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Kirsten Dunst plays Torrance, the newly elected captain of her San Diego cheerleader team. They are the defending champions of the national cheerleading contest. In fact, their team has won the competition five years in a row.

On her first day as captain she forces the team to try a pretty difficult move resulting in one of the girls breaking her leg. Kirsten must now find a replacement for the girl.

They hold tryouts as a whole assortment of girls and guys audition for the opening. None of them are very good until finally, Eliza Dushku comes along. She has just transferred to the school and is a gymnast but since they have no team, tries out for the cheer team. Of course she is incredible doing flips and twists and everything except cheering Okay, they'll have to work on that.

Eliza also has a brother that is attracted to Kirsten. Too bad, she has a boyfriend that is in college.

While practicing a routine with their new member, Eliza suddenly stops and says that she can't be on a team that cheats. Kirsten doesn't understand and Eliza forces her to go somewhere with her.

They drive a hundred miles to East Compton High where the cheerleaders there are doing the exact same routine, only with more attitude and flair. After the event, the Compton girls meet Kirsten and Eliza out in the parking lot. They are pissed that the San diego girls are there stealing their routines again. Kirsten is still confused until the Compton girls explain to her that for the past few years, the San Diego team captain has been coming up to Compton to record and steal their routines., This year, they think they are good enough and won't stand for it.

Kirsten explains to her team what happened but since the competition is so close, they decide to keep the routine. That week at the football game, while the San Diego girls are performing, the Compton girls appear in the stands and start doing the exact same routine as the girls on the field. Everyone is shocked.

Kirsten decides that enough is enough and hires a choreographer to come up with a new routine. The next scene is pretty funny as he leads them through a boot camp like cheerleader training.

Finally the regional competition arrives. Just before Kirsten's team goes out, another team is doing the same dumb routine as theirs. It seems that this choreographer has peddeled this routine to six other teams in the area.

The San Diego girls are humiliated but since they are the defending champions, they get an automatic berth to the National competition in Florida. The Compton girls are great and steal the show and get to go to Florida as well. Unfortunately, the Compton girls can't come up with the money to go. Kirsten, feeling a little guilty offers to help pay their way using her dad's company but the Compton girls won't have it. They instead, tell their story to a Oprah-like talk show host and she pays their way.

Kirsten puts her girls through another boot camp like training session learning a new and original routine.

She has also by this time, broken up with her boyfriend after catching him in his dorm with another girl.

At the National Competition in Daytona, both the Compton girls and the San Diego girls are magnificent, receiving standing ovations after their routines.

Eliza's brother has flown to Florida to watch Kirsten perform. (although I suppose he was their to see his sister also)

The final awards are announced.

2nd place - The girls from San Diego.
1st place - The Girls from Compton

Kirsten is actually pretty happy with 2nd place, knowing they did it all themselves and didn't steal anything.

She and the captain from the Compton team seem to be friends now.

Kirsten and the brother get together.

The final scene during the credits are kind of like "Something about Mary" with the cast members singing "Oh Mickey you're so fine..."

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Kirsten Dunst her new gymnast turned Cheerleader, Eliza Dushku
The East Compton Clovers - Natina Reed, Brandi Williams, Gabrielle Union and Shamari Fears:
They invade the San Diego game and mimic the cheers.
The Two opposing Captains:
No hard feelings after the East Compton girls defeat Kirsten's team from San Diego.