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NOTE: A nice little spoiler sent in by Angela.

The movie opens with Grey (Jennifer Garner) at the funeral of her fiancé, Grady.  They were supposed to be married that day, but due to an accident that happened during his bachelor party weekend, he was killed.   Grey is very upset and eventually seeks solace by hiding in the bathtub.  Meanwhile, one of Grady's friends, Fritz, has seduced one of the catering staff and takes her into the bathroom, not realizing that Grey is in there.   Grey is forced to listen to them have sex.  Once the caterer leaves, Grey pulls back the shower curtain, startling Fritz. She tells him that she never understood why he and Grady were friends.

Grey visits the attorney to determine what will happen to Grady's estate.  Grady did not have will and since he and Grey were not married, she will not inherit his money.   The attorney reveals that Grady had an investment account with a million dollars in it, which Grey knew nothing about.  She determines that she can no longer afford to rent the house that they had picked out and she was already living in.   With help from Grady's friends Dennis and Sam, she puts her things into storage and moves in with them into Grady's old room.  Fritz, who lives in L.A., is also staying in the house during his visit.

Tensions continue between Grey and Fritz and Grey is further upset when Grady's mother asks for the engagement ring back.   Grey refuses to answer her and keeps the ring.  As Grey investigates Grady's investment account, she finds that every month, he transferred $3,000 out of the account.

During the night, a cell phone rings.  Grey wakes up Fritz, thinking the phone is his.   He says that it's not his and turns it off.  At the same, they realize that the phone must have belonged to Grady.  Grey grabs the phone first and turns it on to find ten voicemail messages.   She listens to a string of messages from a woman who goes from cautiously concerned to increasingly angry as each message progresses.  The content of the messages reveals that Grady had a son with this woman and sent her money on a regular basis to support his son.

When Grey researches the phone number, she finds out that the area code is for L.A.  She goes to Fritz for answers, and he reveals that Grady had a son with a woman he met in L.A. and that she depends on the money she received from him to support herself and their son.  Fritz tells her that the boy is eight and that the encounter happened before she and Grady were involved.

Eventually, the other woman, Maureen (Juliette Lewis) and her son turn up, trying to get answers about Grady and the money.   When Grey encounters them, she realizes that the boy is four, not eight, and that the affair happened while she and Grady were together.  Grey confronts Fritz about the revelation.   She slaps him and pins her arms against the wall.  They kiss, but part and leave without a word.

Grey doesn't want anything to do with Maureen, but the guys are reluctant to send her away.  They all spend time together and get to know each other.   Sammy and Maureen begin to develop a connection.

As Fritz and Grey continue to develop their relationship in secret, Dennis reveals that he has feelings for Grey.  Grey lets him down easily, but he becomes furious when he finds that Grey and Fritz are an item.  Grey tells Dennis that her relationship with Fritz is "less than nothing", not realizing that he is standing by the doorway and can hear her speaking.   Fritz determines that Grey doesn't return his feelings for her and he returns to L.A.

Grady's mother insists that the boy have a DNA test before inheriting Grady's money, as he stands to do under Colorado law.   The results determine that Grady was not the father.  Maureen is devastated, unsure how she will support her child without Grady's money.  Grey goes to Grady's mother and tells her that she thinks that Grady must have known that the child wasn't his, but that his money could make a difference in the boy's life.  She offers Grady's mother the engagement ring in exchange for her giving Grady's money to Maureen. 

The group gathers at the dedication ceremony for the peace garden that Dennis has built to memorialize Grady.  Grady's mother gives Maureen a certified check.   When Grey finds out, she offers the ring back, but Grady's mother tells her to keep it.  She says that she never cared about the ring or the money, she just wanted her son back.

Dennis decides it's time for him to be on his own, so he moves out of the house.  Maureen and her son move in with Sammy.   Grey determines that she never fully knew Grady, but that she has come to have feelings for the one person that he could be himself around, Fritz. 

As the movie closes, Grey travels to L.A. and reunites with Fritz.

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