when they were kids.  Sarina said to get over it because she wasn’t even born then.  They row to the Bakers to help.  Everyone runs Nora to the hospital.  Nora, her husband, and Kate go to deliver Nora’s baby.  They also invite Lorraine because they want her to be the godmother.

Tom waits in the waiting room with his kids and the Murtaugh family.  Anne tells her dad that she is leaving Harvard.  Jimmy says no she isn’t but Sarina reminds him to listen to their kids.  Charlie tells Tom that he is opening a garage here.  Both Jimmy and Tom accept these facts when they can go see Nora’s baby.  Nora says they are going to name the baby Tom because he has taught them so much.  Tom sheds a tear as he holds his new grandson.

They are some bloopers and then the credits roll.

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Tom Baker (Steve Martin) takes his family along to a final family vacation to Lake Winnetka because a pregnant Nora (Piper Perabo) and her husband Ned (Jonathan Bennett) are moving away since Ned has gotten a job as the VP of an advertising firm while Lorraine (Hilary Duff) is moving to New York to work for Allure Magazine.

They move into a old run down lake house opposite a brand spanking new awesome lakehouse owned by Jimmy Murtaugh (Eugene Levy), Tom's old rival who's just married his 3rd (I think) wife, Sarina (Carmen Electra) and he's got 8 kids. The kids from both families get along it's just the fathers that bicker.

Elliott Murtaugh goes on a date with Sarah Baker but it's ruined by Tom and Jimmy spying on them. Charlie Baker (Tom Welling) and Anne Murtaugh (Jaime King) both relate to each other being unable to do what they really want to do by their controlling fathers.

The Bakers and Murtaughs face off for a cup thing and halfway through the final canoe challenge Nora goes into labour and Anne jumps ship to help out followed by the rest of the family. Tom and Jimmy make up at the hospital and Nora names her new son Tom and makes Lorraine the godmother.

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