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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by HorrorFreak889

During the opening credits, we see various paintings of Egyptian cats. Cats were like gods to Egyptian women. They were so important that they mummified cats We then see newspaper clippings from the early 20th century. We see various photographs of cat looking women and freak shows that went on involving cats.

We see Patience Phillips'' lifeless body laying in water with cats all around her. In a voice over she says "The day I died is the day I began to live" We cut to present day and we see Patience Phillips (Halle Berry) going to work. She works for Hedare Beauty which is an art/paiting/modeling company. All day long Patience works in a cubicle. She is a very shy women who gets pushed around easily. Here we meet her very funny best friend Sally (Alex Borstein) Sally starts to talk about how Patience is a very shy girl who needs to find true love. Sally also says that she is suffering from another headache and that she has been fainting lately.

We cut to George (CEO of the company) and Laurel Hedare announcing the new anti-ageing skin cream called 'Beau-Line.' Laurel is the number one model for the company but since she just hit 40 years old, she has to retire and allow a new young model to be number one. The models name is Drina. George cuts her off and says that Beau-line will be the best thing ever for Hedare. (In this scene we can see that the couple obviously hates each other by their face expressions)

We go back to Patience who is finishing up her painting (She designs colorful borders for Beau-line billboards) Sally says that Patience did a great job and she should go show it to George up in his office. Patience walks up to his office and shows George her design. He says that it is very dreadful and that the color red she used is just awful. He tells her to redo it with a different shade of red and have it done by Midnight tomorrow night. Due to Patience's shyness, she apologizes for her hideous work and leaves.

That night, at Patience's apartment complex, there is a big gothic teen party going on across an ally into the next apartment. Patience goes over by the window and says to turn the music down so she can get some sleep. The teens ignore her and Patience is forced to go to sleep with the loud music blasting. Just as she closes the window, she sees a white cat sitting on a motorcycle. (This cat is very very important later on in the movie) Patience blinks for a second and notices that the cat has disappeared.

The next morning Patience wakes up and of course she is late for work. She looks outside and sees the same white cat by her window. She goes over to the window to let it in but the cat climbs up a few windows. Patience climbs out the window and attempts to rescue it. She climbs on an air conditioner that starts to disconnect from the ledge. Patience almost falls to her death. We see a cop car pull up. The cop's name is Tom Lone (Benjamin Bratt) He thinks that Patience is trying to jump off the ledge and that she is suicidal. He asks what room number Patience is in and she says 23. Tom runs up to her apartment and climbs out the window. He saves her and brings her inside. She looks at the clock and notices that she is really late for work. She thanks him and runs down the stairs but drops her wallet. Tom picks it up and holds it for her.

We cut to Patience at work. She tells Sally and her gay friend Lance that she met a guy named Tom. Next thing we know, Tom shows up with Patience's wallet. Sally immediately starts to hit on him. He says that he would like to have coffee with Patience tomorrow at 1pm. Patience agrees and Tom leaves. Patience says that she is tired and she has a deadline to worry about.

That night we see Patience sitting in her desk. She says goodnite to Sally and Lance. Patience picks up her phone and goes to call for a security guard to escort her (its late, and Patience has to go to George's office to drop it off. She doesn't want to get in trouble by other security officers in the building) Unfortunately, no one is picking up the phone at the other line. Patience decides to do it herself.

Due to the size of the huge building, Patience stumbles into a research lab. We see a scientist by the name of Slavicky explaining to two of George's henchmen. The Slavicky says that the cream is no good and that is destroys skin. He shows the two some faces of test patients. The patients faces are all distorted and their skin is falling off. The Slavicky says that they cannot put Beau-line on the market. Patience makes a noise and the two henchmen chase her. Patience hides and the henchman say that everything will be OK and that they wont tell on her. Patience comes out of hiding and says "Sorry...I think I am in the wrong area" One of the henchman take out a gun and shoot at her but they miss. Patience runs and comes across a large water pipe. The henchman lock her in and push a red button. A wall of water comes rushing at Patience and flushes her out of the pipe, killing her.

