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Sofia Vergara
Big Trouble


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NOTE: Another great spoiler sent in by Emilia Moran.

The movie begins in Miami with Cici (Sofia Vergara),

a cocktail waitress, telling her friend Fala that she’s expecting her boyfriend. Cici is very bold and lively. After a second, Tomas (Eduardo Verástegui)

makes his way through the crowd and begins dancing with Cici. She tells him to take a seat while she brings him a drink. A girl sits down next to him, and Cici tells her it’s taken and so is he. She warns Tomas that if she ever finds out there was another woman; she’d get him, like La Llorona. Llorona is a legend that killed herself and her child when her lover refused her and caused her to lose everything. Supposedly, men who are cheating follow her and are never seen again.

He imagines La Llorona for a second, and then gives Cici a gift. She tells him to come by after her shift, but he tells her he has to leave, and kisses her passionately.

In Chicago, we meet Lorena (Rosalyn Sanchez), a lawyer. She is very timid and intellectual. Tomas comes in, and ends her phone call. They read poetry for a while but he tells her he’s leaving at the end of the night. As they’re talking, he again imagines La Llorona, and then surprises Lorena with a gift.

In New York, we meet Patricia (Jaci Velasquez), a rich brat, being badgered by her mother to find a rich husband. When her mother leaves, Tomas comes in and gives her a gift. As she’s talking, he again imagines La Llorona. He then tells her to take a motorcycle ride with him and forget her mother’s party.

The next day, Tomas arrives at LAX, where various women take notice of him. Just by saying hello, he makes a nun-in-training rethink her choice. He gets a phone call from his secretary Mary (Joy Enriquez) telling him that his meeting has been pushed up to that afternoon. She’s also infatuated with Tomas. Interrupting his phone call with Mary are phone calls from Lorena, Cici, and Patricia.

When he gets to the office, he asks Mary to set up an appointment with Doctor Chu (Ian Gomez). He informs Chu that he’s dating 3 women. Chu asks him to pick one, but he can’t. Chu then prescribes him tranquilizers and tells him no alcohol or women.

He goes to his meeting and begins picturing each of the women there, then faints when he imagines La Llorona again.

Meanwhile, Cici, Lorena, and Patricia are watching Watler Mercado (himself) who advises them to surprise their man. They all make arrangements to go to LA. Lorena and Paticia fly, while Cici drives. They all make their way separately to Tomas’s house. The first is Lorena, who goes to his closet. Next is Patricia, who goes to the bathroom. Finally, Cici arrives. Lorena and Patricia think that it’s Tomas, so they prepare themselves. They all open the doors simaltaneously and yell “Surprise, Papi” with their coats open, revealing the gift he gave them, all similar.

They cover up and begin arguing. They introduce themselves and agree to never see him again.

Tomas comes home and takes his pills, with some alcohol. The doorbell rings, and he answers it and is surprised to see Lorena. She asks him how Miami and New York were and if there was anything to tell. He says no and tells her to wait upstairs for him. He takes more pills, drinks more alcohol, and makes Lorena a drink. The doorbell rings again and it’s Patricia. She tells him she knows about the other girls, and asks if he’s alone when she notices two drinks in his hand. The doorbell rings again, and he tells her to wait in the kitchen. He takes more pills before answering the door again. He opens it, and Cici slaps him. He’s trying to explain when Cici accidentally knocks him out with her bust. Lorena and Patricia come out and they all start arguing again. They try to wake him up, but realize he’s taken a lot of tranquilizers and is going to be asleep for a while.

A woman named Carmen (Lisa Vidal) has been following Cici the whole time, and wonders what’s going on when she hears the arguing. She checks around and the women assume she’s his LA girl. They notice a gun and leave the house with Tomas. Cici takes the bags, and Lorena and Pati carry Tomas. Pati puts her dog’s toy in one of the bags (important later), and they head off. Pati notices Carmen following them, so Cici tries to lose her and thinks she does, but doesn’t. They go to a Marriott, Tomas in a luggage cart, and try to reserve a suite with Pati’s credit card, but can’t because it’s been cancelled. A pageant organizer named Costas Delgado (Paul Rodriguez) sees Lorena and thinks she’s Miss Puerto Rico. Cici tells him he’s right. He tells the bellboy which room to bring the luggage up. As the bellboy grabs the cart from the luggage room, one of the bags falls out with him seeing. He brings it upstairs, and they take out Tomas and put him on the bed.

That night they begin talking about what they do and what they want to become. Cici wants to become a dancer. Lorena wants people to see she’s beautiful and intelligent. Pati tells them that she ran away from home and her parents have cut her off. They bond. As they’re sleeping, they each dream of Tomas choosing each of them, and they are unhappy to see the other two alone. They wake up and go to meet a guy named Rodrigo, who Cici was bringing the car for. They leave Tomas tied up on the bed. After they leave, Carmen shows up.

When they get to the meeting point, Rodrigo (D.L. Hughley) and Victor (Freddy Rodriguez) are waiting for them. They ask about the money in the bag, but the girls have no clue. Victor goes back to the hotel with them, and they find Tomas is missing. A note tells them to bring the money to a carnival at 5:00pm. Victor tries to look through Pati’s bag, but she hits him over the head with a lamp. She explains that she’s from NY and no one looks through her bags.

In the elevator, Costas takes Lorena, saying it’s time for her to meet with the pageant judges. Cici and Pati ask for a map and go to get Lorena. Pati’s dog starts sniffing around and barks at the luggage room. The bellboy opens it and Pati finds the bag with the money and the dog’s toy. Lorena goes to answer some panel questions and is doing well when the real Miss Puerto Rico comes in. Cici and Pati grab her and leave. Lorena can’t believe how fun it was. In the car, they complement each other—Cici, on how much of a mastermind she is; Lorena, on being sexier and bolder; and Pati for knowing how to hit a guy on the head.

Tomas wakes up and begins talking with Carmen, who identifies herself as a federal agent. They continue to follow the girls. Victor comes to and calls Rodrigo, and tells them the girls would be at the festival, since he heard Pati read the note.

Cici’s car runs out of gas, and once they get to a gas station, the engine begins to smoke. They see a motorcycle, but neither Lorena nor Cici know how to drive one. Pati starts it and asks if they want a ride. They hop on and notice Carmen following them. They lose her and make their way to the festival.

Once there, they see where they have to bring the money (by a giant puppet), but spot Victor and Rodrigo. They run backstage, claiming to be the dancers. Security doesn’t let Victor or Rodrigo pass. Cici tells Lorena and Pati to follow her and they all begin dancing on stage. After the song ends, they leave the stage and run towards the puppet, with Victor and Rodrigo chasing after them with guns. Once there, the FBI comes out, fully armed. Cici throws the bag to Victor. Victor and Rodrigo are arrested, and the girls meet up with Tomas.

Tomas tells them he loves them and can’t choose. They all tell him, not to, they don’t want him anymore. They thank him for getting them to meet each other because they’ve had fun and they’re good friends now. They leave him, and he asks Carmen out. The girls go back on stage and start dancing.

Five months later, we see a very sexy dressed Lorena, rushing to make a phone call. Fala answers and hands the phone to Cici. Patricia also gets a call and they start talking on three-way. Cici has become a dancer aboard a cruise ship and Patricia has moved into her own apartment and has a job working at a gallery. Pati is watching Walter Mercado and her dog hears him say love is around the corner. The dog walks around the corner and finds Puppy Chulo.

The End.


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