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Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz are Charlies Angels, working for Bill Murray as Bosley.

They are called in to work a kidnapping case. A computer wiz millionaire, Eric Knox has been kidnapped and his assistant has asked Charlie for assistance. Knox has been kidnapped by Tim Curry a satellite communication expert, or so we think,. They figure out that Curry's henchman, Crispen Glover is the kidnapper and the three gals go in and rescue Knox with a lot of high kicking, explosions and kung fu.

They put a transmitter of some sort in Curry's mainframe so from Bosley's computer, they can tap into Curry's computer to see if Curry had stolen any of Knox's computer codes. Turns out that Curry new nothing about the kidnapping. It was all Crispen Glover's plan and Crispen kills Curry.

Knox's assistant, Kelly Lynch starts putting the moves on Bosley so she can get to his computer. After she leaves, his house / office is blown up and Bosley is kidnapped.

Barrymore starts falling for Knox and he invites her over for dinner. He tells her about his father, a green beret hero that was killed by his best friend in the war.

While she is there, she discovers Lynch there also and learns the true story about everything.

It seems that Knox and Lynch, together with Crispen Glover set up the whole kidnapping scheme so they could get the communication satellite working with Knox's software. They needed the Angels involvement so they could have Charlie call, like he does every morning at 9:00am. Knox believed that Charlie was his father's friend that killed him and he wants revenge. By joining Curry's satellite system with Knox's software, they could locate anyone, anywhere. Knox could finally find Charlie and kill him.

Knox shoots Drew and she falls naked out the window. He missed.

She joins the other 2 angels and they are together when Bosley calls. He's not sure where he is but he can see the ocean and in the background a bird is chirping. Cameron recognizes the type of bird and knows it is only found in Carmel, CA.

On the way there, they check out their online maps and figure out which building he's in. They can get there by boat. Good thing Drew's boyfriend has a tugboat. I suppose he could have just dropped them off on shore but it looks so much cooler if they put on wetsuits and come swimming in, unzipping the suits as they walk to the shore.

Once there, a couple of other fights break out. Each one is captured but they fight their way out. Charlie calls Bosley at 9:00 just like he always does but Knox keeps him on the phone long enough to track him down. He takes off in his missile equipped helicopter to go get Charlie.

The girls rescue Bosley and they drive off after the chopper. Lucy Liu shoots an arrow with a rope attatched into the side of the helicopter and they pull their way up to it. Just as Knox is about to fire the laser guided missile at Charlies beach cabin, Lucy changes the programming so it now is a heat guided missile. The missile fires and we see a shot of Charlies hand opening his curtain and a missile coming right at him. The missiles does a U-turn and starts heading right back to the chopper. The 3 angels jump out of the chopper and the missile hits and blows up the chopper and Knox.

The angels wash up on shore in front of Charlies cabin. They go inside hoping to finally meet him They hear a "Hello Angels" and turn only to discover that Charlie is talking to them from a speaker phone.

The film ends with Bosley and the Angels all drinking at a beachside bar talking to Charlie on the phone. Charlie explains to them that Knox's father was a double agent and was killed by the other side. As they are talking to Charlie, they don't realize it but he is actually standing close by. (Drew figures it out but she just smiles)

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Bosley is kidnapped and his house is blown up but the Angels track him down thanks to Cameron's knowledge of birds. (Yeah, I said birds)
"Charlie... are you home?"