Later that night, we cut back to Patience's lifeless body. All the water has drained and patience is now laying in deep mud. We see over 20 cats walk up to her body. That one white cat that Patience saw before climbs up on her chest. The cat opens its mouth and a white spray comes out and goes up Patience's nose. This causes her to wake up. She jumps up like a cat and looks over the city and stares at the moon. She now is Catwoman.

Patience goes home to her apartment and falls asleep on a shelf. The next morning Patience gets woken up by a phone call from Tom. He says that he is at the cafe and she is no where to be found. He says that he understand that Patience isn't interested in him. The white cat shows up in her apartment and she looks at the collar. It says that the cat is owned by Ophelia Powers. She takes a ride over to Ophelia's old style house in the middle of the city and knocks on the door. Ophelia opens the door and sees that Patience is holding the white cat, who goes by the name Midnight. Ophelia invites Patience in. She tells Patience that she is very special and unique. Ophelia starts to show Patience old books about cats and how they are related to Egyptian culture. Patience is a little creeped out about all the cat talk. She decides to leave but Ophelia throws some cat nip at her. Patience starts to sniff it like crazy and then leaves.

Patience decides to go to work. On her way there she keeps stopping and repeating "I'm not going back there, its on cat nip." Patience walks in her office and sits down in her chair. George comes over yelling at her saying that she didn't make the deadline. Patience says apologizes to him in a low tone voice. Patience picks up a pencil and starts to draw a cat version of George. He asks her if she is listening to one word he is saying and Patience replies "Nope" She then says that she is sorry that she worked for him all these years. George fires her and then walks away. Sally, Lance and the rest of the office clap for what Patience just said. Sally helps Patience back her things into boxes and they walk back to her apartment.

On their way to the apartment. Patience comes across a dog walker and hisses at the dogs. Sally says "What was that?" Patience replies "Um...allergies." They keep walking but Patience comes across a gold necklace in the window of the jewelry store (kind of important later) Sally reminds Patience that she just got fired and that she can't afford it. Suddenly Sally faints and Patience brings her to the hospital.

We cut to a nurse wheeling Sally in a wheelchair. Sally says that she is just feeling fine and that her she wants to score some points with her cute doctor. The nurse tells Patience that the cause of Sally fainting is not known. Little does Sally know, the beau-line cream is causing her to get sick. We cut to Tom giving a speech to young kids at a school about life as a cop. Patience shows up and apologizes for not showing up for coffee. She pulls out a cup of coffee that says 'Sorry' on it (This 'Sorry' note is very important later on in the film) Tom tells the kids to go outside and play basketball. Tom and Patience decide to do a little one-on-one game. This scene is kind of cheesy. Mainly because of the Jennifer Lopez style music that is playing.

Later that day at Patience's apartment we see her shoving down 8 cans of tuna fish. Sally calls and Patience and her begin to talk. Patience explains to her that she really doesn't know who her real self is yet and that she is going through changes. Patience also then says that she really likes Tom. While this conversation is going on, we see Patience walking on her house furniture.

That night, the party guys are back. Patience goes over to the apartment. She yells at one guy to turn the music down. He slams the door right in her face. Patience breaks down the door and rips off the tube to the keg of beer. She uses it as a whip and beats up some of the guys. She then throws some beer on the speakers of the very loud stereo, breaking it. Patience goes back to her apartment and opens her closet. She sees a box that Sally gave her that says "In case of a dating emergency" Patience opens the box, which reveals leather clothes.

Patience puts on the leather and hops on one of the party dudes motorcycles. She rides down to the jewelry store and looks at that gold necklace. She looks in one of the windows and sees that the store is being robbed. She sneaks into the store and beats up the two bank robbers. She takes the bag with all the stolen jewelry and writes 'Sorry' on it. She then leaves it in the lobby of the store so the police find it.

The next morning, Patience goes on the internet and looks up information about cats. She comes across many pages that say how cats were like gods in Egypt many many years ago. Patience comes across a picture of an Egyptian Mau cat. The cat is Midnight. She looks at the bottom of the picture and it says 1940. Patience goes back to Ophelia's house and Ophelia says "Your must be ready." Ophelia starts to explain to Patience about ancient Egypt cats. She then takes Patience upstairs and shows her pictures of other catwomen. Patience thinks that it is crazy and Ophelia pushes her off the top step and Patience falls down on the floor but lands in a cat pose. Ophelia then says "you can be free...freedom is power itself"

Since Patience is all ready to find out who her killer is, she remembers that two henchman killed her. One of the henchman's name was Armando. Patience somehow finds him at a night club. She takes out her whip and starts to knock him around a bit. She takes him in the back ally and kills him. We see Tom investigating the store robbery and finds that bag that says sorry on it. Tom compares it to the cup of coffee that says sorry on it as well. He is now questionable about Patience but he doesn't want to jump to any conclusions.

