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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by luxsonido who says... "It is a fun movie, (to watch once only) but not a really good one as some people have said."


It begins with the narrator explaining the elements that settle the story-line, and what we will see trough out the whole movie.

In the City, there is a business called Humperbloof's Real State, Mr. Humperbloof (Sean Hayes) is a very strict man who is obsessed with cleaning. (he fires a recently hired employee because he shook Humperbloof’s hand)

Also in that office works Joan a single mom (Kelly Preston) who is talking to some nanny that is leaving town, that would leave her kids unsupervised.

Mr. Humperbloof interrupts Joan’s phone call and reminds her that she is in charge of the office party, and that if she doesn't prepare a nice party she will be fired.

Joan tells Mr. Humperbloof not to worry, that the party will be great, but then asks to leave for some minutes to take care of her kids.

Reluctantly Mr. Humperbloof accepts.

Joan’s house is on the suburbs (that are an hour apart from the city) where her she lives with her two kids that right now are unsupervised.

Joan’s kids are Sally (Dakota Fanning) and Conrad (Spencer Breslin), in the house Conrad is going through all the house looking for things and making a mess, and Sally is ticking off things from her “to do list” in her palm pilot.

Conrad has made himself some pads and helmets with all the things he was looking in the house, and he uses a tray as a sleigh to slide trough the stairs.

Conrad slides trough the stairs and crashes in his mom’s car as she is arriving with some groceries.

Joan reprehends Conrad for what the just did and she tells him he is grounded, as she calls a nanny to watch the kids while she is in the office.

Suddenly, Joan’s neighbor and boyfriend Quinn (Alec Baldwin) arrives to the house, he is a nice man, with perfect kid who loves Sally but has some problems with Conrad.

Joan and Quinn are talking in the living room about sending Conrad into a military academy (Quinn always talking in the most polite and gentle way), Conrad overhears this and gets upset, so he goes to the living room.

Joan goes to fetch some things in the kitchen, and when Conrad and Quinn are alone, Conrad reveals himself as a mean man who wants to get rid of the kids to marry Joan.

Joan returns to the living room (And Quinn returns to his gentle persona), Joan aks if Quinn can watch the kids, he says no since he has a very important meeting and he leaves the house.

Joan calls for a baby sitter.

A Few minutes later...

The nanny enters the house, she is Mrs. Kwan (Amy Hill) is a really old lady with a strange hair color.

Joan tells their kids to obey their nanny and to not make a mess in the living room, she also tells the nanny that Conrad is grounded, Joan asks Sally if she would like to go with one of her friends to make cupcakes, but apparently Sally doesn't have a lot of friends because of her bossy attitude.

Conrad is really angry at her mom and he tells her that sometimes he wishes he had another mom, Joan is really frustrated and tells Conrad that sometimes she wishes the same and leaves the house.

Outside, Joan feels bad about what he just told Conrad and thinks of re-entering the house, but she leaves as she sees Quinn about to leave his house too.

Conrad goes outside because he feels bad too, so he tries to apologize only to find she’s gone, as he is going back to the house, he sees that Quinn is taking some things off revealing he has bad teeth and a really big stomach and he doesn’t have a job also.

Back in the house....

Mrs. Kwan tells the children to come watch T.V with her, the kids go with her, the show the nanny is watching is about a fight in the Taiwanese congress.

Mrs. Kwan falls asleep in the couch, so the kids turn off the T.V and leave her sleeping on the couch, they go to the window to watch the the rain outside since they have nothing else to do.

The kids are bored watching the rain outside, they suddenly hear a noise upstairs (at the same time the day has become a really sunny one).

They go upstairs to find where the noise is coming from, Conrad enters to a closet, but they find nothing inside.

But behind them appears The Cat in the Hat (Mike Myers), Sally and Conrad are scared and try hiding in the closet, but Cat appears behind, so the run out.

Conrad and Sally try hiding in different places in the house, but Cat finds them in all the places, so the kids run downstairs only to find Cat Again.

The cat explains that he is there to help them have a good time, he says them they shouldn't have a nanny since she is not paying them attention.

