NOTE: I have not seen this movie. This is a compilation of a few comments I've read from the latest test screening. The actual finished product may and probably will be quite different. The most informative spoiler came from Harry's "aint it cool" site...

Tom Hanks plays a FedEx executive traveling around the world, leaving behind his girlfriend Helen Hunt.

On a flight back home the plane crashes and Hanks is the sole survivor, washing ashore on a remote island.

He's alone on the island for 4 years during which time he slowly goes a little mad. A few items washed ashore with him including a volleyball which becomes his "Friday" character that he talks to.

After 4 years he makes a small raft and is finally rescued.

When he returns home he finds out that Helen Hunt, thinking he was dead, married another man and is raising a family.

The final scene shows him delivering one final package that washed ashore with him.

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