She heads back to the factory, and finds out that Slavicky has been killed. She starts to look at his body but a security officer sees her standing over the body. He thinks that she murdered him and he sets off an alarm. Patience escapes. We cut to Patience on a date with Tom at the carnival. They get on a ferris wheel but the wheel gets stuck at the top. Tom climbs down and tries to stop the machine. Patience looks down and see that one of the cars is about to fall, carrying a young boy. She uses her cat like crawling and grabs the boy and brings him to his mother. Patience and Tom go back to her apartment and have sex. We cut to 4 AM and tom gets out of bed and steps on one of the claws that belongs to Patience's catwoman costume. He leaves her apartment.

Patience then goes to George's house in her catwoman costume. Laurel tries to beat her up with a golf club, but turns good when she remembers that her husband is at an old fashion ballet with Drina. Laurel gives Patience her cell and tells her where George is. Patience goes to the ballet and finds George sitting with Drina. Drina says that she isn't interested in a relationship and that she hates ballet. Patience shows up as catwoman and that she knows about the beau-line of cream dysfunction. A bunch of police show up, including Tom. Tom tries to handcuff catwoman but she kisses him and escapes by using her whip on the lights of the theater.

Patience goes home and tries to get some sleep. Laurel then wakes her up on the phone, and tells her that the skin cream really is infected and that George is home. Patience goes over to the house but only finds George dead with cat like scratches all over his body (obviously, Laurel framed catwoman) Laurel walks in and says that there is no way she can be found guilty of her husbands death. We hear the police arrive and Laurel puts on a crying act saying that catwoman killed George. Patience manages to escape the cops but when she arrives home, Tom is standing in her apartment with two handcuffs saying that he knows her secret.

Patience is now behind bars. Midnight shows up at the cell window and slides through the window bars. This gives Patience and idea to slide through the cell bars. Patience runs out of the cell and avoids the police. One security guard how ever sees her and chases her. Patience jumps through a window and lands in the street. Almost getting hit by a jaguar. Patience grows a liking to the metal jaguar on the car and she pulls the man out, and steels his car.

Patience heads to the factory as catwomen and sees the launch of the Beau-line cream. The cream is being given to some co-workers. Patience goes up to the cream delivery trucks and pulls their tires out. Tom shows up at Laurel's office and questions her about George's death. He said that catwoman has no motive to kill George. Also he says that there were no cat scratches on Slavicky's body. Laurel pulls out a gun and shoots Tom in the shoulder, knocking him to the ground. She goes to shoot him in the head, but catwoman shows up with her whip and knocks the gun out of Laurel's hand.

Patience beats up Laurel a bit. This fight scene leads them into another room at the top of the factory. Laurel tries to kill Patience with a metal pipe but Patience of course beats her up some more. Laurel isn't getting any marks on her face or getting tired during this fight because the Beau-line cream is making her strong and providing a mask to Laurel's face. Patience does some matrix style kick and knocks Laurel through a window. Laurel is hanging on by one hand and Patience offers to help her. Laurel looks at her face in the reflection of the mirror and sees that the skin on her face is falling off and becoming hard. Laurel lets go and falls to her death. She would rather die than look ugly.

Tom shows up and the two hug. "I might not be a hero, but I'm certainly not a killer", Catwoman tells Tom.

We see that Sally has moved into an apartment with the doctor that she found cute. We then see that Tom is waiting at the coffee shop and Patience stood him up again. In a voice over we hear Patience saying that she lives a free life and now she knows who she is. She says that she is both catwoman and Patience at the same time. She also says that she can't be with Tom because she can't have a relationship get in the way of her saving lives.

We then see Catwoman walking across a building cracking her whip with the moon in the background.


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