The kids aren’t convinced at all, so Cat stashes Mrs. Kwan on the closet and starts singing about how important it is to have fun.

Cat ends his musical number asks, then he uses a device called the phun-o-meter to see how fun Sally and Conrad are, it results that Sally is a Control Freak and Conrad is a Rule Breaker/ Bed Wetter.

After that Cat asks for a final thing, he tells the children to sign a contract that assures that the kids will have a good time (IMPORTANT LATER) Conrad signs first, Sally hesitates for a second and then signs.

So, the cat asks the kids what they would like to do first, but is interrupted.

The Golden Fish (Voice of Sean Hayes) tells the kids that they should behave themselves since their mom gave them strict rules about coming into the living room.

Cat says that they shouldn’t pay him attention since the fish drinks water from the same place where he pees.

Cat suggests they should jump on the furniture, he tries it first, then he changes to a mechanic that makes the couch really bouncy.

Conrad and Cat start jumping on the couch, but Sally is watching in the hallway, Conrad tells his sister that for the first time in her life she should me more spontaneous.

At the same time Quinn is in his house watching T.V, his house has almost nothing inside (except a T.V and a couch), suddenly some men come in and take his T.V since he has a lot of debts and no money to pay.

Meanwhile Sally has finally made up her mind and starts jumping on the couch with Cat and Conrad.

Quinn comes to Joan’s house to steal some beers, he sees the kids jumping on the furniture by themselves, the kids are surprised about this themselves. Sally says she’s happy he’s there since Conrad is making him jump on the furniture, Quinn tells her to shut up since he hates suck-up children, he starts to sneeze because some of cat’s hair falls from the roof (where he’s hiding) and leaves.

Cat re-appears and asks the children what they would like to do next, and Sally says she would love to make cupcakes.

The Gold Fish tells the kids they should stop misbehaving, but cat takes him out of his fishbowl and sends him into the toilet.

The Cat starts making a infomercial about the cup-cake-nator where he plays the chef, “the man who makes all the obvious questions” and a member of the audience with Sally and Conrad.

The Cat chef explains that the cup-cake-nator can make cupcakes from almost anything, introduces some things into the device and then puts the device in the microwave in order to bake the cupcakes.

The Cat chef starts getting annoyed at “the man who makes all the obvious questions”, and pulls out a kitchen knife which leads himself to cut his own tail. (Very Funny Scene)

The informercial ends and cat heals his tail.

The microwave starts making really loud noises, Sally asks if all this is normal, Cat says it’s perfectly fine, just in time as he opens an umbrella that cover the three of them from a dough explosion from the microwave.

After the microwave explodes, the house is all splattered with dough, Cat starts cleaning with Joan’s dress for the party, so that gets the kid’s really upset, so Cat brings in a huge red box, he opens it, and two characters appear, they are properly called Thing #1 and Thing #2.

Conrad sees the box and tries to open it, Cat tells him that he shouldn’t open it, Conrad asks why since it’s made in the Philippines, Cat tells him that not in the Philippines he knows, and closes the box with a small crab lock.

They clean Joan’s Dress, but they start making a mess in the house, Cat tells the kids that the things do exactly the opposite of what they are told to do.

Conrad goes to try opening the box, and he succeeds with the help of a lockpick, the crab lock escapes and hangs himself to the dog’s collar.

The dog runs away with the lock on his collar., Cat tells the kids that they must close the box in less than two hours or something bad will happen, Cat says that they have to put something heavy that won’t move on top of the box to give them some time, so they place Mrs. Kwan there and they to go fetch the dog.

The fish is on a bowl which is inside a backpack Conrad is carrying tells the kids they must tell their mom what happened and she will understand, the Cat asks the fish if he would like to return to the toilet, he says no and returns to his bowl to swim.

They go trough some houses on the neighborhood, until they stop in one where a party is held, Sally sees trough the house window and she sees that all her friends are there, and she get’s really sad about not being invited.

Suddenly, all the kids start go to the yard to break the piñata so Cat, Sally and Conrad so have to hide.

Sally and Conrad hide behind a bush that has some candy lying there, and Cat disguises himself as the piñata.

All the kids at the party start beating Cat with plastic bats, then a big boy comes with a wooden bat and hits Cat on the groin.

Conrad throws some candy at the kids, and they all leave.

They spot the dog again, but this time Quinn grabs it, and drives to Joan’s office in the city to show her the dog escaped again, when she sees that, Conrad will be be sent to military academy.

Cat says they can go to the city in his car, which is a family van, Cat pulls a cover revealing his car is a futuristic design called S.L.O.W

They drive to the city, halfway trough Cat decides to give the wheel to Conrad, and the to Sally, and then to himself that leads to the car going out of control.

The car crashes into the city fountain, both they manage to see Quinn almost arriving to Joan’s Office

So in order to retrieve the dog, Cat says he has three plans (one of them being to walk away and leave the kids).

Cat disguises as a hippie and asks Quinn to sign a petition to save an extinct specie with the huge pen that needs both hands. Quinn accepts to and gives Cat the dog.

Cat takes the dog and runs off, when Quinn sees this he starts chasing them

To escape from Quinn, Cat and the Kids enter a booth, with Quinn following their tracks they all enter a party, where most of the people there are wearing hats like the one Cat has, among the crowd, Cat is surprised to see a blonde that is none other than Paris Hilton.

They all exit the booth, Quinn sees Joan and tells her to go to the house to see the mess her kids have made, confused she accepts and they leave in Joan’s Car.

The kids and Cat are worried about arriving too late to the house, but Conrad thinks of way of arriving to the house on time he tells the “things” to not help, so seconds later both things arrive to townsquare on Quinn’s Car, they all hop in and start driving towards the house.

Both Cars are side by side, so Conrad tells the things no to help them stop their mom, so both things leave the car and arrive behind Joan’s Car in a motorcycle disguised as policemen.

The things stop Joan’s Car, they ask Joan for her papers, as the kids pass them by.

Quinn sees this and takes the things bike, he yells Joan that he will see her on the house.

Cat and the kids arrive to the house which is appears to be perfect, seconds later Quinn arrives only to be amazed that the house is in such condition, Quinn walks a few steps forward only to reveal the perfect house image was a paper covering and the real house is transformed by the power of the box, Quinn falls into a pit of goo into the depths of the house.

So Cat and the kids must walk trough the house in order to find the box.

Meanwhile Joan is still being distracted by the things, but she decides it’s enough and she drives off.

The kids and Cat walk trough the house only to arrive to a part that seems like an amusement park ride, where Mrs. Kwan will be the car the three of them will ride on, and arrive to the living room where the open box is, Conrad and Sally go to close the box, but it isn’t enough....

Conrad manages to close the box and everything returns to normal, but the house is all wrecked up and almost destroyed.

The kids are worried about such mess, and start thinking how fix up things and of course, how to tell mom.

Cat insists on playing tennis, both Conrad and Sally get really mad at cat for not caring for the huge mess the house is and they tell him to leave the house.

With a sad face, cat leaves the house, only to arrive moments later, apparently the small letters in the contract said that if Sally and Conrad stopped having fun the contract was annuled, but if both the kids learned something from the whole experience the contract was valid again.

So Cat and Thing #1 and Thing #2 arrive in small cars that start fixing the house until is left in perfect state, when the cleaning is finished Quinn is flushed trough a water faucet in the garden.

After cleaning the house, Cat uses the phun-o-meter again on Sally and Conrad for the last time, and the indicator says “Just Right” these time, and it seems both brother and sister have forgotten their differences.

When Joan arrives and sees the house in good state (at the same time Mrs. Kwan wakes up and leaves)and Quinn all covered in goo, she realizes that Quinn was lying all the time, so she dumps him.

After that we see Joan’s party, and how it is a huge success, Mr. Humperbloof congratulates Joan and says she will keep her job.

Meanwhile Joan is giving the guests some of Sally’s cupcakes in the party, wondering what they are made of.

When the party ends, both Mom and the kids are jumping on the living room’s couch having fun all together.

The last thing we see is Cat walking away in the street into the sunset with Thing #1 and Thing #2.


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